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61+ Free Human Skin Textures. Texture Labs. Texture Warrior. Texturify. MY-TEXTURES. Pakito Textures! Super Textures. LeMog - 3dTextures. Free Photoshop Textures. Texture Warehouse. Free Texture More free textures!

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Hooray! Free Textures This site contains more than 600 free textures and background images for personal and commercial use, as well as a growing repository of free 3d models. Please read the terms and conditions page before using the textures and models, and consider linking back to me if you find this site useful. Models, 3d models, texture, texture map, game textures, stone wall texture, door texture, 3d studio, blender 3d, render, animation, computer, storage texture, crate texture, hardware texture, wood texture, metal texture, cobblestone texture, landscape texture, plant texture, facade texture, brick texture, tombstone texture, grave texture, medieval texture, book texture, leather texture, basket texture, castle 3d model, crate 3d model, game 3d model, architecture 3d model, weapon 3d model, book 3d model, furniture 3d model, plant 3d model.

Free Textures and Tutorials | Site Design: Doug Turner | Copyright © 2008 Doug Turner. Lugher Texture. Image * After. TextureKing. Texturebits. Free Seamless Texture Gallery. The Fat Strawberry: Free Seamless Tiling Textures & Backgrounds.

Archive Textures. Amazing Textures. Blender Materials. Textures R Us. We have recently simplified our licensing.

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For further details, please click this link. With 50,000 Royalty Free, Commercially Licensed, 2D and 3D Tiling Textures available in cost effective texture packs, we're confident we have what you need. Texture Categories Include: Terrain, Wood, Stone, Brick, Metal and Fabric Textures, some include Normal, Specular and Bump Maps. We also have "themed" game textures that include Medieval, Tudor, Oriental, Fantasy, Sci-fi and Urban genres. Our customers come from many industry genres; Indie and Published Game Studios, CG artists, Content Creators and Developers working within Virtual Worlds such as,, and

Save up to 50% when you purchase Pre Payment Credits. Frequent Asked Questions User License Visit Our In World Second Life Store Any Questions? Antique frames - Laboratorio Federici since 1905. Home - about us - contact - quick delivery - distributors Antique framesModern frames 16th century frames17th century frames18th century frames19th century frames Renaissance framesFrench style framesBaroque framesRococo frame Oval framesOctagonal frames Code 011 - SienaCode 017 - TuscanyCode 018 - Siena Code 055 - TuscanyCode 07 - EmiliaCode 08 - Emilia Code 05 - EmiliaCode 06 - EmiliaCode 019 - Emilia Code 030 - EmiliaCode 051 - EmiliaCode 066 - Tuscany.

Antique frames - Laboratorio Federici since 1905

Vray Materials. Pattern 8. Blender Open Material Repository. SKETCHUP TEXTURE. Vectory Diary - High Quality Patterns. The use of patterns in art and design projects are varied and well known. There are many sources from where you can find free raster or bitmap patterns, but there are not much when it comes to good high quality free vector patterns. So, in this post, we have listed a compilation of good quality and useful free illustrator vector patterns for download.

To edit the patterns in Adobe Illustrator, you can access the Patterns in the Swatches panel.You can customize existing patterns and design patterns from scratch with any of the Illustrator tools. There are many advantages of using seamless vector patterns. It is scalable to any sizes without any loss of resolution and you can change the colors, fill, stroke to suit your project. 100 free seamless vector pattern swatches (also as symbols) for Adobe Illustrator CS and higher. 20 seamless pattern swatch for Illustrator. . for free.

About The Author: Tony Soh. Lost and Taken. Good Textures. Texturelib. Texture Mate. CG Textures. Texturer. Free Stock Textures. Plain Textures. Mayang's Free Texture Library. Buy Every Texture Buy every texture on this website for only $33.

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Bulk Downloading Please don't try to download every texture, our server will automatically block you. The download limit is 20 textures every day (per IP address - you may be sharing this with others). If you need lots of textures, please buy them. Questions Please see the FAQ or email Will. Authors William Smith, Mayang Murni Adnin. Other Projects Will and Mayang's other projects include, Will's PhD blog. 40 Hi-Res Free Grunge Textures Sets. 40 Hi-Res Free Grunge Textures Sets Details Category: HQ Photos Hits: 9911 Using texture is a one of the popular craze of recent times.

40 Hi-Res Free Grunge Textures Sets

And actually says it looks really great when a texture added with a design. the best you can do for your design is to use quality material that has variety and best suits your purposes. TextureZ. Tileable Light Wood Textures. Texture and Reference Image Library. Texturer.