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Knowing more about American Express Credit Cards - Personal Finance Tips. OCBC – The Superhero Of Credit Cards - Personal Finance Tips. Personal Finance Tips. Dreams are of two types, those which we see while sleeping and those which we see when we are awake.

Personal Finance Tips

UOB Credit Cards – For Every Need, Every Purchase, Every Lifestyle. United Overseas bank is a name well heard of in Southeast Asia.

UOB Credit Cards – For Every Need, Every Purchase, Every Lifestyle

Not only does UOB have its headquarters in Singapore, 68 of its offices are located here as well. It has its presence felt in over 19 countries in Asia Pacific, North America and Western Europe with a network of more than 500 offices. Having changed its name from United Chinese Bank to United Overseas bank, it is now continuing to pander to a larger sector of consumers looking for financial relationships. Out of all the financial products that it offers, Credit Cards are the most myriad, with more than 10 cards to choose from for every section of society. Let’s delve into what UOB can offer your wallet to upgrade its lifestyle. You can be delighted with the rewards that the UOB Delight Credit Card gives you for all your purchases.

Get Your All Financial Solutions. Credit cards are no longer simple pieces of plastic that offer access to instant cash, they also offer you with numerous benefits and features that will enhance your shopping experience.

Get Your All Financial Solutions

ANZ Credit Cards – A Complete Package For A Complete Lifestyle. ANZ or commonly known as Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited is one of the largest banking corporations in Asia Pacific.

ANZ Credit Cards – A Complete Package For A Complete Lifestyle

The top notch products and services offered by this banking giant has earned the bank a position among the top three banks in Australia and is currently the largest bank in New Zealand. Designed to cater to all your financial whims and fancies, ANZ bank leaves you spoilt for choice with the myriad variety of solutions it has to offer you. Now that the history has established the trustworthiness of the company and paved way for our objective here, let’s delve straight into it.

Benefits of HSBC Fixed Deposit Schemes. A fixed deposit scheme can offer you with the ideal way to make money and ensure that you are able to have enough savings for a rainy day.

Benefits of HSBC Fixed Deposit Schemes

When you opt for a fixed deposit scheme offered by a reliable bank or financial institution, you can earn a decent amount of interest at the end of the tenure and will also get the flexibility of choosing from a range of tenures. Hence, you will find it convenient to deposit money and can even choose the amount that you deposit. In order to reap the maximum benefits of fixed deposit scheme, you need to opt for a bank that offer very attractive rates with its deposit schemes along with other benefits.

HSBC fixed deposit schemes can offer you with all the benefits and features that you can expect from a reliable deposit scheme. Love Shopping in Singapore? Try Citibank Rewards Card. Generally, shopping and saving do not go hand in hand but we never stop trying to save while shop.

Love Shopping in Singapore? Try Citibank Rewards Card

Usually we shop during the heavy discount seasons to save what little we can but what if there are ways to shop without any stress or without having to compromise on our budget? Being a Foodie in Singapore is No Longer Expensive with The American Express Platinum Credit Card. SGD 321 might seem pretty steep for a credit card but what if the rewards itself can be tempting enough to make you realize the real worth of the American Express Platinum Credit Card?

Being a Foodie in Singapore is No Longer Expensive with The American Express Platinum Credit Card

OCBC Car Loan Singapore Features & Benefits. A car is not just a necessity, it is also a symbol of luxury and can help you to commute safely, make a lifestyle statement and make sure that you do not have to invest your energy on traveling by public transport.

OCBC Car Loan Singapore Features & Benefits

If you are someone who does not own a car, you can always opt for a car loan and make sure that you are able to drive your dream car. These days, there are many banks and financial institutions in Singapore that offer car loans at very attractive interest rates. Besides, they also offer a higher loan amount to make sure that you can purchase the car that you like. OCBC is one of those banks and with an OCBC Bank car loan buying your dream car will not be a difficult task at all. Get Your All Financial Solutions. Top 5 Credit Cards for Students in Singapore. Your student years are the most unforgettable times of your life.

Top 5 Credit Cards for Students in Singapore

Your ambitions would be soaring high and you would be just laying the foundation to a bright future. You are just testing the ground, getting ready to take off. During the course of your student life, needs and requirements multiply. OCBC Car Loan Singapore Features & Benefits. ANZ Credit Cards – A Complete Package For A Complete Lifestyle. OCBC launches financial literacy app for kids. OCBC Bank has launched an online financial literacy app called The Mighty Savers.

OCBC launches financial literacy app for kids

Co-created with Yu Neng Primary School, the app aims to benefit thousands of children aged seven to 12 both locally and abroad. This seven month-long collaboration brought together two OCBC Bank mobile developers, one experience designer and four 10-year old students to co-create a unique game that teaches wise spending, differentiating needs and wants, sound investment, saving more with compounded interest and giving to others. Understand, Which is the right credit card for you - Personal Finance Tips. Painter jailed for using fake credit cards to steal from ATMs. Man jailed for 40 months for credit card fraud. SINGAPORE: A 20-year-old man will spend 40 months in jail for his participation in a string of credit card fraud offences as part of a Malaysian syndicate.

Chin Chee Wai, a Malaysian, faced seven counts of cheating and possession of fraudulent credit cards. Another 17 charges were taken into consideration in Chin’s sentencing. The court heard that Chin had borrowed money from a person known as “Jump”, and that “Jump” had told Chin that he could write off his debts by joining the credit card syndicate. How to Finance your Franchise? - Personal Finance Tips. Savings with fixed deposit. Citi ties up with EZ-Link on ERP payment solution for corporate clients, Transport.

CITIBANK Singapore on Tuesday announced a partnership with EZ-Link to offer a seamless automatic top-up solution for the payment of Electronic Parking System (EPS) parking fees and Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantry fees for its commercial card customers. Citibank said that it is the first bank in Singapore to collaborate with EZ-Link on this business-to-business (B2B) offering, called EZ-Reload Corporate Service, that aims to change the way companies manage their corporate fleet of vehicles. "Companies will be able to link their ez-link cards issued by EZ-Link to the EZ-Reload Corporate Service using their Citibank commercial card account, which will be automatically topped up whenever they fall short of the stored value for payment.

Such payment solution offers greater convenience, cost savings and ease to the companies in managing their corporate fleet. " Compare Top OCBC Credit Cards. Exclusive Guide to Car Loans in Singapore. Singaporeans love their cars and they are often ready to spend a fortune for purchasing the car of their choice. However, it is not just the citizens and permanent residents of the island who are fond of purchasing cars.

Even the foreigners living in the island, such as migrant workers from other country, also like to purchase a vehicle of their own as it helps them to from one place to the other in the island. Thus, it is not surprising that there are numerous car dealers spread across the country and there are almost equal number of banks and financial institutions that offer car loans to people in Singapore. How to drive away in your dream car? Understand the Credit Cards before Applying. The history of transaction can be availed by you at any time from the respective bank’s online portal. Different banks offer great benefits and features with their lucrative credit cards.

You should be very careful while using a credit card. Generally, people overuse their credit card and max-out the limits provided on the credit card. This results in huge interest, late payments, etc. Bank Rakyat Indonesia Opens Its First Singapore Office. One of Indonesia’s leading banks, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) has opened its first ever branch in island of Singapore. The branch has been opened on 29 July, 2015 at a very prominent location in the island. The first branch of Bank Rakyat Indonesia in Singapore was inaugurated by Sofyan Djalil, the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs in Indonesia.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by other dignitaries and representatives of the Government of Indonesia. The bank has opened its Singapore branch in an area which is located at the heart of the city. Budi Satria, the corporate secretary of the bank, commented that since Singapore has a lot of strategic importance, it will be beneficial to BRI to have a presence in the country. Bank Rakyat Indonesia, also known as the People’s Bank of Indonesia, is one of the largest banks in Indonesia. What are the MBA scholarships for international students in Singapore B schools? What is the best school in Singapore? Video Playlist: The Cannibal In the Jungle.

Watch the Avengers Bow Down to Robert Downey Jr. at the MTV Movie Awards. Robert Downey Jr. won MTV Movie Awards’ Generation trophy on Sunday but he didn’t have to celebrate alone. His Avengers co-stars Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, and Scarlett Johansson all assembled to present the award and Downey certainly made the most of it. Downey sort of made light of the award joking, “When the first generation award was given in 2005, I thought simply, ‘Where’s mine?’

And I’ve spent 10 long years patiently awaiting. . . to receive the recognition I’ve so desired.” But the actor, who has been very public about the ups and downs of his career, also took the opportunity to get a little serious saying, In the 34 years that have passed since the birth of MTV, I’ve grown up, I’ve struggled, I’ve failed. Downey then addressed his fellow Avengers ordering, “Everyone take a knee!” But Downey’s mock demands weren’t the only example of that famous Avengers camaraderie.

Avengers: Age of Ultron rolls into theaters on May 1, 2015. AMJAD ALI KHAN - LIVE! Musical Magic on Strings Presented by Soorya (Singapore) Is it wise to get health insurance at age 55? Munger praises Singapore and Lee Kuan Yew.mp4. Over-extended borrowers get more time to cut back, Banking & Finance. Singapore THE Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has released the number of over-extended borrowers in Singapore - 84,000 people who owe S$7.5 billion - as it moves to rein in the borrowing limit on unsecured debt. The 84,000 over-extended borrowers make up 5 per cent of total unsecured borrowers and the amount they owe represents less than 0.4 per cent of the total banking assets of Singapore, MAS said.

The data on over-extended borrowers, defined as those owing unsecured debt of more than 12 times monthly income, was released on Monday as the MAS phases in the borrowing limit on unsecured credit facilities over four years. Borrowers with unsecured debt of more than 24 times monthly income as at end-February number 32,000 who owe S$4 billion, which makes up 0.2 per cent of total banking assets. This highly indebted group of 32,000 representing 2 per cent of total unsecured credit users, come June 1, 2015, will find their credit facilities suspended. What is/are the reason(s) behind the remarkable consistency in performance of the Indian national Kabaddi team in various international e... What's the weather of Singapore for travel in May?