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Search Engine Optimization

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How to create a perfect homepage. Our world is increasingly competitive, in the realization of different types of business.

How to create a perfect homepage

And business people with a focus on their work and for attracting customers use a good design on their websites. Now, you should concentrate on the landing page, which is good for attracting customers, so that by providing all the valuable information in a nutshell. For this, all you need to do is just give all the information by keyword search on the website or pay per click, and in banner ads. The landing page must have a good design to make online search engines a good business. Attract customers; Impress them to click on the search engine banner. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What are Meta tags and what are they for? After the creation of a web page, it is common to need to promote it, because we want to have as many visitors as possible. Indexing it within reach of the most popular search engines is the first step that will ensure continuous and safe visits.

However, it is necessary to note the technological difference that some search engines use. Due to this diversity, the recognized “Meta Tags” are required. To understand in simple words what Meta Tags are, you can identify these as short or small HTML tags containing information about the site or website. Meta tags are the important part of an HTML webpage as every search engine index this tag first. Within this context, you can find the author, a brief description and the keywords that identify the company or website. That is, we put the first <head> tag, then the word, and finally close with the second </head> tag. What are Meta tags and what are they for?

Benefits of using WordPress for your website – Site Title. What is Joomla. What are no-follow links, and why they are important - Organic Marketing. When we decide to carry out SEO and web promotion actions, we have in mind to increase the Pagerank, in order to obtain the best web positioning.

What are no-follow links, and why they are important - Organic Marketing

This is the key to access a greater number of online sales: that your leads can find it easily. And for this, we need to prevent some errors in the structure of our page that threaten a correct crawling of the page by the spiders. When a bot indexes a site, it not only registers its textual content, but also follows all the links it finds, either to other sites or to pages within the same website.

But, in every web page, there are in its structure pages that we don't want to be indexed, either because we want to avoid duplicate content, or we don't want to look like a link farm in the eyes of bots. The <nofollow> tag is used for this. The nofollow attribute was developed by Google in an attempt to narrow spam actions on the web. How can I make Google index my network content faster? Want to know how to index a page on Google ?

How can I make Google index my network content faster?

Have you created your own WordPress blog and want to make sure that all pages are correctly inserted into search engine results pages (SERP)? If you already know what SEO is, you already know that with it you must be patient. Indexing a site on Google is only the first step. After that, they should worry about their optimization, so that they can be used in the search engines and their positioning of all the keywords related to their business. What is indexing? If you want your website to appear in the search results, it must be indexed.

At the beginning of the web, search engine robots were not as smart and sophisticated as they are today. But all this enormous work will have no impact if spiders cannot inform search engines where their content is and that is why indexing is so important. But how to make google find my website? Difference between indexing on Google and ranking Here we show you the difference: 1) Is my site indexed? How to Improve Alexa Rank Quickly. When you manage a web page, you want to get many visits, but how can you measure the popularity of a website ?

How to Improve Alexa Rank Quickly

A central factor here would be the traffic it generates. This and other indicators are those used by the Alexa tool to determine the rank of a website . Alexa Internet Inc., founded in 1996 and today a subsidiary of after its acquisition in 1999, owes its reputation to the development of a system to collect the browsing data of those users who installed their toolbar, known as Alexa. toolbar . In theory, the resulting Alexa Traffic Rank would reflect the overall performance of a web page. The websites with good traffic and regularly updated content usually get a good ranking in Alexa, but there are other factors that can also influence, directly or indirectly, in this classification. What is the Alexa Rank exactly? What does the term Alexa Traffic Rank mean?

How to Index Backlinks Faster on Google.