Neural Networks

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Artificial Intelligence. Defining Artificial Intelligence The phrase “Artificial Intelligence” was first coined by John McCarthy four decades ago.

Artificial Intelligence

One representative definition is pivoted around comparing intelligent machines with human beings. Another definition is concerned with the performance of machines which historically have been judged to lie within the domain of intelligence. Yet none of these definitions have been universally accepted, probably because the reference of the word “intelligence” which is an immeasurable quantity. Neural Networks. Neural Network Tutorial. Introduction I have been interested in artificial intelligence and artificial life for years and I read most of the popular books printed on the subject.

Neural Network Tutorial

I developed a grasp of most of the topics yet neural networks always seemed to elude me. Sure, I could explain their architecture but as to how they actually worked and how they were implemented… well that was a complete mystery to me, as much magic as science. Neural Networks. Many concepts related to the neural networks methodology are best explained if they are illustrated with applications of a specific neural network program.

Neural Networks

Therefore, this section contains many references to STATISTICA Neural Networks, a particularly comprehensive neural networks application available from StatSoft. Preface Neural networks have seen an explosion of interest over the last few years, and are being successfully applied across an extraordinary range of problem domains, in areas as diverse as finance, medicine, engineering, geology and physics. Indeed, anywhere that there are problems of prediction, classification or control, neural networks are being introduced.