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FXG 1.0 Specification. Spark Skinning - Flex SDK - Adobe Open Source. Flex and php development. Principles of User Experience Design - Flex 4 in Action - Inside. Working with Images in Flex 4. Working with Images in Flex 4by Frank SommersJanuary 25, 2010 Summary Adobe's Flash Player provides a sophisticated platform for client-side imaging applications.

Working with Images in Flex 4

This article illustrates how to use the latest Flash Player 10 features from Flex 4 applications to efficiently manipulate images on the client, focusing on Pixel Bender image filters. The advent of multicore processors has been one of the most significant computer architecture developments in recent years. Introducing skinning in Flex 4. Blog » Blog Archive » Jumping Into Skinning with Flex 4. AH: Nicer Tooltips and balloon help for Flex 4 - Andy Hulstkamp. Seedlings for RIAs. Here’s 5 3D Layouts for Flex 4. I spent some time converting the OpenFlux 3D layouts to Flex 4 last week and have attached the example with source code .

Here’s 5 3D Layouts for Flex 4

This includes CoverFlow (horizontal and vertical), Carousel, Spiral and Time Machine. I also included one which was created when I screwed up the CoverFlow layout but I thought it looked cool so I hit Save As and named it AwesomeLayout. Overall I was really happy with how quickly I could get these working with Flex 4. It wasn't quite as painful as I originally thought and I'll discuss the differences below. View the Example View the Source Code.