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5 adictivos juegos para el navegador especiales para procrastinadores En este mundo de smartphones, tablets y redes sociales, la mayoría de los juegos sencillos y casuales más populares son para este tipo de plataformas y tienen siempre alguna característica que los hace "sociales", teniendo que rogar por más vidas a tus amigos si no quieres pagar para continuar. Un perfecto ejemplo de esto es Candy Crush, el cual se volvió muy conocido y todavía genera mucho dinero, o Flappy Bird, que después de eliminarse de los mercados de aplicaciones de Apple y Android, generó una enorme cantidad de imitaciones para llenar el vacío. Pero, ¿qué pasa cuando quieres jugar en...
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Big Think Today’s Big Idea We are continually reminded wherever we turn (and by Big Think, perhaps, most frequently of all) of the fact that in technologically advanced nations the pace of life is accelerating. …Economic constraints have put pressure on businesses (and therefore their employees) to do more with less, and in less time. Simultaneously, tech companies are locked in a kind of arms race to make everyday living ever more automated and efficient, thereby enabling us to demand still greater productivity of ourselves. Yet one of the most significant contributions cognitive psychology has made in recent decades to our understanding of the mind is the idea that the mind uses two parallel systems of thinking: System 1 - the fast, intuitive, gut decision making engine, and System 2, its slower, more deliberate sibling. Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky are the pioneers in this work, and their studies reveal that in most cases, system 2 makes much better decisions.

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Super-lightweight setup Targets .NET Framework 4.x FREE (with no expiry) Version: 4.48.01 Prerequisites | License | FAQ More download options Download LINQPad