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ZM and The Venus Project Split??? Breaking News- TVP & TZM Split Official. Text For Quick Tweeting This Article: It’s Official, The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement have split up: , (+ Jul 2013 news update) Udate 2013 for Independant Movement, The Venus Project & the Zeitgeist Movement The Venus project is developing a thing called TVP Education.

Breaking News- TVP & TZM Split Official


Jacque Fresco's Criticism of The Zeitgeist Movement. TZM rejected by Jacque Fresco - lost video. Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement split. The Zeitgeist Movement - No Longer an Arm, Free To Grow Legs. TZM member speaks about the TVP & TZM Split! Discussion--global re-design of Zeitgeist website June 2011. Word Wide Time Anouncements Method. Douglas Mallette comments on the TVP & TZM split. Recent changes in The Venus Project [APR 2011] & onwards. TZM Collaboration and Organisation April 27th 11. Host Peter Joseph - split info, history & future. ZM Global Radio (blogtalkradio)

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