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5G is Paramount For The Future of The Robotics Industry. Envisioning a Carbon-Neutral World, Can Technology Help? The world’s carbon emission must be net-zero by around the mid-21st century (2040-2075).

Envisioning a Carbon-Neutral World, Can Technology Help?

Accelerated deployment of the new renewables and efficient technologies would transform the pledge of a Carbon-Neutral future into reality. Achieving a net-zero carbon emission is the major goal, countries are striving hard to achieve. Several companies, organizations, and industries have already started this procedure. These companies have set a target of complete carbon neutrality in the coming years. Recent Developments. Logistics and Operations: What does Supply Chain 4.0 Offer. Highlights Logistics will reach $12,975.64 billion by 2027 in the Market Share.Usage of advanced technology will play a major role in the logistic transformation.Digitisation of Data, Stocks and Operations will promise optimal results.Using sensors, creating networks, automating and analysing everything will improve customer satisfaction.

Logistics and Operations: What does Supply Chain 4.0 Offer

Logistics and operations in the trade channel is an integral part of growth for developed as well as developing economies. Factors of freight, exports, imports, trade channels are monitored constantly to analyse the growth patterns and areas of improvement. Technology is a major factor for logistics. Embedding the latest technology will give a good yield and promote sustainability. Advancements in technology improve the supply chain, It also replaces the traditional design, process, plan as well as source. Healthcare and Robotics: The Perfect Marriage. Even before the pandemic, Healthcare was on the road to becoming even more digital.

Healthcare and Robotics: The Perfect Marriage

By 2018, individual patients were generating more than 80 megabytes of EMR (electronic medical records) and imaging data each year, which is manageable in isolation but incredibly challenging at scale. COVID-19 supercharged this shift with a sudden pivot to telemedicine and at-a-distance diagnoses. However, that’s not the end of the road. The coronavirus pandemic has driven unexpected innovations in automation, while at the same time revealing bottlenecks to deploying robotic systems in health care settings. They contend that advances in human-robot interaction—such as improving robots’ capabilities to feel, touch, and decide—will determine if the robots of tomorrow will help hospitals stay ahead of the next pandemic. Health Care Robotics.

Edge Robotics Technology Predictions for Restaurants in the Future. The pandemic year caused a lot of problems, especially for the Restaurant Industry.

Edge Robotics Technology Predictions for Restaurants in the Future

Thousands of restaurants, hotels, clubs, and pubs were shut down causing job losses and unemployment. But still, the Food Industry kept going strong with Home Delivery and Cutting-Edge Robotics Technology. India is a food-loving country with numerous cuisines presenting cultures and religions, all signifying the love for food. Empathy and Artificial Intelligence. As much as we want to strongly believe that humans are logical beings and there is nothing more important to logic, we cannot ignore that humans are social creatures.

Empathy and Artificial Intelligence

We thrive on empathy. Manufacturing Efficiently: How does Internet of Things Help. Manufacturing in the world accounts for more than 25% of the GDPRapid advancements in technologies boost the manufacturing sectorReal-time monitoring, connectivity and the internet of things ease the process Manufacturing today is the biggest beneficiary in the technology sector.

Manufacturing Efficiently: How does Internet of Things Help

Updated technologies are required in each and every area of self-reliant and indigenous production. Smart Factories and other big-scale manufactures industries use automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive maintenance in their production line. IoT has the ability to integrate information as well as operation while the manufacturing process. Can AI Protect Forest and Natural Resources. Apprehensions about Climate Change and the need to overcome it is a major concern today.

Can AI Protect Forest and Natural Resources

Climate Change directly affects the ecosystem thereby giving rise to threats in the forest and green natural resources. Researchers found that 43% of Forest and Natural Resources are damaged in Germany and will continue if strict measures are not taken by now. Today, Science can now help take countermeasures and make forest ecosystems more resistant. Thus preventing these natural and organic resources is the main challenge. AI Supervision for Self-Administered Medication. Contrary to the sleep-monitoring device, this technology can be installed in the living space and uses AI to interpret the modulated radio waves.

AI Supervision for Self-Administered Medication

The technology also doesn’t require the patients to have a sensor or a monitor linked to their body. It is just a system that can be installed in a home and potentially help patients and caregivers by highlighting medication errors and reduce unnecessary hospital visits. Firstly the system traces a patient’s activity in the 10-meter radius, using radio waves that reflect from their bodies. Secondly, AI checks for signs of a patient self-administering. Finally, if it detects a flaw in the administration process if there is any.

Artificial Intelligence for Cell DNA Analysis. Researchers from Harvard University and Tech Company Nvidia will launch Artificial Intelligence-based deep learning platform for Cell DNA analysis.

Artificial Intelligence for Cell DNA Analysis

An artificial intelligence-based toolkit named AtacWorks will be used to study epigenomics, which is the study of modification on the genetic material of a cell. What is AtacWorks? AtacWorks is a neural network based on Pytorch. It was trained on labelled pairs of matching ATAC-seq datasets of one high-quality and noisy dataset. Top Technology Trends in the Pharmaceutical.

The world is moving forward to Technology and Science.

Top Technology Trends in the Pharmaceutical

Every day new discoveries and researches are taking us one step closer to the future with many wondrous technological trends and advancements. Technological growth has brought a revolution in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Made In India App Store and Its Blazing Glory. The mobile phone industry is growing at a rapid pace with India becoming the world’s fastest-growing mobile app market over the past few years. The country has over a hundred million mobile data consumers and the number of smartphone sales has also been on the high. Mobile app developers have also managed to keep up with the latest trends and created a number of amazing apps for the Indian consumer. India Look Set to Seize Laptop Manufacturing Opportunity. After making tremendous strides in smartphone manufacturing in the past few years, India now appears set to seize the opportunity to manufacture laptops and tablets. The Union Cabinet in February approved a Rs 7,325-crore Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme for laptops, tablets, all-in-one-personal computers, and servers.

“In a post-virus era, amidst the ongoing realignment of global value chains, the PLI scheme for IT hardware will give a strong impetus to India’s manufacturing competitiveness,” Prabhu Ram, Head-Industry Intelligence Group (IIG), CMR, said. “On the back of mobile manufacturing success story, the PLI for IT hardware is a game-changer that will lead to increasing domestic value addition and more importantly, position India as a major exports hub.” New LED- Teeth Whitening Device Can Make You Smile Brighter. LED teeth whitening devices are cool newly trending gadgets that can brighten your smile easily at home. Technology is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to innovation and easing the lives of people.

On top of the comfort that technology provides, there are now tech devices that are helping millions of people around the world by providing them with real-time analysis of their health. BSNL Selects Novelsat for Satellite Broadband, Backhaul Services. State-run Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) selected Israeli satellite transmission firm Novelsat to provide high-capacity satellite-based backhaul and broadband services to Lakshadweep, Andaman, and Nicobar Islands under a Universal Service Obligation (USO) project funded by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). The contract was awarded by System Integrator Precision Electronics Ltd (PEL) on behalf of BSNL. Under the partnership, BSNL will use Novelsat’s Xnet Data Hub system for flexibility in its growing network. ISRO and France Working on Third Joint Space Mission. India and France are working on their third joint satellite mission, even as the bilateral space collaboration is entering into multiple domains, including the human spaceflight program, ISRO Chairman K Sivan said.

How Drones Absolve You from Delivery Interludes in Future. Can AI Combat Wildfires? California County Tests New Technology. Sonoma County, California, is adding artificial intelligence to its Wildfires-fighting arsenal. How Touchless Technology can Make Life Safer and Easier. The Human Sensory System has almost got devoid of its senses of touch when the whole world had to suffer from a complete body slam from the monstrosities of the COVID-19 pandemic, the previous year. Top 5 IoT Transformation and Improvements in India. IoT Transformation and Artificial Intelligence are sprucing commercial and consumer devices throughout the world.

Securing Digital Innovation as Cyber Threats Grow. The demand for digital innovation (DI), driven by shifting markets, evolving consumer expectations, and digital competition, has done far more than just transform networks. It has completely changed the organization, including how lines of business are structured, how teams and individuals collaborate, where and how employees work, how success is measured, and how leaders execute against business objectives. 5G-Enabled Edges Require the Network and Security to Converge. Digital innovation, work-from-home, the Internet of Things, and other macro-trends have forced nearly every organization to redesign their networks to provide better business outcomes and user experiences. The so-called network perimeter, which was once a narrow point of access at the edge of the network, now extends across the entire IT infrastructure — from home offices, branch offices, and enterprise data centers to multiple public clouds well beyond the traditional trusted zone.

Electric Vehicles Can Get Fast Charging With This New Model. Engineers at Southwest Research Institute are using internal research funds to tackle challenges with fast charging to reduce the time needed to recharge electric vehicles (EVs). As electric vehicles gain popularity, consumers expect the switch to battery-reliant platforms to be seamless, with the same acceleration, performance, and comfort of vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

For the most part, manufacturers have delivered, but the technology still lags in some areas, such as battery recharge. Heart Attack Prediction with this New Imaging Technology. Google Launched New Feature to be Your Sleep Watchdog. Indian Online Gaming Storm: Players Spend 8.5 Hours. India is one of the most evolving market in Data Administration. ISRO to Attempt Solar Space Mission by the End of 2021. Chandrayaan-3 Launch Planned by Mid 2022: ISRO. A Research Partnership for Developing Electric, Autonomous Technologies. India, US to Work for Stronger Defense Ties. Outer Space Missions of India to Look Forward to in 2021. How To Make All Headphones Intelligent. Top 10 Semiconductor Companies in the USA.

Artificial Intelligence for Energy Efficiency. Key Trends Industrial Revolution 4.0 in India. New Magnetic Nanomaterial For Counterfeit Money Prevention. India has Exported Defence Equipments to More than 84 Countries: Govt. Industry 4.0 in Aerospace & Defense. 5G Network Deployment Can Start in 3 Months But Infra Not Ready. The Console Combat. ISRO will Handle Security and Advanced Technology Projects. Algorithm Helps Artificial Intelligence Systems Dodge Adversarial Inputs. Why does the IoT industry need OTA administration systems? Industry 4.0 to Open Up Opportunities for Women in India. TN5015H-6G, High-Temperature Thyristor Protects Against Greater Voltage Spikes. Explore a new world of Mobility. Wearable Technology: Fashion is About Looking Forward. The New Normal in Healthcare: Reactive to Proactive. Customers Face Higher Tariff as Telcos Increase Investment in Network.

Scientists Working on Developing Elements for Future Electronics. The Faster You Harvest in Robotic Process Automation, the Faster You Create A Competitive Edge For Your Business. A Quantum Internet is Closer to Reality, Thanks to this Switch. CES 2021: AR Glasses, AI Chips and Automated Astronomy. Nasscom Launches Program to Accelerate AI-Led Innovation in India. Next-Generation Solar Cell Material. Hyderabad Ahead of Other Cities in Adoption of Digital Health Services. The Journey to 5G. AI Could Help In Revamping Maternal Health. Half of Indian Enterprises Eye Automation to Adapt to New Normal: Report. Cyberattack Rate per Healthcare Organization up 37% in 2020: Report. How Artificial Intelligence Save People From Blindness. Top 5 Challenges for AI Adoption in India. Industry’s First High Bandwidth Memory with AI Processing Power. 5G's Selective Roll Out in India by 2021 End says DoT.

Localisation is the Key to a Resilient Indian Automotive Industry. 2021: A Landmark Year for Solar Development. New massive MIMO radio, RAN Compute products for 5G mid-band rollout. 2021: A Landmark Year for Solar Development. Bharat Forge partners with Paramount Group to build Armoured Vehicles. Robot helps the User to Maneuver Remote Environment. Airtel Ties Up With Qualcomm for 5G Services in India. Corridors in UP, TN will Boost Defence Industries: DRDO Chief. India Successfully Launches Naval Version of VL-SRSAM Twice. Cochin Shipyard Lowest Bidder to Build Missile Vehicles. 5G Traffic Projects to Rule Out 3G/4G. Indian electronic sector is becoming more promising with reliable opportunities and innovations. Software used with SMT equipment: The culpable part in PCB manufacturing. LED Filament Bulbs – The Next Generation of LED Lighting. Antialiasing Filtering Considerations for High Precision SAR Analog-to-Digital Converters. Case Study: Amazon Web Services assets protection.

Case Study: Amazon Web Services assets protection. Researchers Develop Speedier Network Analysis for Computer Hardware. ROHM’s Wi-SUN FAN Module Solution: Empowering the infrastructure of smart cities. New Automotive Smart Camera Development with Open Platform Turnkey Solutions. New LFPAK56D MOSFET With AEC-Q101-Qualified Half-Bridge Package.

ADLINK MECS-6110 Edge Server Verified as an Intel Select Solution for Customer Equipment. New LFPAK56D MOSFET With AEC-Q101-Qualified Half-Bridge Package. Chandrayaan-3 Launch Delayed Further to 2022 says ISRO Chief.