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Good Sports - Workshop 6

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Teaching Good Sportsmanship. In high school, kids are acutely aware of winning, losing, and their own performance, and that can spell problems for good sportsmanship.

Teaching Good Sportsmanship

"Whenever there is more pressure for results, that increases the chances kids are going to do what they need to do in order to win," says Joel Fish, PhD, director of the Center for Sports Psychology in Philadelphia. "They are more likely to cross the line, taunting another player or fudging a rule. " The National Marbles Tournament Promo. Playing with marbles. How to Play Marbles. How to Play Marbles: 11 Steps. Edit Article Two Methods:The Classic (Ringer) VersionBull's Eye MarblesCommunity Q&A Children were playing marbles as long ago as 4000 BC in Ancient Egypt, and the game has fallen in and out of fashion ever since.

How to Play Marbles: 11 Steps

There are many different varieties, but all have been entertaining children (and adults) for centuries. Good Sports p. Good Sports p. Good Sports React&Write.