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Self help webpages for students

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Mental Health Foundation. Mental Health Information. Welcome to the Royal College of Psychiatrists' Health Advice section where you will find readable, user-friendly and evidence-based information on various mental health problems, treatments and other topics, regularly updated by psychiatric experts.

Mental Health Information

You can search via the following: Below you will find our complete alphabetical index - listing all leaflets produced by the College: What's New... New translations in Japanese and Persian (Farsi)Recovery and Resilience: Our President's new campaign The MENTAL Project - developing and producing a package of materials, including a series of three drama-based films which will give a real insight into the lives of children who are carers of parents with a mental illness.The Blog Zone - a new blog series starting with Fellowship in Leadership and Management by Mike Akroyd.

Students Against Depression. Student Counselling in UK Universities. NHS Direct - Home. Mind, For better mental health. Living Life To The Full. Drinkaware - for the facts about Alcohol. Health: Mental health. 19 April 2013Last updated at 17:57 People often feel sad during difficult life events One in four people are expected to experience a mental health problem, yet stigma and discrimination are still very common.

Health: Mental health