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Electronic Engineering

Buying a commercial transformer that converts to lower voltages (AC or DC) is probably a better thing to do.

DC conversion occures becuse some of the transformers have circuits inside it to do the conversion, but the resultant wave form could still be a little rough and might need to be smoothed by additional circuits.

Relays are similar to a light switch--they don't change the voltage. by electronics Apr 2

Yes I will like to work on 12VDC, but I have been looking around, mostly are using relays to AC. by jenovauh Jan 19

Great: http://www.instructables.com/id/Garduino-Gardening-Arduino/ nice project to start learning about electronics. Be carful around ac-mains voltage; it is dangerous and mistakes can hurt or be fatal. I like to make controllers using low voltages. (transformers are one way to step down the voltage to a safe level). by electronics Jan 19

You are welcome electronics. I am learning too on arduino to automated my planting. by jenovauh Jan 19

Please send me a request to join this team as well by pdk117 Aug 6

lol, timepeaces love that comment ;) by electronics Jul 4

Oops I found the answer. Just though to look in your pearls. Found the sources there. Thx Much by timepeaces Jul 3

Hi just a general Question Where do you find electronic parts to build projects with? The radio shack stores are only good for cables and adapters anymore.
Thx L8trs by timepeaces Jul 3

Pearltrees has changed the limits inside a pearltree, so the tree seems a little more messy then usual--then sorry. Will have to go through the whole tree and work on it I suppose. by electronics Apr 27

Thanks....I appreciate that. Have fun. by spzkaz Mar 14