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This is also a pearltree contact point to the outside world.

Seether - Broken (Collab Cover by Lara G. & Kevin Staudt) Vinyl Grenade - Shelter Official Video. Breaking Benjamin - Angels Fall Cover by Vinyl Grenade. Muse - Hysteria Covered by Vinyl Grenade. Breaking Benjamin - Angels Fall (Cover by Kevin Staudt) Blink 182 - I Miss You (Collab Cover by Kevin Staudt, Kyle Worrall & Tomek Suwiński) Featured; Begin. MEREDITH MEYER- "AIN'T IT DIVINE" MEREDITH MEYER- "VIDEO GAME GIRL" MEREDITH MEYER- "BELIEVE" Featured; End. The Empathic Civilisation. Disconnecting Us. Nova ScienceNOW Foldit and EteRNA. UPDATE - The World in 50 Years - E2 - Our Cities. The Last Star in the Universe – Red Dwarfs Explained. MIT Technology Review. Society Debate Topics. The 20 big questions in science. 1 What is the universe made of?

The 20 big questions in science

Astronomers face an embarrassing conundrum: they don't know what 95% of the universe is made of. Atoms, which form everything we see around us, only account for a measly 5%. Over the past 80 years it has become clear that the substantial remainder is comprised of two shadowy entities – dark matter and dark energy. Honey Care Africa - Strengthening communities, one hive at a time. Punk rock music — Listen free at Convergent vs Divergent Thinking - Cultivating Creativity.

Table of Contents PART 1: What is Creativity?

Convergent vs Divergent Thinking - Cultivating Creativity

In the late 1960s, the psychologist J.P. Guilford drew a distinction between two forms of thinking: convergent and divergent. Pearltrees Hack. See also: ☆ Pearltrees Radically Redesigns Its Online Curation Service [article]: Pearltrees changed things and the mind map type layout no longer appears.

Pearltrees Hack

This is a hack that needs pearltrees to be visible (open in another tab, or window) to work. The map shows the structure of pearltrees, and can be used for navigation, and adding additional content. The nature of mind-maps is that they should be kept simple, and thus the above picture is complex—but it is like a well-traveled backbone for pearltrees. The standard mind-maps (that could have picture as well) are probably closer to the ideas of keeping the details simple are listed below.

Electrical Power from Water Vapor Fuel.


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    I actually don't like surveys O_O
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    Will need to update this section: due to old website loss.
  3. electronics Aug 18 2012
    Lost my website and had to change to a new one: I hope there are not links to the old website around here or that would be bad :(
  4. electronics Apr 27 2012
    Pearltrees has changed, so sorry if some sections here seem messy. The limits in a pearltree seem to be lower.
  5. electronics Dec 1 2011
    This pearltree is complex thing--one part reflect other parts and then if you move one thing and it can disrupt other areas.
  6. electronics Nov 30 2011
    Teaming up with people has got lots of pitfalls. Will have to be in clear mind next time I team up with people as I just spent 1.5 hours correcting a error in a team up that really did not need to be done if the team up had been done differently. I'm not even sure if I was able to correct the error as the effects covered nearly my entire tree.
  7. electronics Jul 18 2011
    Note: this pearltree can only contain 100 pearls and pearltree balls.
  8. electronics Jun 23 2011
    Notice about teamwork: One of my previous teams moved significant pearltrees (and the numerous pearls in them) out of the collection so they were no longer visible to me. While I could undo this person’s effort, I just don’t have the time to engage in this sort of activity or the possible arguments that might occur in such a scenario. When I decided the team was not working out and left the team, I also lost the entire shared tree and artwork to them. I don’t think this is fair (I put in a lot of effort to do the artwork and make the tree) and I will be running teams in a different way from now on—sorry.