DIY Solar Panel

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DIY Network Cork Tile Accent Wall (00:01:14) To dress up her living room, a homeowner installs a cork tile accent wall. Power-Outage Light Kit (00:01:15) Installing a power-outage light kit helps homeowners in emergencies. Under-Rug Heating Pad (00:01:06) A rug heating pad helps warm a drafty bedroom and keeps toes toasty. Slide Lid Shed Adds Storage (00:01:11) A homeowner adds extra storage to the backyard with a sturdy slid lid shed. Waterproof Speaker for Shower (00:01:15) Shower singing just got easier with these wireless waterproof speakers. Soft Baby-Bath Pillow (00:01:09) A new mother bathes her baby in flower-petal softness with safety in mind.