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Catherine (@CatherineQ) sur Twitter. Q Space. Sea Shepherd (SeaShepherd_Aus) sur Twitter. The Beast Transforms into a Beauty as Godzilla Becomes the Brigitte Bardot. May 25, 2011 The Brigitte Bardot dockside.

The Beast Transforms into a Beauty as Godzilla Becomes the Brigitte Bardot

Photo: Libby Miller (click to view larger version)Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s fast interceptor and scout vessel the Gojira (Godzilla) helped chase the entire Japanese whaling fleet out of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary earlier this year. It was quite funny to have the Japanese media report that the whaling fleet was fleeing from Godzilla. But as frightening as Godzilla may be, there is one thing far more terrifying – Godzilla’s lawyers.

Sea Shepherd was served with a notice to remove the name from our vessel. With that one iconic photo alone, Bardot brought the cause and need to protect harp seals to the world’s attention, a pivotal point in the fight to stop this annual Canadian obscenity of cruelty and mass slaughter. Sea Shepherd and the Brigitte Bardot Foundation have worked together in partnership for many years, recently teaming up in an effort to end the barbaric slaughter of pilot whales in the Danish Faeroe Islands. Dear Paul, Debbie McCalley (DebbieMcCalley) sur Twitter. Gift Baskets, Fruit Baskets, Holiday Baskets, Birthday Gifts, Baby Gifts. ANEW - A Network of Exceptional Women Monthly Meetup - ANEW - A Network of Exceptional Women (Colorado Springs, CO. Tim Jenkins (BattleStudio) sur Twitter. Battle! Studio.

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BDevine (DevineMiracles) sur Twitter. Devine Miracles Psychic /Medium/Angel Intuitive. The Fools' journey - Chicago Spiritual Living. We, as human beings, are often times prone to a nature of fear of the unknown and uncertainty when in the face of changes, both big and small. If we view life as a game of chance we never come to fully appreciate all the small wonders along the path.

Instead, we must see life as a journey, an adventure with each breath and each step we take. Although we may find ourselves lost down the winding roads leading into uncharted territories we each have an internal mapquest that will never lead us astray. The curiosity and amazement in each nuance of beauty was never meant to be charted but found down scenic routes.

Each new adventure brings new challenges. When we do not take into account the ramifications of our actions we may act foolishly. The promise of success can be so enchanting that we fail to see the bear trap. Stay optimistic in spite of the uncertain odds against you for it is when we try that we may find our inner strength to persevere. The Goddess Ways - Intuitive Healing with Laleh Ameri. Meredith Meyer. Meredith Meyer. Rome Viharo (rome_viharo) sur Twitter. And intuitions. From New Scientist.

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We are getting closer and closer :) It’s a computer – inside a cockroach. Nano-sized entities made of DNA that are able to perform the same kind of logic operations as a silicon-based computer have been introduced into a living animal.The DNA computers – known as origami robots because they work by folding and unfolding strands of DNA – travel around the insect’s body and interact with each other, as well as the insect’s cells.

When they uncurl, they can dispense drugs carried in their folds. "DNA nanorobots could potentially carry out complex programs that could one day be used to diagnose or treat diseases with unprecedented sophistication," says Daniel Levner, a bioengineer at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University. Filed under nanotechnology singularity Trust me, I’m lying…on Wikipedia “Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator” by Ryan Holiday, suggests another motive for contributing to Wikipedia. View On WordPress View On WordPress View On WordPress .