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Mobile Testing

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Get Started with Remote Debugging Android Devices   Remote debug live content on an Android device from your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

Get Started with Remote Debugging Android Devices  

This tutorial teaches you how to: Set up your Android device for remote debugging, and discover it from your development machine.Inspect and debug live content on your Android device from your development machine.Screencast content from your Android device onto a DevTools instance on your development machine. Requirements Chrome 32 or later installed on your development machine.USB drivers installed on your development machine, if you're using Windows. Ensure Device Manager reports the correct USB driver.A USB cable to connect your Android device to your development machine.Android 4.0 or later.Chrome for Android installed on your Android device.

Droid Explorer - Home. Remote Debugging - Firefox Developer Tools. You can use the Firefox developer tools on your desktop to debug Web sites and Web apps running in other browsers or runtimes.

Remote Debugging - Firefox Developer Tools

The other browser might be on the same device as the tools themselves or on a different device, such as a phone connected over USB. The detailed instructions for connecting the developer tools are specific to the runtime. Gecko-based runtimesEdit. Synthetic monitoring. iPhoney. Looking for a way to see how your web creations will look on iPhone?


Look no further. iPhoney gives you a pixel-accurate web browsing environment—powered by Safari—that you can use when developing web sites for iPhone. It's the perfect 320 by 480-pixel canvas for your iPhone development. Debugging tool for Safari on iPhone, iPad and PhoneGap apps - Remote Inspector (like Firebug) for JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Your Framework. Our Top-Of-The-Line Automation Testing Tools. According to Capgemini and Sogeti's 8th annual World Quality Report, in 2016 45% of companies have not found the right mobile app testing software and tools, vs. 26% the previous year.

Your Framework. Our Top-Of-The-Line Automation Testing Tools

Mobile Labs TrustTM, a certified add-in to HP’s Unified Functional Test (UFT) is an automated mobile app testing solution that tests automation frameworks on all major mobile platforms, including smartphones and tablets, as well as on all Operating Systems (OS's.) Accelerate Mobile Application Deployments Mobile Labs Trust helps to meet rapid rollout schedules by automating the mobile application testing process, without sacrificing accuracy, and minimizing the time spent on script development and maintenance. Minimize Application Deployment Defects With Mobile Labs Trust, teams can develop an end-to-end testing strategy that ensures applications work correctly through both front-end and back-end systems.

Mobile Perf bookmarklet. Installation Web development on mobile devices is especially challenging.

Mobile Perf bookmarklet

The debuggers and profilers we use on the desktop aren't available. Free Mobile Performance Testing with Akamai's Mobitest. Load Testing and Performance Monitoring Tools. Dragonfly – Opera's built-in web developer tools. Fast, lean and powerful.

Dragonfly – Opera's built-in web developer tools

Meet Opera Dragonfly — our fully-featured suite of developer tools, designed to make your job easier. It’s just a right-click away. No install required. Built-in. Pcapperf. Documentation - Safari for Developers. Universal Links Seamlessly link to content inside your app, or on your website in iOS 9.

Documentation - Safari for Developers

With universal links, you can always give users the most integrated mobile experience, even when your app isn’t installed on their device. Sauce Labs: Selenium Testing, Mobile Testing, JS Unit Testing. Mobile App Testing Tools – Experitest. Cloud Load Testing Tools & Software. The W3C Mobile Checker. Weinre - Home. Weinre is WEb INspector REmote.

weinre - Home

Pronounced like the word "winery". Or maybe like the word "weiner". Who knows, really.