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Never Lost In Digital World. If humans ever looked back in time, this age might be called the digital age.

Never Lost In Digital World

We have never been more in-sync with the world around us through the digital medium. And this isn’t just about using our smartphone for long periods of time. It is about us, being constantly aware of our digital lives, but failing to appreciate the real life around us. There are so many digital mediums for us: The vast range of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.The constant Googling. How You Can Change The World. Do you believe that you can’t change the world?

How You Can Change The World

There can be an overwhelming sense of helpless when you realize how vast the world and its problems are. So many of our community members at Elevate Church Edmonton also grapple with this seemingly impossible issue. You want to change the world, but you don’t believe you can change it. Let me let you in on a secret – you can be the change you want. Core Values - Edmonton Church. Start The Year 2017 With God. How you begin your New Years will define the rest of your year.

Start The Year 2017 With God

You want 2017 to start right. You want to make this year the best one yet. And, most importantly, you want 2017 to be the year where you achieve your dreams and hopes. So, how can you start 2017 right? Recover Yourself From The Phase Of Failure. When the New Year arrives, there is a massive focus on resolutions and achieving your goals, but what about failure.

Recover Yourself From The Phase Of Failure

Throngs of people gather at an Edmonton Church to ask God to help them achieve their goals. If success is reaching the highest peak of a mountain, then failure is the broken steps you need to climb to reach that peak. There has never been such a society like our modern one where everyone is pressured into being successful. Everyone is being asked to be like an Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Melinda Gates or Justin Trudeau. Amazing Christmas Celebration In Edmonton. The Christmas season is a season of celebration and you have ever reason to be excited about it.

Amazing Christmas Celebration In Edmonton

However, if you’re not excited about Christmas, then we’re going to give you 5 reasons to be! Decor Deck up Christmas is that one time in the year where you can go all crazy with your home decoration. Join A Community To Enhance Your Positive Outlook On Life. 2017 is around the corner, the year is finally at an end.

Join A Community To Enhance Your Positive Outlook On Life

It is during this time that we start to introspect and we wonder – just how much have we grown? If you haven’t grown or evolved for the better, then you still have one more month to do so. You can start by being accepting of others. New Life-Giving Elevate Church Edmonton. Listen.

New Life-Giving Elevate Church Edmonton

We are moving into the area, [Cineplex Movies 12] and we have a small problem: We have not met you! We would love to meet you so we could introduce you to something that will change your life! Something that is full of REAL people, living in a REAL world, serving a REAL God…something that exists to help you live the life your Creator has planned for you. Find Better Ideas To Overcome Loneliness. Are you feeling down because of a breakup, loss of a dear one or your close friend betrayed you?

Find Better Ideas To Overcome Loneliness

Well, when you go through such awful times in life, loneliness eventually creeps in. You prefer being alone, away from the outside world. Indeed, you would be hurt but making loneliness as your companion isn’t going to change anything. You need to deal with loneliness or else you will drown in a sea of depression. So then how do you deal with loneliness? Find Better Ways To Become the Finest Neighbor. No family can live in isolation from the society.

Find Better Ways To Become the Finest Neighbor

We need people around us to socialize as well as to share in each other’s joys and sorrows. In fact, when you help neighbors, it also brings a sense of joy that you were able to help them during their time of need. However, that’s just one aspect of being a good neighbor. A good neighbor is one who is a part of the community and a good friend. There are many ways to be a good neighbor, some of them are explained below. Launching Of A New Life-Giving Church In Edmonton. Visit A New Life-Giving Church In Edmonton. Find A New Life-Giving Church Of God.