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Redirect?url= Ever came across a piece of text that looks like this: ʇxǝʇ uʍop ǝpısdn ? Yes, that's upside down text, and you'll find it scattered around the internet, whenever someone thinks it's funny to play around with their friends (or just to annoy someone ;) But today I'll reveal the secret behind this strange flipped text and how you can do it yourself.

The trick behind it is that we'll be using special characters and symbols that look like inverted letters - and if it "looks" like it, it's as good as real inverted letters, right? How can you write flipped upside down text? It's actually quite easy: You just need to visit any of the websites that do all the hard work for you, sites like: You'll just need to type your message, and then copy the resulting flipped text and paste it wherever you want. ¿ɹoɟ ƃuıʇıɐʍ noʎ ǝɹɐ ʇɐɥʍ. The Nexus 5 is one of the best smartphones out here (if not the best in terms of price/performance/specs), but as always, amid millions of units there are always a few that suffer from assembling issues and other problems. One such problem is a poor GPS reception, turning the simple act of getting a location fix into a frustrating experience that can take several minutes. But thankfully, there's a simple solution that may fix that problem.

Some people say you should this or that GPS app to speed up the process, but the most likely culprit is a simple bad connection between the GPS module and the GPS antenna in the back cover of the device. So, you'll need to remove it and insert a small piece of thick paper (or plastic) under the GPS antenna contacts in order to make a better connection with the Nexus 5 unit. It's not that hard to do if you want to give it a last try before sending it for replacement and risk being left without a smartphone for a couple of weeks. Yuvadm/free-haaretz-ff. The Uncommon Programmer: Ha'aretz cracked - Goodbye paywall, it's now a free for all. Spoiler: If you don't want to hear me rambling, and you just want the Ha'aretz articles for free, drag the link below into your bookmarks toolbar (by holding down the left mouse button and moving it up there), and click on it whenever you're on a Ha' article that is asking you to pay.

A very humbling experience, these past few weeks were. As stated in my previous post, my attempt at cracking the ESPN Insider paywall was entirely unsuccessful. I scoured their javascript code, looking for any sign of imperfection, and all I was left with was a nagging sense of failure. Which brings me to this post. I'm going to purge this ESPN Insider fixation by sacrificing a different paywall to the developer gods. My offering: Ha'aretz. Now, if truth be told, all Ha'aretz articles, like those on the New York Times website, are already accessible for free relatively easily.

Below, the Ha'aretz bookmarklet: How do I restore my messages? Summary WhatsApp automatically backs up your chats every night.You can initiate a restoration by simply uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp.Click Restore when prompted to restore your chats.Your chats should appear in WhatsApp! Details WhatsApp automatically makes backups every day at 3 AM and stores them in the WhatsApp folder of your Android phone. This folder is either located in your device's internal memory or external SD card. Depending on your settings, WhatsApp could also make a backup to Google Drive.

To restore the most recent backup, you will need to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. If you need to restore older messages, check out "Restoring older (less recent) backups". During the installation process, you will be prompted to restore your message history. If you are not prompted to restore your messages, it could be that: Your SD card and/or chat history is corrupted. In any of these cases, there is no way for us to restore the messages for you. We also recommend: How to transfer WhatsApp conversations to new devices: the easy way.

Note: Since I first wrote this article, WhatsApp has been slowly updating the app to a version that includes automatic Google Drive backups, which makes the process of transferring your WhatsApp chat history between phones even easier. You simply tap the trio of dots at the top left of the screen and go toSettings > Chats and calls > Chat backup. From here, you can back up manually, or set it to automatically back up as regularly as you like. When WhatsApp is reinstalled, it will prompt you to recover your chats and multimedia from Google Drive. If you've yet to receive the Google Drive WhatsApp update, it's still reasonably easy to create a backup and move it to your new phone. Simply proceed as follows: Open the Settings menu of WhatsApp, tap on Chats and calls and then tap Chat backup. Connect your smartphone to your PC via USB cable, and navigate to the internal memory of the device to the folder WhatsApp / Database. Copy your WhatsApp conversation backup file into this folder.

Home | Droid@Screen. Usb - My screen got broken, how to see on the computer what I'm doing in my device? You don't have to continue working blindly, you can use Droid@Screen: it shows the screen of a real or emulated Android device on a computer running Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Droid@Screen is a stand-alone Java Swing GUI application that shows the screen of an Android device on a computer. Its author says that its typical usage is showing an app demo or during training, but it also fits your case.

In order to use it, you need the following to be installed in your computer: Java 6 (at least)Android SDK, installed and configured.Environment variable ANDROID_HOME (or ANDROID_SDK_HOME) pointing to the Android SDK installation directory. (Optional)USB driver for the target Android device installed. Note: USB Debugging must be enabled on your device. I have been using it with my Galaxy Nexus and I must say that despite a little lag between what happens in the phone and what is displayed in the computer screen (2-4 s), it does what it says. ​Android Control Lets You Use Your Handset Even With a Broken Screen.

​Android Control Lets You Use Your Handset Even With a Broken Screen. 8 Tips & Tricks To Get The Most Out of Google Now - Hongkiat. Having Google Now is like owning a personal assistant, giving you the ability to manage, search for and organize your information easily within your phone. Your related searches, flight tickets, restaurant reservation, friends’ location and more are presented in specific and minimalistic Google Now cards. Get the most out of Google Now with the following tips and tricks. Its a very handy product if you are the kind of person who needs information at your fingertips all the time. Recommended Reading: 15 Google Drive Tips & Tricks 1. All the searches that you do on Google Now will be finetuned and condensed into a research topic that is based on your search queries and the links you click into.

Your search will appear together with other similar contents and will be put accordingly into categories. 2. When you search for a TV show, music artist, actor or filmmaker on Google Now, you will find at the bottom of the search card a "Remind you about new episodes? " 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Top list of Google Now voice commands. To use Google Now you must first have the app installed. Get it below. Google Tip: go to your app drawer and hit Google Settings > Search & Now > Voice > OK Google detection and enable From any screen.

This means you can say "OK Google" whenever your phone is awake to launch the Google Now voice search. If your phone runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google settings are now found in the Settings menu, not in the app drawer. App-specific commands “Send a [WhatsApp] message to [Scott Adam Gordon]” (you'll also have to say “Yes” to send the transcribed message) This same voice command works with WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Hangouts, Viber and NextPlus and there is a variety of possible formats: “Send a [Telegram] message to [Paul]” “Send a [WhatsApp] to [Chris]” “Send a message with [NextPlus]” “Send a message to [Mom] with [Viber]” Remember your preferred apps General commands “Search for [chicken recipes]?” Notes, reminders & calendar Applications Time and date “What time is it in [Tokyo]?” Weather. How To Change Google Now Command From Ok Google To Something Else | WtfAndroid. How To Change Google Now Command From Ok Google To Something Else : Google Now is an intelligent voice assistant that Google offers on its Android Devices as default and also to other platforms but that depends on user to install Google Now on there device or not.Google Now proactively provides all the important news feeds and articles that you read about by going through your cache memory ie based on your search habits and shows all those information in form of cards.

Google Now as you all now it already can be launched or can be awaken by saying “Ok Google” anytime from any screen any app but have you ever wondered what if it could be launched by calling it by something else like “Hey Jarvis” wouldn’t it fancy you. Well there is a solution to it too, you can wake your Google Now by saying “Hey Jarvis” or something like that and today we are gonna discuss about it. Also Read : Secure Your Device With These Top 5 Best Security Apps For Android Turn Off The OK Google Hotword Detection.