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Unngå strekk! - VG Nett om Treningstips. Muskelstrekk bak på låret er blant de vanligste idrettsskadene.

Unngå strekk! - VG Nett om Treningstips

Skadeekspert Morten Haugen viser hvordan du slipper unna. Driver du med friidrett, fotball, håndball eller annen idrett som krever at du løper så raskt du kan? Da er du ekstra utsatt for strekkskader. The Single Best Ab Exercise You Can Do -- And It's Not A Crunch | ThePostGame - StumbleUpon.

- StumbleUpon. 5 Things to Do Every Day for Success | Fast Company - StumbleUpon. Fast Company wants you to have your best year yet in 2012; click for more advice and tips on how to work smarter, manage your career, and lead a more meaningful life.

5 Things to Do Every Day for Success | Fast Company - StumbleUpon

"You get up at what time? " I hear that a lot, along with "You are so lucky. " 10 Life-Enhancing Things You Can Do in Ten Minutes or Less - StumbleUpon. By It usually takes us much longer to change our moods than we’d like it to take.

10 Life-Enhancing Things You Can Do in Ten Minutes or Less - StumbleUpon

Here are ten things you can do in ten minutes or less that will have a positive emotional effect on you and those you love. . See it online at . This is a deeply moving segment that may be the best ten minutes you've ever invested in front of a computer. How to Plant Ideas in Someones Mind - StumbleUpon. This is really more of a side effect of the way that computer sales work.

How to Plant Ideas in Someones Mind - StumbleUpon

As a computer salesman, my goal is to pair you with a computer that (a) you'll be able to use to accomplish everything you want to do with a computer, including things you weren't thinking about (games, netflix) but that you'll use the thing for anyway, (b) that is capable of running things that your workplace / school will require of you, and also (c) that fits into your lifestyle well enough that it's something you'll be happy to keep using. If I fail at this job, two things will happen. You'll definitely be upset with me, because I sold you a product that didn't do what you needed. You're also very likely to return the product for a different one, and that hurts my numbers more than me selling you a cheap computer.

Stretching and Flexibility - How to Stretch - StumbleUpon. GAIN Fitness - Personal Trainer Quality Workouts - StumbleUpon. Effective Ways To Get Out of a Negative Mindset | Nudge-ur-Mind.