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Chinese Crispy Fried Tofu with Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe

Chinese Crispy Fried Tofu with Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe It feels like yesterday, but the memory is fresh. Eons ago, I happened to spot some "white slabs" sitting next to my all time favorite Paneer, in the aisle of the grocery store I frequented. See, I was this good girl who went shopping for my mom during the weekends, all on my own, so that my mom can relax her feet. At times I used to buy other stuff that caught my fancy apart from the list my mom provided.
The $10 Meal: Linguine with Italian Braised Escarole | Food & Health The Italians have easy, inexpensive cooking down to a science, and pasta is only one part of the simple equation. Cheap and healthy vegetables also factor in: Consider cabbage, escarole and radicchio. These traditional Italian cooking mainstays, often overlooked in American cooking, aren’t just good for you—they’re also easy on the wallet and tremendously flavorful when prepared right. For these heftier-than-spinach vegetables, which just require an Italian-inspired braise, the best preparation is to cook them slowly in water, olive oil and wine. For example, while slightly bitter at first, low-calorie, high-fiber, vitamin-packed escarole will transform into a luscious topping for an everyday pasta such as linguine when slowly cooked with several glugs of olive oil and sautéed garlic. Add good-quality, grated Parmesan, and your rustic meal is finished. The $10 Meal: Linguine with Italian Braised Escarole | Food & Health
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Dry frying is a great way to prepare tofu – it removes the moisture from the tofu, enabling it to soak up the flavors of a marinade or sauce. The two main tricks to dry frying tofu are to make sure the tofu is well drained (also called pressing tofu) and to use a non-stick pan. Here are easy instructions showing how to dry fry tofu. How to Dry Fry Tofu How to Dry Fry Tofu
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Black Pepper and Lime Oven Fries Recipe Black Pepper and Lime Oven Fries Recipe I'm kicking off the new year with these fantastic black pepper and lime oven fries. It is a recipe and flavor combination) inspired by a recent trip to New Zealand. But before we get too far into the food side of things I want to talk a bit about resolutions.
Zucchini Latkes (Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free) A light latke that really works…straight from Chef Eric Tucker. Tucker is known for his beautifully designed cookbook, “The Artful Vegan” and his work at Millennium, a high end vegan restaurant in San Francisco. Serves: 10 latkes Zucchini Latkes (Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free)
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Pasta With Cauliflower Pasta With Cauliflower This dish may sound mundane, but it has a lot going for it: the texture is rich and intriguing, soft little bits of garlic and cauliflower get tangled in the pasta, and a somewhat unusual cooking technique deepens and intensifies the flavors. When I’m desperate to get something quick, healthy and satisfying on the table, this is a dish I turn to. Summary There are many possible variations. For the cauliflower, you can substitute broccoli, rape or even kale or collards. When you're simmering the garlic, you can add anchovies, capers, pine nuts or dried red pepper flakes -- some or all of them.
Parboil potatoes, crisp them in a pan, and you’ve got a restaurant-worthy dish that’s quick enough to make on a weeknight. Summary You can cook cubed potatoes in oil without parboiling, but keep the heat low and allow plenty of time. In any case, the best potatoes for this dish are waxy, low-starch, "new" potatoes. Pan-Crisped Potatoes Pan-Crisped Potatoes