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The life and times of Hatake Kakashi, nukenin Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic. When Kakashi wakes up he is somewhat surprised that he wakes up at all. Not too much, because by now he's used to the strange feeling of waking up when you were sure you were going to die. It's actually pretty much a part of the job description. The surprising part would be that he's not in the place he last remembered.

Neither is he in a hospital, medical tent, or even any form of shelter. On the other hand, he's not tied up in some interrogation room or prison cell either. No enemies, no allies, just grass and the cheerful sound of birdsong. The little wounds he had received in his most recent battle seemed to have completely disappeared. He stands up and looks around. Because yes, something had definitely gone wrong when he used his Mangekyō Sharinganon on that enemy jounin.

Then that jounin had used some sort of genjutsu, but Kakashi had ignored it, because what sort of genjutsu would work against the Sharingan? He stares. He stares some more. "Ok. That was before Team Seven. "Maa. Please Drink Responsibly When Saving the World, a naruto fanfic. Disclaimer: The characters are the property of Masashi Kishimoto and the Naruto franchise.

Author's Note: So hello! I couldn't keep away, this is Zen and it's a pleasure to meet you. Having just finished Spring of the Plague, I had the terrible urge to write some nonsensical piece of light-hearted crack, so please forgive me for this wee indulgence! I recently had an idea for something more serious, so before I start plotting that I wanted to have a bit of a laugh, so to speak, with something utterly ridiculous. This is set around Chapter 655. Enjoy and let me know what you think! The first step in Saving the World is to ensure the Absence of a Responsible Adult. As in the distance the dust was swept up from the ground by great gusts of hurtling winds, and the moon shone huge and white in the sky, Minato tapped Kakashi's shoulder. "Kakashi," Minato said firmly, "I'm going to help the alliance seal up Uchiha Madara. The battlefield was as hot and humid as during a summer storm. "Oh. Warped Reflection, a naruto fanfic.

AN: right so I've been… well, supremely unmotivated to write lately… here's hoping this gets my but in gear again. This is a massive, by my standards, one shot. It's going to be maybe a little darker than is average for this fandom. It's going to get weird, and sad, and it's hopefully going to make a terrible sort of sense. All that being said? I stand by my general philosophy about writing fanfiction. Always be as original as the other person's sandbox allows, find a new angle, chase it. This is certainly different from most anything else I've come across in the Naruto fandom. If you like the concept and want to put your own spin on it, more characters, family, actually drawing it out into a full fic? I don't own Naruto, I'm not making any money writing this. Naruto stumbled back into his apartment around one in the morning. He graduated, he had earned Iruka's… what exactly?

Did it even matter? Classes were over. Naruto would be alone again. He could henge his clones, his solid clones. Nothing Worth Saying Aloud Chapter 1: Prologue, a naruto fanfic. Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of the characters. Warning: mildly disturbing imagery during the prologue (only). AN: For my FF watchers. This isn't the sequel to Tsubaki of the Pen. I'm sorry, but that sequel's still on hold. Prologue 10 years before the Kyuubi Attack Fat drops of sweat slid across her dirty cheeks.

The sharingan glowed faintly in the near gloom, a solitary gem in a drawn, ashen face. Dirt caught under her chipped nails as she worked but every line was drawn with painstaking patience. "...And then I'd place the Three Heavenly Chains, to balance it all out, 'ttebane. " she remembered Kushina saying. "Course it's all… hypothetical… a work in progress. "You're so dramatic, Kushina. " she'd huffed, hardly sober herself. "Don't underestimate me, 'ttebane! Her hand spasmed and she lifted it in a panic, careful not to disturb the unfinished seal. This was her fifth escape attempt. It was likely, Mikoto reflected, that this would be her final shot.

"For you, Kushina. " This Game of Life Chapter 1: New Game, a naruto fanfic. This Game of Life Prologue New Game I stared. Name: Haruno SakuraClass: The GamerLevel: LV 1HP: 100/100MP: 50/50STR: 10VIT: 5DEX: 5INT: 25WIS: 10LUK: 10Points: 0 After calming down a tad (and getting a stern talking-to from my mother about the use of 'unladylike' words, throughout which Daddy couldn't stop laughing), I looked at this carefully. Substitution Technique (Active) LV1 EXP: 93.67%A technique granted to shinobi long ago, after they won the favour of the Log. Clone Technique (Active) LV1 EXP: 68.80%A technique that creates an illusionary clone, that is only useful for diversionary tactics.Creates a clone of the user (Illusionary). Transformation Technique (Active) LV2 EXP: 32.96%A technique that casts an illusion over the user, changing their appearance to whatever they desire.Casts an illusionary veil over the user, transforming them.

Sweet! Wait, Gamer's Mind and Body? Training was… weird. The weirdest bit though was the actual training part of it. ? Whoa. "So, sensei? Wow. "So? Leviathan of the Maelstrom Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic. Leviathan of the Maelstrom Disclaimer: I do NOT own Naruto. Summary: Demonic chakra can sometimes have some unpredictable side effects on Jutsu. So, when Naruto used it to summon a Toad, he got something else instead. To be specific, a seemingly infinitely long sea monster that thinks Toads are useless and that Jiraiya is a child molester. Bijuu, Summons, make way for a real monster! Regular speak Thoughts and Flashbacks Demonic or Animalistic Speak Demonic or Animalistic Thoughts Between meeting the Kyuubi face to face, digging up the courage to yell at it and demand its chakra, and being a little freaked out when he finally got it, Naruto had kind of forgotten the exact direness of his current situation: Falling to certain death if he didn't summon a fucking toad.

The next thing Naruto knew was that he was standing on something hard, followed by the noise of rocks breaking and cracking off the wall as whatever he summoned stopped its descent, "Wow! "Umm, hey! "Huh? " "Poios e sai? " "Eh? A Drop of Poison Chapter 1: Prologue, a naruto fanfic. A Drop of Poison Prologue Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Kishimoto. Ramen belongs to Naruto. Enough said. Naruto Uzumaki was not a person who punished harshly. He'd had a harsh life, true, but he'd always looked for the bright side of things. This was how he was. His harsh life however had brought one thing: he was very defensive of those he called friends. So, knowing that, it can be said that the beating Naruto gave Mizuki, his old Taijutsu teacher, was entirely in proportion with the crime.

By Konoha law the man was guilty of treason, so no one would be angry at Mizuki's death, but Naruto stayed his hand, or hands in this case, and left the man alive. "Hehe... He'd turned around to talk to the second man he could call a friend, after the Sandaime. "Iruka? " Naruto had not listened much to his lessons in first aid, but nevertheless remembered some.

It took but a second for Naruto to call back his clones, though some had already left for his apartment as he'd instructed them do. "Good. "Okay! A Month as Naruto Uzumaki, a naruto fanfic. A Month as Naruto Uzumaki Disclaimer : Naruto belongs to Kishimoto. Ramen belongs to Naruto. Enough said. September 13, Day minus One Paperwork was the bane of any Hokage, I knew.

Since I had accepted the post of Sandaime, I expected that three times the forest surrounding Konoha in paper had crossed my desk. Most of it was useless stuff, like permit to open a mixed-sex hot spring (Under one of Jiraiya's false names, no doubt) or the letter of complaint that this or that civilian heir was badly treated by ninja.

Some of it, like the report I was currently reading, was good to know. I sighed. I was about to store this report in its rightful place when something caught my attention. "I, as medic, recommend banning the subject from any form of ninja activity, due to the lack of precautions he seems to exhibit. " I then went to the drawer where I kept all documents related to Naruto and withdrew the previous memo from the hospital, dated five weeks hence. September 14, Day Zero "You're crazy. " ??? But I AM Madara! Chapter 1: Stones Are Dangerous, a naruto fanfic. But I AM Madara! – Stones Are Dangerous Summary: 13 year-old Madara was just having a competition with Hashirama, when he suddenly finds himself in the Uchiha compound in Konoha.

Wait. Since when does his clan live in a village and why do people insist that his name isn't Madara? At least, he has found a new friend who helps him paint the face which is stuck on a mountain and reminds him greatly of his eternal rival and friend. A/N: I like to mess with the characters and time… Oh, and there are spoilers for those who aren't up to date with the newest Naruto chapters. This story is as of now AU as it doesn't follow the canon plot from chapter 623 on, although it will incorporate some canonical elements of subsequent chapters.

Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. 8-22-13 This chapter was beta-ed by the awesome WynterSky :) Also, thanks for giving this story a shot! Madara blinked several times, before he shouted, "why the hell did you do that?! "What the hell just happened? " Deadly Decisions, a naruto fanfic. Disclaimer: Do not own.

She sat at her desk in her bedroom, stared at the piece of paper in her hands and shuddered. Dear Sakura Rejoice! You have the month off. I took Sasuke out of Konoha to train him for his match against Gaara. I arranged a trainer for Naruto to bring him up to speed on chakra control. You just relax and don't forget to practice your basics. Your loving Sensei. A tiny drawing of Kakashi holding the victory sign had been thoughtfully added in stead of the signature. She carefully placed the note on the desk like it was a lit explosive tag and moved to stare out the window. "The last thing I need now is to sit around on my ass and think Sensei. " The scene down on the street was deceptively peaceful.

The kunai flashed in the corner of her vision and she just barely moved aside, the blade leaving a thin, fiery line across her shoulder blade. She shuddered again, went to her bed and snuggled up to her ANBU outfit, bear masked, bear plushy. Yes, he would protect her. Still. Heaven. Needing a Friend Side Story: The Start of Team 7, a naruto fanfic. "Hinata, please sit down. " Hinata nodded her head at her leader and sat at the chair in the middle of the room. Minato Namikaze, the leader of Konohagakure, sat behind his desk while his wife, Kushina Uzumaki, stood beside her husband, hands clasped in front of her. Hinata gripped the side of the chair tightly, knowing what she had been called in for. It was about her latest mission, which had ended with three members short when she had come back. "I'm sure you've realized already what this is about?

" Hinata nodded her head stiffly, her eyes staring at the wooden floor like it was the most interesting thing in the world. "Relax, I'm not angry with you," he told her. Even though he said that, she still couldn't bring herself to calm down. It wasn't her fault, she knew. "Listen, Hinata. Hinata closed her eyes and her heart tightened within her chest, beating rapidly; painfully. They were going to execute her, weren't they? So at least he could be happy. "Hinata, look at me. " And there was. Synchronicity Chapter 1: Down The Rabbit Hole, a naruto fanfic. I've always been a fan of Kyuubi: and Naruto. I thought it'd be fun to remix it up a bit.. and see where it goes! Enjoy! He sleeps alone he needs no army where he's headed because he knows, that they're just ghosts The moon rises behind him, an alarming, unnatural presence looming in the stratosphere.

He wants to tear it apart. Movement behind him diverts his attention: a figure wavers in the distance, bathed in wintry moonlight, his lemon colored hair the only determinable color in the grayscale world spread before him. His mouth opens, but the silence drowns the words. The boy smiles at him, dispossessed of any legitimate vivacity, and he leans closer, as if to whisper a secret. "Wake up. " "What in the hell…?

" Naruto's gaze lowered, fixated upon the black lines covering his stomach. He threw his shirt back down, panting heavily and bracing himself against the counter. He… he had to calm down. He took a few deep breaths, counting to ten. Alright. Definitely not good. He felt… he felt sick. We? Memories Of Others Chapter 1: Path Of A New Genin, a naruto fanfic. Based on one of my most popular one-shots, this is a story (stopping at the canon timeskip) leading to a very strong Naruto who follows a slightly different career path. Several of the paragraphs will be taken directly from the original one-shot while others will be adjusted, modified or even abandoned as the plot progresses, but the basic underlying plot will remain the same.

I'll start with the first two chapters, then aim to update on Wednesdays and Sundays So… enjoy. Oh yes, one other thing. Menseki jikō - Kishimoto wa naruto, sono naka ni moji o shoyū shite imasu. Prologue – In The Forest "…and you know why everyone hates you? " "Mizuki, no! " "…into the form of a baby! " Naruto stood above the beaten and battered form of Mizuki, surrounded by hundreds of Kage Bunshin. "Ahahahaha, I… kinda got a bit carried away…" He explained weakly as Iruka limped over.

"Close your eyes. " "Huh? " "Trust me. " "You… I…? " "Congratulations, Genin Naruto. " "Well done, Naruto-kun. " Form 451979 Memories Of Others. The Golden Ghost Chapter 1: First, a naruto fanfic. The Golden GhostI The first time news reaches them, Madara has just seen the passing of his sixteenth birthday, and is nursing the consequences. A man now. Well, the civilians think so. The sound of his cousins snickering in his ears follows him as Madara makes his way to the innermost room of their compound, his head threatening to split open at the seams and send his brain swilling from his ears. Those precious older cousins had taken him out on the town that night; he woke up butt naked before the compound entrance, a bottle cradled under one arm, dead chicken in the other and with a breath that smelt of a brewery.

He still can't remember what happened last night, it all gets fuzzy after the second tankard. He remembers watching the waitresses go by, their eyes cautious as they land on their male forms. Uchihas aren't like the other low life clans. No one but the clan using it anyway. Which meant that all Uchiha men had to be careful. No, the Uchihas could not afford any bastard children. Dear Mr Madara, a naruto fanfic. Mr. Madara When your application for membership in the Multiversal League of Villains, first crossed my desk earlier this month, I was delighted. Your resume was immaculate, and filling it out in blood was, I must say, inspired. Beyond that, the fact that you have personally led almost five assaults on peace and civilization in the world certainly speaks to your character.

We are certain that your abilities would make a great addition to the already quite diverse Multiversal League of Villains. Unfortunately, upon continued research, we found several failings in your method that must be remedied before we can consider you for membership. For your convenience and instruction, we have listed them below. 1: Inadvisable use of an Alter Ego- While generally the use of an alter ego is something that is restricted, by and large, to the opponents of the League, many of our members, including Vice-President Dracula, have from time to time adopted such a guise to aid their plans. Destiny is a Hazy Thing Chapter 1: Prologue, a naruto fanfic. Fuzzy Logic Chapter 1: Who Needs Humans, a naruto fanfic. How to Win Friends, Influence People Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic. Minimum Requirement Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic.

My Gift To You - ShikiKyuu - Naruto [Archive of Our Own] Naruto: Ramen Days Chapter 1: Life Five: Origins, a naruto fanfic. New Identity in the Past Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic. Rogue Fox - Axenome Chapter 1: Prologue - Alone in a Crowd, a naruto fanfic. Severance, a naruto fanfic. Shattered Eyes Chapter 1: Shattered Mirrors of the Soul, a naruto fanfic. Smooth the Descent, a naruto fanfic. Spying no Jutsu Chapter 1: S Class Mission Revealed, a naruto fanfic. Tempest Chapter 1: Some Things Change, Some Things Don't, a naruto fanfic.

The Flash Chapter 1: Beginnings, a naruto fanfic. The Great Landscaping Crisis, a naruto fanfic. The Save Button is Your Friend Chapter 1: Always Read the Manual, a naruto fanfic. What An Excellent Plan Chapter 1: People Like Me, a naruto fanfic. Uprooted Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic.