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Esta animación distorsiona humanos escaneados en 3D. Aunque Mike Pelletier se dedica a captar retratos de gente, no encontrarás sus imágenes en anuarios o sobre la repisa de la chimenea.

Esta animación distorsiona humanos escaneados en 3D

En lugar de los tradicionales marcos congelados con sonrisas falsas y trajes de domingo, el artista digital y animador coge imágenes de humanos escaneadas en 3D y las transforma en entidades digitales surrealistas. Daniele Papuli – Delicate Paper Installations. Italian artist Daniele Papuli makes sculptures and installations with different types of paper.

Daniele Papuli – Delicate Paper Installations

He has been working with paper since 1993 when he first became entranced by its fragility and utility. Daniele turns his favorite medium into a rippling maze so that his structures and compositions possess a fabric-like quality that look very soft and fascinating. Related posts: Emilie faif. Two years of uncertainty.


LIGHTING DESIGN. FASHION DESIGN. MEGALOMANIA. FOURWALLING. Experimental. The Penis Wall Is An Interactive Wall Of Waving Willies by Peiqi Su. The Penis Wall, a kinetic sculpture by artist Peiqi Su, is made up of eighty-one 3D printed penises that each have six segments driven by servo motors.

The Penis Wall Is An Interactive Wall Of Waving Willies by Peiqi Su.

Equipped with an ultrasonic distance sensor, each unit can respond to a viewer’s movements. Moreover, the Penis Wall can also be used as a display to represent data. For instance, the waving willies can be synched with fluctuations in the stock market. above: the 3d printed six segmented penis model is attached to motors and sensors Designed for Su’s thesis project at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts (a program focused on interactive and new media art), The Penis Wall was displayed on May 19 and 20 as part of ITP’s spring exhibition showcasing student work. In a statement accompanying her thesis project Peiqi Su says “The penis is so different! The Penis Wall in action: The Penis Wall /Interaction with the viewer: The Base: The Tip: The Body: Biennale for art and technology, Trondheim. Ambientes reactivos y receptivos >> El arte en la edad del silicio. Detalle de "Receptive Environments" de Daniel Palacios para la Bienal de Arte y Tecnología de Noruega.

Ambientes reactivos y receptivos >> El arte en la edad del silicio

Naturaleza, arte y tecnología no son mundos separados, por los menos no en Noruega un país donde arte y tecnología conviven en entornos que cuidan y respetan los espacios naturales primitivos. Allí, en la remota ciudad de Trondheim hasta junio se celebra la tercera Bienal de Arte y Tecnología, Meta.Morf 2014, un evento que reúne los trabajos de algunos de los más destacados creadores internacionales como Daniel Palacios, Stanza, Marnix de Nijs o Michael Najjar. Bajo el lema Lost in Transition, el certamen noruego pone de manifiesto a través de una amplia selección de obras como las prácticas artísticas pueden revelar puntos de vista aún inexplorados por la investigación científica. Thibault Brevet.

Audiograft. Audiograft returns with towering walls of echoing sound, tolling Oxford bells, stunning live electronics and hypnotic mechanical LEGO.


Delicate glass meets orbiting turntables and spinning vintage records create an illusion of a virtual vinyl LP spinning in acoustic space. Over two weeks, new experimental music, sound art events and exhibitions will pop up in some of Oxford’s most interesting venues and spaces. Throughout the programme you can experience Europe’s oldest concert hall, an incredible semi-industrial warehouse, and freely traced electromagnetic fields perceived on an Electrical Walk in your urban environment. Alongside the concerts and installations of the Audiograft programme, a series of AudioHEARth events will additionally take place, devised specifically to nurture the social side of the festival.

These events are co-produced with Sound and Music as part of the 2013/14 Composer Curator programme, find out more about the events we're supporting here. Neri Oxman: On Designing Form. New York Biomimicry Innovators Group. Home> Learn about Biomimicry Biomimicry takes inspiration from natural forms and processes to solve human problems.

New York Biomimicry Innovators Group

MIT Technology Review. Who Should Attend MIT Technology Review events consistently attract senior-level business and technology decision makers who drive the global innovation economy.

MIT Technology Review

EmTech is a must-attend for CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, policy leaders, innovators, tech media, entrepreneurs, venture investors, and IP attorneys. A Tradition in Technology For almost 115 years, MIT Technology Review has been identifying important new technologies and deciphering their practical impact. Interactive - Subjects: Architecture. It's Tuesday night at Avery Hall and students file into a dim lecture hall for Joseph Kosinski's section of Fundamentals of Digital Design, the first course in the Computer Sequence at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAP).

Interactive - Subjects: Architecture

The students have completed their first assignment, a 3–D model of an industrial object, and posted it to the class website. The previous night's work, a digital version of the intense design effort known as a "Charette," has taken its toll, and the students show signs of fatigue as they pop open cans of highly caffeinated soda and wait for the class to begin. The classroom, more properly called a "digital presentation space," is equipped with both Mac and IBM workstations on a console at the front of the class, along with a ceiling–mounted LCD projector, which beams images from the workstations onto a large screen. Everyone knows what he means.