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IT eBooks - Free Download - Big Library. CodeDevelopr. C# Neural Network Cross Entropy Error To train a neural network you need some measure of error between computed outputs and the desired target outputs of the training data. The most common measure of error is called mean squared error.

However, there are some research results that suggest using a different measure, called cross entropy error, is sometimes preferable to using mean squared error. By James McCaffrey04/22/2014 Neural Network How-To: Code an Evolutionary Optimization Solution Evolutionary optimization can be used to train a neural network. By James McCaffrey03/26/2014 Out To Lunch Why user requests shouldn't always be granted. By Mark Bowytz02/19/2014 How To Standardize Data for Neural Networks Understanding data encoding and normalization is an absolutely essential skill when working with neural networks. JavaScript Kit- Your comprehensive JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, and Ajax stop.

JavaScript - 技术分享 - 豆豆网. C#, Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight, ASP.NET, WPF, WCF, WF, and Windows 7 Community. 中国最大的、最权威的开源网站 中国开源项目. Windows CMD Commands. Stack Exchange - Free, Community-Powered Q&A. jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library. Online Web Tutorials. Silverlight Tutorial: Free. WPF Tutorial. Web Development and Design Blog. CodeProject® - Your Development Resource. Triggers « Dr. WPF. As we continue our series on ItemsControl, it probably makes sense to take a small detour and look at WPF controls in general.

Triggers « Dr. WPF

In this post, we will examine how WPF controls get their visual representation through styles and templates. Then we will look at how these techniques specifically apply to several ItemsControl classes. This article is fairly long and covers a lot of really important information, including the following: It is definitely worth taking your time to understand these concepts. Feel free to break the article up into more manageable pieces if you are time-constrained. I would also encourage you to keep kaxaml up and running as you learn about styles and templates. The Lookless Control Model When developers first start learning WPF, they are often very surprised to learn that a WPF control does not include a hardcoded visual representation.

Why, you may be asking, is such a model better than the traditional approach of defining the visuals as part of the control? 设计模式 - 吕震宇. HTML5中文网 - 中国领先的HTML5技术门户. 一些软件设计的原则. 以前本站向大家介绍过一些软件开发的原则,比如优质代码的十诫和Unix传奇(下篇)中所以说的UNIX的设计原则。


相信大家从中能够从中学了解到一些设计原理方面的知识,正如我在《再谈“我是怎么招聘程序”》中所说的,一个好的程序员通常由其操作技能、知识水平,经验层力和能力四个方面组成。 在这里想和大家说说设计中的一些原则,我认为这些东西属于长期经验总结出来的知识。 这些原则,每一个程序员都应该了解。 但是请不要教条主义,在使用的时候还是要多多考虑实际情况。 其,下面这些原则,不单单只是软件开发,可以推广到其它生产活动中,甚至我们的生活中。 Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) DRY 是一个最简单的法则,也是最容易被理解的。 参考: Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS) KISS原则在设计上可能最被推崇的,在家装设计,界面设计,操作设计上,复杂的东西越来越被众人所BS了,而简单的东西越来越被人所认可,比如这些UI的设计和我们中国网页(尤其是新浪的网页)者是负面的例子。 把一个事情搞复杂是一件简单的事,但要把一个复杂的事变简单,这是一件复杂的事。 参考: Program to an interface, not an implementation 这是设计模式中最根本的哲学,注重接口,而不是实现,依赖接口,而不是实现。

Command-Query Separation (CQS) –命令-查询分离原则 查询:当一个方法返回一个值来回应一个问题的时候,它就具有查询的性质;命令:当一个方法要改变对象的状态的时候,它就具有命令的性质; 通常,一个方法可能是纯的Command模式或者是纯的Query模式,或者是两者的混合体。 在系统设计中,很多系统也是以这样原则设计的,查询的功能和命令功能的系统分离,这样有则于系统性能,也有利于系统的安全性。 参考: You Ain’t Gonna Need It (YAGNI) GitHub - Social Coding. PhoneGap.