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DZone: Programming & DevOps news, tutorials & tools. TECH CRASH COURSE. SD Times - Software Development News. Software Quality Assurance & Testing Stack Exchange. Agile Data Home Page. BBST Courses. | Welcome | Foundations | Bug Advocacy | Test Design | Exploratory Testing | Taking Exams | Policies | Extras | Instructors Course | Metrics | Engineering Ethics | Please Note: BBST is a Registered Trademark of Kaner, Fiedler & Associates.

BBST Courses

This site provides Creative Commons-licensed instructional materials (slides and videos) to teach black box software testing. Black box testing is the craft of testing a program from the external view. We've organized the materials into self-contained sections. James Bach - Satisfice, Inc. DevelopSense: Testers Know That Things Can Be Different. Software Testing Courses. Software Quality information, news and tips - SearchSoftwareQuality. The Software Testing Spot. Free Software Magazine. Professional Tester - Home. Software QA and Testing Resource Center - Other Resources.

Un produs Traducere Top Resources - Comprehensive software testing resource site from Techwell Corp., with articles, news, information on software testing and quality engineering, books, tools, conferences, message boards.

Software QA and Testing Resource Center - Other Resources

Thoughtworks Testing Portal - Testing articles and blogs from Thoughtworks, Inc. James Bach's Blog - Large collection of thoughtful postings/articles on Jame's Bach's Satisfice web site; organized into a wide selection of categories. The Ultimate Roundup of Software Testing Magazines. Google Testing Blog. LearnQTP: A Complete Portal on HPE UFT (formerly QTP) QA Intelligence - Testing & QA Management blog by PractiTest. Ministry of Testing.

Agile Testing. Gojko. Where Software Testing and Quality Engineers Come to Learn. Brazilian Software Testing Qualification Board. IBQTS Certificação Engenharia de Testes, Certificação Engenharia de Requisitos, Cursos Engenharia de Testes, Cursos Engenharia de Requisitos - Instituto Brasileiro de Qualidade em Testes de Software. Home - Software Certification. Become CSQE Certified - Software Quality Engineer Certification. Here are the requirements, experience and exam specifics for a Certified Software Quality Engineer.

Become CSQE Certified - Software Quality Engineer Certification

Work Experience Work experience must be in a full-time, paid role. Paid intern, co-op or any other course work cannot be applied toward the work experience requirement. Software Testing. IT Software Testing - Setting a global benchmark With ever more complex IT systems, software testing is raising its profile and status as a valued profession across the world.

Software Testing

Having qualified employees is more essential today than ever before Working with our industry leading partners ISTQB® and ASTQB®, our professional certification offers an international benchmark of skills and experience for testers as they progress through their career. Software Testing Courses. Software Testing Certification Information - Software Testing Certification ISTQB ASTQB. Software Testing & QA Online Community.