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ElectricBot is online digital web and marketing agency based in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA.

Web Design & Web Development Services. Interested in having a custom website designed and developed?

Web Design & Web Development Services

ElectricBot’s team of website designers and web developers specialize in creating a wide variety of eye catching websites that are user friendly, SEO optimized, and conversion focused. Whether it be a simple static website, a dynamic CMS website, or a large ecommerce website with thousands of SKU’s, ElectricBot’s highly knowledgeable and experienced web designers and web developers can handle the entire project scope from concept to project completion. Website Developer or DIY Web Design? – ElectricBot. Let’s face it, finding a high quality developer for any programming language or ecommerce platform is usually a time consuming and tedious task, and to say the least.

Website Developer or DIY Web Design? – ElectricBot

This is why a lot of individuals, new business owners, or anyone for that matter that may need a new website tend to shy away from a self-hosted CMS or ecommerce platform. The catch with some of the hosted website builders is that there is almost always limited functionality. Some of these functionalities include- limited or no options to add custom modifications, or if customizations can be made to the framework it is usually hard for most people including experienced developers to work with, very little control over assets, excess code bloat, slow loading sites, etc.

It is not to say that all DIY website building platforms or hosted ecommerce platforms are bad, as some of the DIY website services are up to par and current with all web compliance, SEO, page speeds, etc. Pro’s- Shopify Services – ElectricBot. Shopify Website, Shopify Store, Shopify App Design, and Shopify Development Services- In need of Shopify services?

Shopify Services – ElectricBot

Whether you have an existing Shopify website or are considering creating a new Shopify store, ElectricBot’s team of Shopify developers can assist you with completing your project on time and within budget. Shopify Website and Shopify Theme Design Services- What is the Difference Between Brand Refresh and Rebranding? Often enough, as a business owner you may hear, or think, that you need a better branding strategy, or a rebranding strategy to potentially reach your business goals.

What is the Difference Between Brand Refresh and Rebranding?

Now what is the difference between refreshing your brand and rebranding? Brand Refresh. App Development Services – ElectricBot. Multi-app Development Services In need of an experienced team of app developers to handle the current maintenance and further custom app development services, or do you have an exciting idea for a new android app, IOS app, web app, native app, or cross-device app that needs to be developed?

App Development Services – ElectricBot

Whatever type of app development services you need, ElectricBot’s team of multi-platform app developers can assist you with the entire app development lifecycle. How Our App Development Agency and App Development Process Works… After ElectricBot’s team of app developers finish the coding up the entire app, then begins the QA and QC testing processes to check for bugs and errors. Upon completion of the QA and QC app testing processes, then the app developers will roll out the final updated version from the staging environment to the live hosting environment. Web Development Services – ElectricBot. In need of professional and reliable web development services?

Web Development Services – ElectricBot

Look no further! ElectricBot’s team of multidisciplinary web developers; front end web developers and back end web developers, are extremely well-versed in multiple programming languages, frameworks, and platforms. Youtube Analytics – The keys to increasing your followers and views. What is the secret to creating engaging content that will encourage people to subscribe and increase your views?

Youtube Analytics – The keys to increasing your followers and views

In one of our previous articles we talked about B2B Marketing for Youtube, and now we will dive into understanding the YouTube Analytics data. In analytics there is a lot you can go around with, but we will focus on few of the most important pieces of data. If you click into your YouTube Analytics account you go to your Overview page, which contains: Watch timeAverage view durationViewsEstimated revenue if you have ads setup on your videosBasic engagement data (likes, dislikes, comments, shares, videos on playlists, subscribers)Your top ten videos including their basic analytics Top demographics with information about where people are watching, where they are coming from, their gender and their playback location (page, device, another website etc.)

Understanding Your YouTube Analytics Stats. Odoo Services – ElectricBot. Need a highly experienced and knowledgeable Odoo consultant or Odoo development team to assist with custom Odoo ERP services?

Odoo Services – ElectricBot

Whether you need assistance with Odoo ERP open source or Odoo enterprise services, our team of Odoo consultants and Odoo developers can assist with everything “Odoo”; from a fresh Odoo installation to a custom Odoo website design, to custom Odoo development services. List of ElectricBot’s Odoo Services: Odoo Consulting Services- Thinking about implementing an ERP software for your business? Both versions of the Odoo ERP platform, open-source and enterprise Odoo ERP, are both excellent options in terms of a flexible, powerful, and affordable ERP software solution.

Optimizing Your Magento B2B Site for Conversions: Searchandising. Practical guide for Magento B2B Store Owners Part II Elasticsearch and Magento2 B2B Websites With the newest Magento version, the latest version of Elasticsearch is now required for all installations.

Optimizing Your Magento B2B Site for Conversions: Searchandising

Magento Migration Services – ElectricBot. Is your current Magento1 ecommerce website in need of upgrading to Magento2?

Magento Migration Services – ElectricBot

If so, and for those that do not know, upgrading from Magento1 to Magento2 can sometimes take more time and effort than expected. Proper planning, use of Magento1 to Magento2 migration tools in some cases, implementing a new Magento2 website theme, installing new extensions to carry over functionalities from previous Magento extensions, and having a Magento developer tie it all in together should all be on the to do list before migrating Magento1 into Magento2. Magento1 to Magento2 Migration- A common misconception about “migrating” from Magento1 to Magento2 is that many think that you simply export some files, Magento database, and simply re-import into a new Magento2 instance. Wordpress Services – ElectricBot. Odoo Development Services – ElectricBot. Thinking about implementing the latest edition of Odoo’s ERP and CRM system? Or maybe you just need a hand deploying the latest Odoo updates along with some ongoing monthly Odoo maintenance services. Google Shopping Ads- Dynamic Remarketing Ads.

All of the previously mentioned e-commerce strategies can be upgraded by implementing remarketing techniques. Are you familiar with remarketing? A short description would go like this: Remarketing is the act of retargeting your website visitors with specific ads. The logic behind it is quite simple. If somebody has shown interest in your services or products they should be presented with a reminder (the ad), of those exact services or products.

Customer visits your siteYou collect data by attaching a tracking cookie on the customer while they’re on your site and as they go elsewhere onlineYour ads will be triggered in certain places on the web based on a set of specific factors. Ecommerce Platform Migration Services – ElectricBot. Considering swapping over your existing ecommerce website to a newer ecommerce platform? Re-platforming, migration, upgrades of core files and extensions/plugins, customizations, data integrity, database migration or complete upgrade, etc. As all of this can sound overwhelming, in some cases, an ecommerce migration to a newer version or completely new ecommerce platform can actually be fairly simple. PainExam Announces Feb. 28th Ultrasound Guided Training Workshop Event for Interventional Pain Management. PainExam Announces Next Ultrasound CME Training Workshop Event for Advanced Ultrasound Guided Pain Management Injections.

PainExam’s Ultrasound Guided Injection Training CME Workshop for Interventional Pain Management Physicians and Anesthesiologists is set to be held Feb. 28th, 2021 from 10am-2:30pm. This exclusive ultrasound CME event is perfect for pain management physicians, anesthesiologists, also including ED/ER doctors, nurses, and physician assistants. Ultrasound Guided Injection Interventional Pain Management Training for Pain Physicians and Anesthesiologists Special attention is paid to targets for regenerative therapies and peripheral neuro-modulation, as well as coding, and the marketing of these skills.

Dr. Google Shopping Ads- Advanced Strategies. Google Shopping Ads- Intermediate Strategies. Ecommerce Marketing Services – ElectricBot. Google Shopping Ads- -Negative Keywords. Dial In Your Grow Op’s Humidity Levels This Winter with Anden Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers. Although the winter’s chill signals the end of most growing seasons and allows growers to breathe a sigh of relief at another season complete, commercial operations in a greenhouse have the ability to extend the seasons past traditional growing times.

Although pests and some disease are lessened with the start of the first frost and snowfalls, there are other pathogens lurking waiting for the right time to strike. Just as in Spring, Autumn months bring humidity related problems and difficulties peaking during the cooler months of the year. When the sun shines on spring and fall days, it warms the air in a greenhouse causing an increase in moisture in the air. Once the greenhouse cools in the evenings and nights, the air cools causing the water vapor formed in the daylight to condense into liquid on plants and other surfaces as a dew. This is called the dew point. Temperature and Humidity The amount of water in the air is expressed by the term relative humidity.

Reducing Humidity. Google Shopping Ads- Basic Strategies. We already covered how the first basic campaign is a one ad group campaign with one bid. We already established that this would be highly ineffective for most e-commerce businesses. However, what if you have a small online store with up to 60 products or less in your feed. You can micromanage your digital advertising strategy with one ad group and bidding per unit. In this case, you would segment the ad group by product ID and bid on each product individually. This way you could bid higher on products that have a better conversation rate. Strategy no. 1 – All products segmented by Product ID with bidding per unit The obvious advantage of this tactic is that it allows for micromanagement of the shopping ads. Google allows for Automated or Rule-Based bidding to be set up but more on that in the upcoming articles. Our next strategy is similar to the one from above but it starts from a bit different approach.

Strategy no. 2 – Create separate campaigns for different devices. Custom Magento 2 Development Services – ElectricBot. Types of Ecommerce Services? – ElectricBot. Google Shopping Ads- Bidding Strategy. How to Set Up a Google Shopping Ads Campaign. How to Set Up Google Shopping Ads Data Feeds. How to Set Up Google Shopping Ads. How to Install QuickBooks In Magento 2. How "Big Data" Influences B2B Marketing. WordPress Benefits You Should Know. What You Should Know about Magento. Shopify vs Magento: Which One is the Ultimate Ecommerce Platform? Magento – the Perfect Tool for eCommerce. The Process of Developing a Successful Marketing and Design Strategy. 5 Key Tips For a Winning Local SEO Strategy. How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Magento Store. How to Guide: Integrating WordPress in Magento.

5 Key Essentials in Email Marketing for Mobile Users.