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Launching new AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered speech analytics dashboard. Unveiling new secure SD-WAN appliance with flexible deployment. Rajesh Maurya, Regional Vice President, India & SAARC at Fortinet “Fortinet delivers the most comprehensive SD-WAN solution on the market with over 21,000 global customers across all enterprise sizes and segments.

Unveiling new secure SD-WAN appliance with flexible deployment

New best in class solution with UWB technology. Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, and 3db Access AG, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in secure ultra-wideband (UWB) low power chips, jointly announced that Renesas will license 3db UWB technology and will collaborate to bring best-in-class secure access solutions to the connected smart home, Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, mobile computing, and connected vehicle applications.

New best in class solution with UWB technology

The collaboration combines each company’s technical leadership in performance, size reduction, ultra-low power consumption, and security to deliver breakthrough multi-receiver UWB solutions to the global market. Renesas is augmenting its microcontrollers (MCUs) and RF connectivity capabilities with 3db Access’ field proven secure ranging UWB chips, which are designed for use in smartphones, smart watches, automobiles, and other IoT applications. For more information, visit New i.MX 8 processors for human machine interface. Arrow Electronics has introduced two out-of-the-box 96Boards platforms for developers to leverage the multi-application-core performance of NXP’s i.MX 8 processors with convenient mezzanine expansion opportunities. eInfochips, an Arrow company, is the design partner for these boards and provides customization and ongoing support for these platforms.

New i.MX 8 processors for human machine interface

For a fast start to machine-learning projects such as industrial image recognition and autonomous driving, the AI_ML Board is built on the i.MX 8QuadXPlus application processor, which combines four Arm Cortex-A35 cores and one Cortex-M4F embedded core with floating-point and DSP extensions. A dedicated GPU featuring four Vec4 shaders with 16 execution units and OpenGL/OpenGL ES support augments the highly efficient application cores. In addition, there is a Video Processing Unit (VPU) capable of handling popular compression standards including H.264, H.265, AVS, and more.

Arrow has designed both boards leveraging the 96Boards specification. New Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Router for improved network capacity. Today’s households are dealing with an increasing number of connected devices that demand a greater bandwidth for streaming video, audio and online gaming.

New Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Router for improved network capacity

These devices increase the complexity of a network as they compete for bandwidth, pushing wireless home networks beyond the technical threshold for the current generation of Wi-Fi. NETGEAR has deciphered this modern-day dilemma with the introduction of a full suite of ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6 Routers. The NETGEAR Nighthawk Tri-band AX12 12-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router (RAX200) supports Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) rendering four times of the increased data capacities to handle today and tomorrow’s growing home network. The AX12 is powered by a quad-core 2.2 GHz processor, offering 10.8GBps Wi-Fi speeds and a 2.5G multi-gig Ethernet interface as either a LAN or WAN. For mobile devices, the router supports Gigabit Wi-Fi, as well as interface-free channels with dynamic frequency selection.

Increased Capacity for the Smart Home. Electronics Industry fears production cuts, prise rise due to Coronavirus. With the Coronavirus in China showing no sign of abating, and parts of the country being stranded under quarantine, India’s electronics industry is fearing supply disruptions, production curtailment, as well as a negative impact on prices, revenue, product launches and local manufacturing.

Electronics Industry fears production cuts, prise rise due to Coronavirus

If the situation prolongs, the industry is bound to take a hit by March, said experts. The Indian electronics industry, which relies heavily on China ― the world’s second-largest economy ― for components, sub-assemblies and even full products, is gripped with a sense of foreboding about the impact of the novel coronavirus. The coronovirus has now officially been named COVID-19 by the World Health Organisation. Most companies have supplies stocked for the next two to three weeks, and hence, the epidemic hasn’t impacted them just yet.

The impact is going to be bigger than what people are realising or talking about, said Anuj Poddar, Executive Director, Bajaj Electricals. Eletimes. A team of mechanical engineers at Binghamton University, State University of New York investigating a revolutionary kind of micro-switch has found another application for its ongoing research.


After finding a new type of MEMS (microelectromechanical system) that allows better control, the researchers have used that knowledge to build an air-pressure sensor that could improve many everyday devices. “This is the same mechanism as devices we’ve designed in the past, but it’s a different application,” said principal investigator Shahrzad “Sherry” Towfighian, an associate professor of mechanical engineering at Binghamton’s Thomas J.

Eletimes. Eletimes. Technological advancements in areas such as renewable sector and solar energy have drastically changed the society.


These innovations have equally impacted the reduction in fossil fuel consumption and has improved vehicle to smart mode of transport. Scientist have developed a sustainable technology that can convert Carbon dioxide to hydrocarbon fuels and other usable materials. The researchers have discovered a metal carbide particle a compound of carbon and metal that can convert CO2 to fuel. The particles can be produced at an industrial scale at low cost, and with minimal environmental impact, providing a vital pathway towards reducing the world’s greenhouse emission.

The process is basically turning the carbon dioxide back to hydrogen bond. Carbon emissions could be converted into materials to make consumer products such as hydrocarbon and fuels. Eletimes. Launching new S-Trap air filter design for alarming dust storms. AAF (American Air Filter), a Daikin group company, the world’s largest clean air solutions provider has brought S-Trap, a bolt-on prefilter for air handling units, engines and other machinery for areas with sand or dust storms or with exposure to heavy dust loads.

Launching new S-Trap air filter design for alarming dust storms

S-Trap has a smart design to optimize the space, weight, and installation to the existing AHUs and increase the life of next stage filters. Dust storms arise when a gust front or other strong wind blows loose sand and dirt from a dry surface. Empowering tomorrow’s engineers with FIRST Robotics Competition Hall of Fame. Mouser Electronics, Inc., the New Product Introduction (NPI) leader empowering innovation, will once again sponsor the FIRST Robotics Competition Hall of Fame exhibit at the 2020 FIRST Championship events in Houston and Detroit.

Empowering tomorrow’s engineers with FIRST Robotics Competition Hall of Fame

Nearly 100,000 high-school students on nearly 4,000 teams from 35+ countries around the world are vying in 182 competitions for a chance to advance to one of the two 4-day championship events. The FIRST Championship events will occur at Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center, April 15 – 18, and at Detroit’s TCF Center, April 29 – May 2. The Mouser-sponsored Hall of Fame exhibit honors the winning teams of the esteemed Chairman’s Award at both championship locations. Instead of awarding the Chairman’s Award to the team that earns the most points in the competition, FIRST honors the team that best exemplifies the goals and values of FIRST. The Perennial role of Analog Electronics. Introduction and insight With the preferment of brown goods and white goods in the consumer market industry, the world of analog electronics has emerged enormously and has been successful in adding many feathers to the hat of the industry.

The Perennial role of Analog Electronics

But with the revolutions in digital electronics, the existence of analog electronics is a big question itself. Expansion in global fault circuit indicator market by 6% Transparency Market Research delivers key insights on the global fault circuit indicator market. In terms of revenue, the global fault circuit indicator market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 6% during the forecast period, owing to numerous factors, regarding which TMR offers thorough insights and forecasts in its report on the global fault circuit indicator market. Rise in the demand for modernized power grids and general preference for renewable energy are boosting the global fault circuit indicator market. Moreover, leading manufacturers are offering smart fault circuit indicators for use in intelligent power grid infrastructure in developing countries, as these countries offer ample growth opportunities to the fault circuit indicator market.

Unveiling new next generation PIC18-Q43 for high performance. In microcontroller (MCU) based system design, software is often the bottleneck for both time to market and system performance. By offloading many software tasks to hardware, Microchip Technology Inc.’s next generation PIC18-Q43 family helps developers bring higher performing solutions to market faster.

The family’s combination of peripherals offers users greater versatility and simplicity when creating custom hardware-based functions with easy to use development tools. Configurable peripherals are smartly interconnected to allow near zero latency sharing of data, logic inputs or analog signals without additional code for improved system response. Ideal for a variety of real-time control and connected applications, including home appliances, security systems, motor and industrial control, lighting and Internet of Things (IoT), the PIC18-Q43 family helps reduce board space, Bill of Materials (BoM), overall costs and time to market. For more information, visit Security professionals are overconfident in the effectiveness of their security tools: Keysight Survey. Keysight Technologies, Inc., a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, released the Security Operations Effectiveness survey showing that security professionals are overconfident in their tools with 50% of respondents reporting that they have experienced a security breach because one or more of their security products was not working as expected.

The Security Operations Effectiveness survey found that just over half (57%) of security professionals were confident their current security solutions are working as intended. Yet only 35% of survey respondents stated that they conduct testing to ensure their security products are configured and operating as they expect. ASM awarded as the company of the year 2019 in the SMT segment. An annual recognition that awards companies for their exceptional contributions across a broad spectrum of segments including Digital Transformation, Cloud Solutions, IoT, Cyber Security and many more, ASM is selected for the Surface Mount Technology segment.

Chosen companies are applauded for the valuable contribution to the ever-evolving technology landscape and the ability to differentiate and sustain themselves and emerge as innovators in the respective domains. Where the industry is fuelled by concepts such as smart factory, IoT or industry 4.0, reshaping the work processes, production and business models in the electronics manufacturing is necessary. Latest IoT Connectivity, edge computing solutions to be showcased at Embedded World 2020. Digi International, a leading global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and services, announced that it will highlight its Digi ConnectCore 8M Nano system-on-module (SOM) development kit and the Digi XBee Ecosystem of wireless networking modules, software, tools and services at Embedded World 2020. Digi will host demonstrations and participate in educational sessions illustrating its award-winning embedded technology capabilities.

Embedded World takes place in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, February 25-27. Digi will be in Hall 3, booth 225. Unveiling industry’s first power devices for system protection. ROHM recently announced the availability of the BV2Hx045EFU-C, a family of high voltage (41V) dual channel output high side switch (Intelligent power devices, IPD) optimized for automotive ECUs in transmission control, engine control, and other vehicle systems. IPDs are semiconductor devices that protect electronic circuits from breakdown (i.e. due to overcurrent during abnormalities). Unveiling new gate drive evaluation platform.

Littelfuse, Inc. (NASDAQ: LFUS), a global manufacturer of leading technologies in circuit protection, power control and sensing, announced the gate drive evaluation platform (GDEV). Rising growth in Global Aerospace Robots Market. The Global Aerospace Robots market offers a thorough executive synopsis of the industry over the globe. Developing new silicon nitride for high-power photonics. Design competition prizes for lighting design and building-technology. The winners of the international design Plus competition powered by Light + Building have now been decided. The competition’s jury of top experts is presenting awards to innovative products which meet the highest standards of design, ease of use, sustainability and technical quality.

Chemical and gas detection made easier with new tiny Photoacoustic-Spectroscopy system. Leti, an institute of CEA-Tech, has developed a photoacoustic spectroscopy technology for monitoring dangerous chemical emissions and traces of gas that could reduce the cost and the size these systems by a factor of 10 or more compared to existing tools. Unveiling new high power semiconductor optical amplifiers and lasers. Keysight joins Orbital Security Alliance (OSA) to secure Space based platforms.

Keysight Technologies, Inc., a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, announced that it has joined the Orbital Security Alliance (OSA) as a full member. Coronavirus containment with robotic applications. Launching first single-chip synchronous buck for satellite power applications. Fast-Track adoption of cyber-physical systems for new innovation.

Unveiling new lowest-ever RDS (on) power MOSFET. Rise in valuation of surface haptic technology market. Rise in valuation of deep learning chipset market. Unveiling new industrial communication solutions. Visualizing an AI model’s blind spots. New eBook for newest industrial sensor solutions. Launching new connected cloud IoT design challenge. Citrix appoints new vice president for Asia Pacific and Japan region. Unveiling industry’s new MS46131A USB vector network analyzer. Rapid growth in 5G mobile phone market. Unveiling new voice assistant experience for audio processing. Latest Industrial Power on Module to address automation applications, mobile operations. Launching new partner program for complete IOT solutions. The leader in the digital workspace solutions. New dimensions in EiceDRIVER portfolio with gate drivers. Brand new versatile sensor transmits the captured data to the cloud.

Unveiling new internet security solutions by McAfee. Unveiling new ISL91301B Power Management IC for industry. New dimensions in data center performance. New Operations in Integrated Device Technology. Rising Global market for technical consumer goods. New cellular module for IOT Applications and Industry. Unveiling new “Harmonics Twins Mini” Wireless Earbuds. Renewable resources in Indian Railways for clean and green environment. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in customer retention and revenue application. Top 5 trends in digital payments and functioning. Top new technology trends in 2020 which would boost the Economy. Renewable resources in Indian Railways for clean and green environment. Unveiling new “Harmonics Twins Mini” Wireless Earbuds. Top new technology trends in 2020 which would boost the Economy. Top 10 programming languages for data science. Technological transformations in the healthcare sector. Unveiling new NuMicro M2351SF for Multi-Segments application.

Top Technology Trends in IT Sector. Top upcoming Trends of 2020 in Data Management. New Base for TANAKA in India. Top 10 upcoming trends in Technology Market for 2020. Top 10 upcoming trends in Technology Market for 2020. Top 10 upcoming trends in Technology Market for 2020. World’s first smart orchestrator unveiled for interference-free LIFI networks. Driving IGBT7 chip to enhance industrial drive applications. 10GW solar energy capacity to be added by 2022. CCGA, Daisy chain solutions to be exhibited at INTERNEPCON, Tokyo. All new UP Xtreme introduced to address AI, IoT applications. 10GW solar energy capacity to be added by 2022. Fuelling up stretchable vibration-powered device using a liquid electret. Robotic process automation in data centres. Unveiling new cross industry IoT platform. Unveiling new cross industry IoT platform. Chinese workplace to be replaced by robots in the future.

Cloud Security for advanced applications and workloads. Rising demand in Global sensor and switch market. Robotics and Automation boosts sales of Piezoelectric Motors. Unveiling new IGBT7 for unmatched 900 A power rating. New edge security and storage solutions to safeguard data. New innovative networking and smart home solutions. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in solar energy. Unveiling new futuristic security solutions. New Mobility Task Management app for digital transformation. Rakuten mobile adopts Anritsu Protocol Test Platform for 5G NR. Keysight announces pricing of public offering of senior unsecured notes. Mouser announces its New Product Insider for December 2019. Secure Bluetooth Pairing Made Easy with NFC. 33rd Edition of VLSI Design Conference. World’s first MOSFET Relay introduced for semiconductor wafer test system. Increasing system update with the brand new isolated silicon carbide gate driver. Latest set of TINY Dev kits to address next-gen IoT products.

Expanded Integration of Dynamic Cloud Security Solutions for cyber security. Rising Demand for IOT sensors from Industries. Rise in Modern Electronic Warfare & Network-centric Operations boost the Embedded System Market.