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Les Paysans de Rougeline inaugurent l'écoserre de Lapouyade. 20/05/2016 | Bel exemple d'économie circulaire, l'écoserre de Lapouyade (Gironde) récupère une part de l'énergie produite depuis la grande déchétterie de Veolia Autant dire que l'inauguration de ce bel exemple d'économie circulaire a fourni l'occasion de vrais satisfecits.

Les Paysans de Rougeline inaugurent l'écoserre de Lapouyade

A commencer par le jeune patron de Rougeline lui-même, Gilles Bertrandias : « voici la concrétisation d'un projet lancé il y a quatre ans ; il démontre la vitalité de notre agriculture maraîchère, de paysans qui savent jouer collectifs ; la force, aussi, de notre partenariat avec Veolia. Nous avons déjà crée une trentaine d'emplois à Lapouyade mais cette première tranche en appelle une seconde. » 56 emplois horizon 2017 Quatre nouveaux hectares de serre vont être crées qui feront donc passer la production de l'unité de Lapouyade de 2500 à 5000 tonnes de tomates, à l'horizon 2017. Quasiment biologique Lire aussi sur Aqui! Par Joël Aubert Crédit Photo : Not For Profit Strategy Melbourne. Spark Strategy comprises a bunch of serial entrepreneurs and strategists, keen to harness the power of ideas in mobilising organisations to revitalise the world of possibility.

Not For Profit Strategy Melbourne

We are an eclectic team, bringing cross-disciplinary knowledge and experience to drive creative thinking. We have done the consulting rounds, working with clients of all sizes, and within advisory firms from the largest to sole practitioners. We have worked across borders and industries but don’t claim to be the expert in any.

Our style is to work with you to uncover the ideas. What We Do - Currie Communications. Careers. Careers. Capire Consulting Group. Purposeful. Purpose We are a purpose driven advisory, empowering organisations to grow their social impact.


Our purpose is to: Encourage organisations to better engage with communities through social impact strategy, programs, partnerships and initiativesHelp organisations to create thriving and purposeful cultures that support young people and the next generation of Australian employees Values Our commitment to a better society is centred on the following core values: Collaborative Engagement Working in partnerships and strategic alliances leads to achieving the best outcomes Learning OrganisationBuilding a culture of ongoing learning and innovation is essential to growth and positive outcomes Slow InnervationInnervating from a position of inner strength and awareness of ‘our why’ and our purpose. Point Advisory. Point Advisory is an integrated sustainability consultancy providing specialist technical, strategic and assurance services the following domains:

Point Advisory

Triskel Coaching Consultancy. I’m an executive coach, career coach, organisation development consultant and facilitator.

Triskel Coaching Consultancy

After an early career in radio and politics, I was drawn to work that supports others to consistently beat their professional ‘bests’: executive coaching, professional development and transformative organisational cultural change. In a quest to support my clients to thrive in an increasingly complex, uncertain and noisy world, I’ve spent the last 10 years exploring emotional intelligence, personality, motivation, somatic intelligence, embodied leadership and resilience.

I’ve also experienced a lot of life and career ‘changes’; living and working in three countries (with clients from across the globe) and making a number of career pivots as I followed my curiosity and heart. Who? Who we are looking for. About us - Climate Friendly. For over 12 years Climate Friendly has been helping businesses and households take action on climate change and energy use We provide innovative solutions for Onsite Energy and Efficiency, Carbon Management, Renewable Energy and Australian Carbon Farming.

About us - Climate Friendly

We have an international client base and projects spanning wind, solar, small hydro and sustainable biomass across Asia, Europe and the Pacific region. Our partnership with the South Pole Group gives us even greater access to the best quality projects. Our mission Our mission is to help organisations save energy, reduce costs and build broader commercial value while addressing environmental and social impacts. Do you need sustainability solutions that make financial sense? Climate Friendly was certified by the non-profit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Green Moves Energy efficiency & Sustainability consultingGreen Moves Australia. Green Moves was created to provide consumers and businesses with a selection of sustainability services that are designed to minimise energy costs and reduce environmental footprints.

Green Moves Energy efficiency & Sustainability consultingGreen Moves Australia

Green Jobs in Berlin: The Ultimate Guide. By Nicole Winchell, March 28, 2016 Looking for a job can be tough.

Green Jobs in Berlin: The Ultimate Guide

Especially if you’re looking in a niche market! Luckily, there are actually A LOT of organizations that offer green jobs in Berlin. Here is a roundup of all the NGOs, nonprofits, social businesses, think-tanks and agencies that work in the field of environment, climate change and sustainability. We hope you enjoy our overview of green jobs in Berlin. To find all current open positions for green jobs in Berlin - check our jobs page. adelphi - adelphi is a leading think tank for policy analysis and strategy consulting, offering creative solutions and services on global environment and development. Agentur für Erneuerbare Energien - The "Renewable Energies Agency" communicates the most important advantages of a sustainable energy supply on the basis of renewable energy. Apfelschätze – Every year, literally TONS of apples go to waste in the Berlin area. Bonsum - Shopping for a better world?

Stadtbienen - Bees, bees, bees.