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Elegant MicroWeb is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, software products and services company with more than a decade of experience. We are not just another technology company! Our clients receive the best value, and the best products and services available in the market today! We encourage you to explore our web site and find out more about our services, products and support and our flexible business and delivery models.

Smart Data Visualization and Data Discovery Tools Empower Business Users. Reimagine BI with Mobile BI Business Intelligence Software. Power Up Your Predictions with Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis. To be successful in business, every organization must find a way to accurately forecast and predict the future of its market, and its internal operations, and better understand the buying behavior of its customers and prospects.

Power Up Your Predictions with Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis

To accurately predict and plan, every enterprise must select a business intelligence solution that will support their efforts and provide business users with a rich set of features and tools. One of the most important elements of advanced data discovery and advanced analytics tools is plug n’ play predictive analysis and forecasting tools. Self-Serve Data Prep & Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis. Nearly every organization has BI tools, but not every organization takes the Smarten approach to business intelligence.

Self-Serve Data Prep & Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis

Social BI and Visual Analytics Go Hand-in-Hand. Social BI is BIG in business intelligence!

Social BI and Visual Analytics Go Hand-in-Hand

As self-serve BI tools grow in popularity and ease-of-use, the natural progression for BI is toward socialization. Business users understand social networking and social media paradigms and they embrace the idea of social business intelligence. The result is increased productivity, the emergence of data popularity, and creative business users who become leaders in sharing, analytics and report formats. As power users, and data analysis, become ‘popular’, the enterprise will see improved user adoption of BI tools and begin to understand the types of data that users value, and how to present, data to improve leverage, and increase confidence in decisions. Mobile App Development Services : Blog - Elegant MicroWeb. Want Great Mobile Application Development Services?

Your Business Deserves a Software Product Development Expert. Social BI Dashboards Create Networks and Data Popularity. Social networks and social media have exploded.

Social BI Dashboards Create Networks and Data Popularity

It is everywhere and it affects our lives in ways we could never have predicted. Software ReEngineering Should Include User Experience Design. A Business Intelligence Tool Must be a MOBILE Business Intelligence Tool! A business intelligence tool is only valuable if it is accessible and In today’s mobile world, a mobile business intelligence tool is a necessity.

A Business Intelligence Tool Must be a MOBILE Business Intelligence Tool!

Business users are now empowered with data democratization and social BI is more popular than ever. But, all of that is out of reach if your tools are not mobile. Give business users BI and analytics in the form of mobile business intelligence software, so they have the tools they need to find, analyze and share data, in the office, on the road- anywhere! Your business doesn’t stop running when your team is on the road.

ElegantBizApps Software Product Development. Social Business Intelligence Tool - ElegantJ BI. Data Sharing and Collaboration Engenders Data Popularity Social networks and social media are ubiquitous!

Social Business Intelligence Tool - ElegantJ BI

Every aspect of modern life involves sharing and social interaction, Imagine an environment where business users can access a business intelligence and analysis portal and see popular data to rate, share and comment. This type of sharing can optimize resources by allowing users to access reports, dashboards and data that might be just what they need to complete a task or analysis. Smart Data Visualization, Simplified Analysis. Auto-Recommendations for the Best Possible Data Visualization Smart Visualization tools allow users to gather various data components and tell a story that will clarify a problem, identify an opportunity or help to make a decision.

Smart Data Visualization, Simplified Analysis

In order to build and tell that story, the business user must be able to interact with their analytics software and build the story through guided visualization and recommended data presentation to best illustrate the underlying data and issues. Business users can quickly, and efficiently produce best possible visualization of underlying data based on data type, volume, dimensions, patterns and nature of data. Mobile Apps Development Services : Blog - Elegant MicroWeb. Elegant MicroWeb Builds Digital Library Portal for Gujarat Tourism, India. WordPress Development Services : Blog - Elegant MicroWeb. Business Intelligence India : Blog - ElegantJ BI - BI & Advanced Data Discovery. Software Development Services : Blog - Elegant MicroWeb. Fact or Fiction? Smart Data Visualization Tells the Tale. Offshore Software Development Services : Blog - Elegant MicroWeb. Elegant MicroWeb Announces Completion of Over 100 eCommerce Solutions. Plug n' Play Predictive Analysis is the Answer!

What on earth is Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis?

Plug n' Play Predictive Analysis is the Answer!

It’s not a hot single from a new boy band! It IS a surprisingly simple business intelligence tool that can help you plan, predict, see patterns and trends and allow the average business user to function at a higher level with concise information that will help users to make good decisions. Sound good? ElegantBizApps Blog - Software Product and Application Development Company.

Pretty much every CMS in the market today is primarily sourced for website and blogging purposes.

ElegantBizApps Blog - Software Product and Application Development Company

But are they just that or how to maximize? The CMS framework advantage? Below are some interesting options to chose from, fill in the form to let us know what you need and we will deliver the ‘right’ solution for the right price. Your Business will Soar with Great Cloud Services. ElegantJ BI Tools Support Small and Medium Businesses. ElegantJ BI has become a popular business intelligence solution for small and medium sized business (SMEs), and is pleased and proud to support these businesses with simple, affordable, mobile business intelligence analytics, that provide a foundation for growth and competitive advantage.

ElegantJ BI Tools Support Small and Medium Businesses

“The ElegantJ BI customer base includes companies of all sizes – small, medium, and large and in all industries and markets. Our SME customer base is expanding rapidly,” says ElegantJ BI CEO, Kartik Patel. “Much of the reason for this growth is the cost-consciousness of the typical SME business and the suitability of our BI tools that offer cost effectiveness, flexible licensing, lower TCO and high ROI and require minimal training and implementation time.” Volusion® or Bigcommerce? So Many eCommerce Considerations! Perils of $8 or $10/hr Development Companies. There is nothing wrong in being able to price low and selling at half or less than half the price as long the service quality is at least 80% of the sustained market price.

Low priced services offering matching quality often tend to be disruptive to the markets and customers benefit significantly from what has to be done. However, being simply low priced and expecting the economics and sociology to work on its own is something that will equate to having one size fits all approach to business. Here are some common mistakes associated with pricing too low without the required planning and bandwidth. 1:1 Ratio Maintenance If you work with developers i.e. freelancers who charge you the price or less than $8/hr; are they able to deliver a work in 1:1 ratio. Meaning, if a task takes one hour to complete; are they able to deliver the work in the estimated 1 hour. The 1 hour estimate can come from them, not something you as a customer will be placing. ElegantBizApps Blog - Software Product and Application Development Company. Clients have asked me several questions on choosing .NET framework against Open Source alternative such as Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Based development.

While we do development on both technologies, the ones who gravitate towards .NET eventually had these reasons to select .NET framework… Q 1: When do you use .NET framework? The usual suspects about using .NET Framework And I had these to offer as a comparative. Q 2: How has been our experience building products using .NET? Framework There are some crucial advantages towards using .NET framework while building products, against just application development.

As in product development, the objective of what the product must do has a clear vision and at time scope with about 90% clarity, we are able to create a backlog of product development task lists, go about executing modular sprint of development. The usual approach is to build the architecture that supports the product needs. BI Tools for SMEs? Not Just Maybe, But DEFINITELY. Small and medium sized organizations often give up on the idea of business intelligence and corporate performance management, because they believe that the BI tools and solutions are too expensive and complex to implement and that their organizational structure and processes is simple enough to manage without these types of tools. The truth is that small and medium sized companies (SMEs) can get just as much benefit from BI tools as a large organization and these tools can offer a competitive advantage and a clear path to business results.

In fact, recent studies reveal that SMEs now have more BI and Big Data projects in the works than their larger, more complex brethren. The driving force of these projects is simple. Mobile is Strategic. Misuse of mobile phones were so common that some people had to change their HR & Information Security policies to refrain from misuses. Initial days of mobile adoption focused on being able to call anyone at anytime and not having to be around a phone to be able to answer them.

However, the technology quickly made it feasible to do some useful and cool things using the mobile phones and today, they have taken over everything from generic communications to end user engagement as in marketing. Mobile focused Marketing is touted as one of the highest focus zones for marketing today, that is because of the sheer number of access and continuous access. For organizations to adopt mobile, there are few key challenges.

One is Security. Wearable Technology Uh….! Before you got over the new douche bag trainee flashing their coolness by flashing their use of Twitter via phone, you already are dealing with a tech that is worn like a watch. Data Preparation and Analysis Don't Have to be Painful! Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management Blog. Elegant MicroWeb QSR Restaurant Online Ordering, Testing & Implementation. Elegant MicroWeb is pleased to announce a value-added working relationship with a well-renowned U.S. software business providing online restaurant ordering and payment software tools to the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market. White Paper: Citizen Data Scientists Engender Business Success. Going Mobile for Enterprises.

There is tech involved in enterprise governance and those are sometime so old that that its difficult to find people who are still working or are alive and can work to fix any issues.For enterprises that have inherited and are working with legacy architecture and applications going mobile can be huge a factor or challenge.Some of the core challenges include the adoption and development of service layers that can be shared on a mobile platform.The sheer size of database and data being rendered on handheld devices could be very large and leads to quality issues.

The manner of technology adoption pose regulatory issues… for instance, the French now passed a law that forbids sending out emails to employees after working hours. KPIs and Business Intelligence: What and Why to Measure. ‘Key Performance Indicators’ or KPIs as we say, are very important to the enterprise and nearly every company is talking about them, these days. But, there are still a lot of businesses that don’t know how to define the right KPIs to get a good picture of success. Social Business Intelligence: The Next Big Thing! Don’t Fall Into the ‘Rewrite from Scratch’ Trap. Choose Software Re-Engineering. Technology is flying at its fastest rate yet and the pace of change can make it hard for businesses to keep up. Design Once, Use Anywhere: Mobile BI and Great Ux Deliver an Unbeatable Solution! The business intelligence (BI) solutions of today are far more flexible than the BI tools of old. Why would you create a website?

Not too long ago, a website was a nice to have list on a business card. Today a website is all addressing system of qualification. It didn’t take long for the world to say, where is your website? How does one compare Joomla against WordPress? In the natural order of things, the tech world we are experiencing today has seen that WordPress has several million downloads more compared to Joomla, but Joomla still exists, it exists in the same space as WordPress does and is doing relatively well. Nine Questions to Ask Before You Choose WordPress for SME. Give Your Brain a Break with Smart Data Visualization.

Software Re-Engineering Will Make You a Hero! BI Dashboards: ‘Design Once, Use Anywhere’! What a Concept! User experience is tangible, measurable and quantifiable! Umbraco, the little guy who hits a home run every time! Social Networking and Business Intelligence. YES! It is Important! Growing a Small Business. Genesys of Volusion. ElegantJ BI Included in Gartner Nov., 2016 Report, 'Other Vendors to Consider for Modern BI and Analytics' Heads Up, Financial and Accounting Pros! Business Intelligence Tools Make a Difference. 5 ways of ensuring successful partnership in IT Business. BI Solutions CAN Play Well Together. Who Testing Your Digital Solutions? Genesys of Drupal. What Do CXOs Want? Business Intelligence That Offers REAL Rewards!

5 Essential Traits of an Effective Business App. Auditors Can Deliver Accurate, Swift Results with Integrated Business Intelligence Tools. There is Still Potential in eCommerce. It's Not too Late! Small Business App Ideas That Can Make Your Business More Profitable. Guarantee BI Success: Achieve! Accomplish! Do it Right! Don't Create a Data Governance Tug of War between Financial Pros and IT Staff. The future of the Enterprise Mobile Apps.

Genesys of Magento. Cloud is not coming, it has arrived! SIX Steps to Through-the-Roof, Human-Centric BI and Metrics-Driven Results. Lose the BI Business User Blues. Microsoft and Garbage Collection. Self-Serve, Flexible BI Tools vs. Restricted Access BI. Genesys of Bigcommerce. Don't Wait to be Served! Self-Serve BI is the Way to Go! Cloud is not coming, it has arrived! Avoid Data Anarchy: Balance BI Analytics with Data Governance. Guarantee BI Success: Why Self-Serve BI Initiatives Fail. Convenience in BI: Integrate and Embed Apps. Case Study: Performance Management, Benchmarking Product Development & Maintenance. Case Study: UK Online Petition Management for eGovernance. Case Study: Customer Loyalty Software Product Widget for UK eConsulting, Market Research Firm. Case Study: Web-Based Community Software Product for UK Idea Management Business.

Case Study: Direct Marketing, Profiling Co. Gets Online Demographic/Geographic Analysis. The quintessential Quality Assurance. Reengineering is also innovation reengineering! Genesys of Kentico. Is your hospitality Business Engaged in the Age of Mobility? Business Intelligence Tool For Customer Profiling. Simplicity! Implementation! BI Tools! Understand the value of Balanced Scorecards to achieve balance in enterprise metrics. Integrating BI Tools withing Tally ERP Accounting Solution. Critical Considerations for Content Marketing Success - Part I. Self-Serve Quick to Implement BI Tools for ALL Users. White box testing: An essential segment of Software testing. BI Tools Can Help Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Warehousing and Related Industries.

BI Tools Help Accountants and Financial Pros to Better Serve Customers and Partners. Widgets Plus: KPIs that Make the Business Thrive! To Create Dynamite Mobile Business Apps You MUST Involve the User. What's an Umbraco? It Just Might Be Your Solution to Content Management. WordPress Development Services for Molecular Diagnostics Company USA.