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A Day in Nusa Dua Beach Resort: Luxuries of Relaxing. Resorts is always on the luxurious end of lodging choices when one come for a vacation.

A Day in Nusa Dua Beach Resort: Luxuries of Relaxing

Especially in popular holiday destination like Bali, where oceanfront resorts offers the best of a holiday—the cream on top of recreation. But how does one’s spend a day in a resort without driving oneself to boredom? Take a peek at how a day went in Nusa Dua beach resort, one of the most prominent luxury lodging in Bali.

A Tranquil Morning in Nusa Dua Beach Resort Waking up to a refreshing ocean breeze and scenic view from the comfort of your oceanfront room. What You Should Know About Booking Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo. 0Shares In the past few years, the Komodo National Park become more popular than ever.

What You Should Know About Booking Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

In 1991 it was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, in 2012, the purity and beauty of Komodo got it crowned as one of the new 7 Wonders of Nature. Five Awesome Kids-Parent Activities to Enjoy at Holiday Inn Resort Benoa! 0Shares When you have build a family, there’s nothing better than spending some off days with your beloved kids and partner.

Five Awesome Kids-Parent Activities to Enjoy at Holiday Inn Resort Benoa!

Both you and your partner probably spend most of the time working hard to meet the family needs while the kids are drown in their school assignments. Everyone needs some moments off to just relax and spend a quality time together, strengthening the family bond. Spending a vacation with your kids makes a lifetime memories—children will remember it fondly as a time when their mommy and daddy do exciting things together with them.

Tiny Details on Your Home Interior Design to Escalate the Vibe! When it comes to home interior design, most people would largely put their focus on the large, basic furniture.

Tiny Details on Your Home Interior Design to Escalate the Vibe!

The sofas, tables, chandeliers, beds, TV and cabinets, and everything chunky in the room. You have channelled the personality of your house through the furniture. Maybe it’s simple and crisps from the Scandinavian style; maybe it’s the elegant French style, or maybe it’s the chic and energetic from the Bohemian style. Engaging Kids Activities at Nusa Dua Family Resort in Bali. Please follow and like us: 1Save When looking for family-friendly resorts in Nusa Dua one of the things parents must pay attention to is whether they have great kids activities that can engage your kids.

Engaging Kids Activities at Nusa Dua Family Resort in Bali

Kids-club or programs that can be accessed daily is a great way for your kids to have their own time outside of bonding with their parents, make friends, and have fun. What You'll Reveal on Diving Tulamben - Shamrocktemecula. 0Shares Diving is the number one reason to visit Tulamben and boy, it will never disappoint you.

What You'll Reveal on Diving Tulamben - Shamrocktemecula

Tulamben is close to paradise for divers—even for the beginners. This little village in the northeast coast of Bali hides super vibrant marine life and rich biodiversity under its waves. In its shores, you can see the majestic, sacred volcano Mount Agung looming, guarding the area. Sailing with Small Ship Cruise in Komodo. The Komodo National Park rise as new jewel of Indonesia, long hidden from civilization.

Sailing with Small Ship Cruise in Komodo

Just west off the widely famous Bali, hopping through the West Nusa Tenggara Islands to the East Nusa Tenggara lies the Komodo National Park. A small archipelago consisting of the Komodo Island, Rinca, Padar, Kanawa, Gili Lawa, and dozens other smaller islands. Untouched by modern civilization and left at its most pristine condition, the national park offers a sense of raw adventures. Lost in Komodo Dragon Island. 0Shares Over 5,000 million years ago, gigantic monitor lizards used to roam the earth.

Lost in Komodo Dragon Island

The Megalania—meaning “ancient great roamer”—were at least 5.5 meters long and weight minimum 575 kg, originally coming from Australia. As time pass by, the giant roamers of the earth migrates to nearby places. The collision of Asia and Australia allows them to move to what today is Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia’s eastern archipelago.

Having the Best of Surf Vacations with Non-Surfing Partner. 0Shares In a perfect world, all of our friends, family, and other half would be just as stoked on surfing as we are.

Having the Best of Surf Vacations with Non-Surfing Partner

And most of our holiday would be spent pumping adrenalines and riding the best waves. But in reality, we share a love with wonderful people who just happen to not sharing our love to surf. Here’s one of the common dilemma of surfing enthusiast. The Best Komodo Snorkeling Sites You Should Visit. 0Shares It’s most likely that people who loves water and travel are just bound to love snorkel.

The Best Komodo Snorkeling Sites You Should Visit

Indonesia’s Komodo National Park is, apparently, one of the best place in the world to do so. The Komodo is just a perfect combination of rugged wild adventure in the surface and colourful coral garden under the water. Things You Will Love at Algarve Surf Camp - Pinkvisualpass2. Komodo Cruise Highlights: The Pink Beach. 0Shares Here comes summer, where the sun is out and people are rushing to enjoy the splashing of water. Prepare your swimsuit and sunblock because we are going to the beach!

But where should we go? Is there any unique beach that stands out among others in Indonesia? Well, how about Pink Beach on Komodo island? Best Reasons To Take Surf Charters Indonesia. 0Shares Indonesia has so many islands that reach up to 17.000. A Couple of Things to Note for Your Komodo Sailing Trip. 0Shares Traversing through Komodo Islands via water is a favorite trip that tourists usually go for. Whether it’s by a small boat or a luxurious cruise, sailing through the seas around Komodo Islands area is sure can bring an unforgettable experience.

For your convenience, I’m going to share some info about taking Komodo sailing trip for those who have never done it before. Embarking on Komodo Sailing Trip needs extra preparations… The trip duration varies, from a 1-day trip to 3 days and 2 nights and even longer depending on requests. The Life You Can Have on Labuan Bajo Cruise. 0Shares The Komodo National Park is famous for its rugged beauty, but travelling there doesn’t exactly come in easy mode. Here’s What You Need to Do During Your Time in Surf Camp Spain. The Iberian Peninsula is known to be home of the best waves in Europe. Combined with rich culture, historical heritage, awesome city, sunny weather and delicious food, Spain emerge as one of prime surfing destination in the world. You can practically come to Spain, stay at one of the surf camp and have some surf at any time of the year. Beginners would love the waves during summer to early autumn, while intermediate and advanced will find their challenge during spring and autumn, when the swells are bigger and the beach emptier.

Professionals and record-breakers come around winter as the the swells are huge are more powerful. The España is perfect for your surf gateway, and these are the must-dos you need to try in the meantime. Trying Different Beach Each Day. Everything to Know About Komodo Diving Liveaboard Holiday. Have you ever heard about Komodo diving liveaboard adventure in the far flung Flores? What Divers Shouldn’t Do During Mola Mola Season Bali - Shortsalesuperseries. Best Scuba Diving for Beginners to Remember. When you just starting dive lessons, everything feels new and honestly, quite overwhelming. Reasons Why You Need A Surf Camp This Summer. A Mindful Holiday with Komodo Yacht Charter. How to Make Friends in Teen Surf Camp.

Teen surf camp is great to turn your boring summer holiday into something fun and fulfilling. Surf camp is not just about having fun—it’s a place where you can gain a new skill set, get connected to the nature, and come back as the coolest person at school. While surfer camp is definitely exciting, waiting for the first day could press anxiety to kick in. How to make friends in a new place, where you’ll be surrounded by strangers for 7×24 hours? Dear socially awkward teens, we feel you. The Ultimate Bali Diving Spot for Macro Enthusiast. Taking Aftercare of Your Tattoo Canggu Bali. You just get your dream tattoo made in one of Bali best tattoo hub, Canggu, and now it’s time to take a good care of it. What Makes Komodo Liveaboard Budget So Affordable. Behaving in Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo Party - Aingoshop. Checking In with Luxury Liveaboard Komodo - Ganfafa. Komodo Liveaboard: How to Save Money for the Trip. Types of People You’ll Definitely Meet on Labuan Bajo Cruise - Baowanji.

Why Gay Bar Bali is Worth to Visit Even When You Are Straight - Newbalancestoreinc. The Right Way to Enjoy Your Time in Stadium bar Bali. Komodo Liveaboard Safety Tips for Solo Traveler Woman. What to Expect on Komodo Sailing Trip. Finding Rare Happiness with Komodo Yacht Charter.