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We are a full service online law firm merging professional expertise, in-depth knowledge and numerous years of experience.

Company Secretarial Services. From set-up to liquidation, our professionals take care of your organization’s recurring filings, routine corporate changes and retrieval of corporate documents from official registries.

Company Secretarial Services

We are independent experts who will standardize processes and reporting procedures for your organization’s compliance activities-while providing you with local expertise and support. We can act as your legal partner to help coordinate with other local service providers. Through a global reporting infrastructure, we give businesses back their cost control and provide them with global visibility. eLegal Consultants deliver professional company management and secretarial services and we are one of the leading providers of corporate legal services worldwide. We offer specific project support through a full outsourced solution. A). We will give your organization the proper guidance for your legal operational needs. B) Annual Compliance c)Transactional services d). In summary here’s what we do: eLegal Global Solutions limited: How to Boost Business with Social Media Marketing?

Social media has appeared to be a useful marketing platform that enables business organizations to reach targeted audience fast.

eLegal Global Solutions limited: How to Boost Business with Social Media Marketing?

Through the use of social media, business organizations can attract potential clients, connect with present consumers, and spread their brand or project. Social media marketing has benefited business organizations in getting in touch with consumers throughout the world. There are several ways in which social media marketing can boost business. #1 Establishes brand identity Building brand awareness is the aim of any marketing strategy. . #2 Builds brand equity Social media puts a brand better and quicker before the target market. . #3 Tracks social activities to know the potential for marketing With social media management application, you can track interactions between your market and brand. . #4 Establishes social networking communities. Online Will Drafting and Registration in Dubai : elegalonline. Our PRO Service in Dubai UAE - eLegalonline. Business Structuring: Post Covid-19-What you should do - eLegalonline.

Family Law-Getting Married in Dubai UAE: All you need to know - eLegalonline. Family Law: Nigeria in Focus: Rights of a child after divorce - eLegalonline. Trademark and Logo Registration in UAE-All You Need to Know- eLegalonline. Business name VS Limited Liability Company Registration in Nigeria - eLegalonline. Affordable online Legal Service in Dubai UAE. The United Arab Emirates is known all over the world for being one of the most famous countries out there, as there are very few countries that have been as economically successful as the UAE.

Affordable online Legal Service in Dubai UAE

With a standard of living for its citizens that assures them a comfortable life if they work hard, one of the biggest needs of the UAE is good legal services, which can be very hard to find if one doesn’t know the right company to ask. Sure, there are a lot of things you could categorize legal services companies by, but so far one of the tried and tested methods has been to look at companies that have a reputation for being the best. The reason for the popularity of this method of finding a good legal services company is the fact that ratings and reviews are an accurate description of what past clients have thought about the services provided by the company to them.

eLegal Global Solutions limited: How to improve your skills in Law Course? Studying Law and taking it as a profession requires high dedication and patience to survive through the intensive course.

eLegal Global Solutions limited: How to improve your skills in Law Course?

Students pursuing Law often get frustrated with the huge pressure of study during the long tenure of earning the degree. Being a law student you may at times find it hectic to go through the entire coursework and can’t hold on to your patience any longer. In such cases, often students land up with drastic decisions like walking out from the course and burning the dream of becoming a law expert into ashes. You need proper guidance from someone who is well expertise in this field to guide you through the ups and downs of your career. Elegal experts in law Course work can guide through your study and help you in building your career in the field of Law. The course of Law is long and tedious. The course becomes even harder with each passing year. Online assignment solutions are provided by the highly qualified and experienced professionals.

eLegal Global Solutions limited: Why Is Trademark Registration Required. In this continually developing world, it has become a concerning issue for people to not let their names get copied.

eLegal Global Solutions limited: Why Is Trademark Registration Required

Trademark is the tool that protects one’s intellectual properties so that others cannot copy or misuse it. What is a Trademark? The word trademark itself indicates its meaning. It is actually the mark of trade for business companies. With a trademark, it is restricted where and to whom business organizations can provide their services. What gets protected under a trademark? Trademark protects the brand identity of a business and offers business organizations its separate identity. Who becomes owner of the trademark logo? The company that uses a trademark for trade purposes becomes the owner of the trademark logo. eLegal Global Solutions limited: How to Boost Business with Social Media Marketing? Law Coursework Writing Service - Experts in Law Coursework. Cheap Freezone Company Set up Expert Dubai UAE. Cheap Affordable Legal Service in Dubai UAE. Free Templates for legal contract Drafting in Dubai UAE.