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The Dreaming. The Dreaming By Queenie Chan TokypPop, three volumes, 540pp, $14.95 MANGA is on the move.

The Dreaming

Even casual observers of popular culture could hardly fail to notice the influence of Japanese comics, alongside their animated sibling anime, on film, computer games, fashion and even cosmetics. Coupled with a resurgent interest in graphic novels in the West, the once exclusively Japanese publishing phenomenon has ventured well beyond its borders. Manga, while unlikely to attain the broad acceptability enjoyed in its native land, where it accounts for nearly 40 per cent of all publication sales, has become one of the fastest growing areas in the Western book trade, with mainstream publishers such as Gollancz, Del Rey, Hodder & Stoughton and HarperCollins playing catch-up with pioneering manga purveyors Viz, Studio Proteus and market leader TokyoPop.

Identical twins Amber and Jeanie are sent to a remote, Victorian-era boarding school deep in the bush. QueenieChan on deviantART.

Interviews, new and articles The official website of Queenie Chan, manga artist and author. I first started drawing when I was 18 as a hobby, and after 6 years of on-off work, I eventually became a professional at age 24 when I landed a 3-book contract with then-manga publishing giant TOKYOPOP.

The story I pitched was “The Dreaming”, and after the series ended, I was recruited by Del Rey (imprint of Randomhouse) to work on the “Odd Thomas” series with Dean Koontz. I have been very fortunate to work with the people and companies that I have worked with, and I marvel at the unexpected direction my life has taken. I originally studied for an Information Systems degree, yet ended up in a completely different field. I wonder if life will continue throwing curveballs at me? Looks like it has.