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04 august 2020



From the central idea that is born as a great solution to an important problem to those ideas that will give you the necessary image to convince and those that will drive you through the processes of elaboration and productivity, InventHelp Idea ideas are ubiquitous in the life of every entrepreneur.


Because of this, entrepreneurs will always need to think of ways to keep their capacity for innovation active, to capitalize on their projects and get them going, but they rarely stop to think about a very critical aspect of their entrepreneurship: protecting the ideas through InventHelp that drive it and they make it unique


What types of protection can I give my idea?


InventHelp grants the following types of intellectual rights:


Invention Patent: Given to a new product or process with coverage.


Utility Models: This figure protects innovative instruments, tools or devices.


Industrial Designs: Protects the colors, shapes or lines that are part of an industrial product.


Industrial Models: Its protection is applied to molds or patterns new and involved in the production of a product.


Depending on the stage of development, you can protect your innovation idea in the following ways:


Confidentiality Agreement


As much as you try to avoid talking about your idea, it will be necessary to start with your development, because only with the support of people with experience in the area of ​​action and other entrepreneurs will you give it the value and the push it deserves.