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Mobile Automation

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Appium: Mobile App Automation Made Awesome. Calabash. EggPlant Mobile/eggOn: Mobile App Testing for iOS, Android. EggPlant Functional is able to naturally conduct mobile testing using the iOS Gateway and Android Gateway agents to connect directly to live mobile devices, or to emulators.

eggPlant Mobile/eggOn: Mobile App Testing for iOS, Android

This allows it to fully test mobile apps on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and other mobile devices. eggPlant Functional’s unique image-based UI testing approach is the natural way to test user-experienced focused mobile applications, and massively reduces the effort of cross-device and cross-platform mobile software testing. Try eggPlant for free now Introduction Benefits. Mobile App Development, App Developers, iOS App Testing. GitHub - leandog/gametel: a higher-level abstraction around android cucumber drivers. Test Automation for GUI Testing. GitHub - RobotiumTech/robotium: Android UI Testing. Test Automation Software - T-Plan Website.

Test Studio Mobile.