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Eilisys Designs Strategy to Increase Out its reach to the Small & Medium Scale Companies. Pune, India, 22nd May 2017: Eilisys is known for its famous Ascent employee attendance management system which has been in the market for quite a long and has been well accepted by the companies including some of the big fortune 500 companies across the world.

Eilisys Designs Strategy to Increase Out its reach to the Small & Medium Scale Companies

Based on the research done by an independent firm on startups, it was found that most of the businesses had a great start however at a certain stage they started facing stagnation in growth. When a further drill down analysis was carried out, it was found that improper human resource planning was the biggest hindrance in the growth. Difference between Web based and Desktop based payroll software. Keeping a track of employees and thereby doing resource planning is a hefty task, which a business has to handle especially in the cases of mid cap and large MNCs.

Not being proactive in resource planning can result out in creating voids in the business which can harm it in the long run. Therefore it is very important to fix the matter as soon as possible by deploying in the right solution, i.e. leave management software. How Payroll Software Companies in Mumbai Provide Effective Payroll Management to Different Firms – EiLiSYS. Workplaces in today’s generation have computerized assistance for almost all their key operational procedures.

How Payroll Software Companies in Mumbai Provide Effective Payroll Management to Different Firms – EiLiSYS

It is applicable for basic management functions in a company, such as keeping a record of all its finances and managing all information related to its employees and even specialized functions particular to the service that the organization provides. Among the basic management functions, payroll management is a key function. Payroll is the record of all financial information concerning the employees of the organization. The payroll software is a computer program that is responsible for managing the payroll requirements of a company. Payroll Processing Software - Eilisys. Reasons to use HRMS software in Delhi. Lots of paperwork, so many hard-copy employee files and lengthy calculations, these are the stories of the old days as nowadays advanced systems are available in the cloud to streamline the HR operations.

Reasons to use HRMS software in Delhi

Do you still use any traditional method to carry out and manage human resource operations? If yes, it is the time to switch to HRMS software. HR software can be of huge benefit to your business. What is an HRMS? Leave management software. The Impact of Payroll Software in the Modern Businesses – payrollprocessingsoftware. A perfect management technique of the payroll system is one of the prime responsibilities of every business owner.

The Impact of Payroll Software in the Modern Businesses – payrollprocessingsoftware

Irrespective of the type of the industry you have to keep a clean record of all the payment you have made to your employees every month. This may sound a difficult task, but with the help of the modern software solutions the job can be an easier one than before. Now, you can avail payroll processing software that can be used to keep a daily record of the payment that you make to your employees. There are companies that develop high quality solutions for different enterprises that wish to track their payroll system without any errors. Save Significant Amount of Money.

Guest post. Ascent Human Capital Management. Leave Management Software - A Leave Tracking Innovation System. It is very important to focus on the employee satisfaction as it helps in the smooth functioning of your organization.

Leave Management Software - A Leave Tracking Innovation System

Out of the various parameters that are important to ensure employee satisfaction, the ease in the process of the application of leaves as well as getting its approval on time is something which each employee in a company seeks for. The traditional system of leave management, often leads to the delays in approving the leaves of the employees. It has also been seen that the management who is responsible for approving the mail, often unintentionally, tend to skip the leave application mails from the employees due to their busy schedule, leading to delays in the process of the acknowledgement of mails and thereby approving it.

A repetitive or continuous pattern of delay generates frustration in the employees. The story is same on the other side of the coin too. Eillysis’s Payroll Management Software Gains Active Position in the Market Share Quadrant. Pune, India, 2/1/2017 - As per the company, they have achieved a significant growth in the payroll management software market share this year.

Eillysis’s Payroll Management Software Gains Active Position in the Market Share Quadrant

Out of the various implementations of the payroll software done by the company this year around 55% of them were the replacements of the client’s legacy payroll software with the Eillysis’s product. Following are some of the features present in the software that has helped them to grow in the market. These features claim to help the HR department, the Finance Department as well as help the organization in being compliant with the statutory compliance:-

Human Capital Management(HCM) Software PowerPoint presentation. is a leading presentation/slideshow sharing website.

Human Capital Management(HCM) Software PowerPoint presentation

Whether your application is business, how-to, education, medicine, school, church, sales, marketing, online training or just for fun, is a great resource. And, best of all, most of its cool features are free and easy to use. You can use to find and download example online PowerPoint ppt presentations on just about any topic you can imagine so you can learn how to improve your own slides and presentations for free. Exciting Benefits of Advanced Payroll Processing Software – EiLiSYS. The management of error-free payroll system is a big task for any business owner.

Exciting Benefits of Advanced Payroll Processing Software – EiLiSYS

No matter how many employees you have in your company you just need to have a clean and accurate record of their payment and other HR related details so that you can keep yourself safe from any legal hazards in future. When you have a small business with a few numbers of people then you may manage the payment schedule and other HR matters on your own. Or else some of your employee can perform the task every month. Benifits of using payroll processing software. Ascent Attendance Management Software. 4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Invest in Employee Management Software – EiLiSYS.

Companies today use various kinds of software and technological solutions to make their daily business activities more efficient and easy.

4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Invest in Employee Management Software – EiLiSYS

From the days of Tally and MS Office, companies now have moved to sophisticated software programs like payroll management. In the current business times, technological advancement is more of a necessity than a choice. Those times are quickly fading where workforce management is done manually with lots of scope for errors and manipulation. Automation has become the norm and can revolutionize the way you do your business. Importance of payroll software. Attendance Management Software - Eilisys. 5 Reasons Why Employees Should Be Happy About Attendance Management System. Surely there are plenty of reasons that make employers instantly fall in love with employee attendance management system.

After all, these are not just easy, quick and reliable software but also an unparalleled data source for better resource planning when setting project outlines. The attendance management software aids accurate payroll processing, smart workforce administration, better control over labor costs, and reduction in time theft cases. The employee attendance management system has been glorified as a desperately important tool for employers. Whereas an unlikable thing for employees. Untitled. Let’s Un-complicate your Company’s HR Department. Human Resource department or the HR department is one of the most important department in any company. Resource planning, resource estimation, employee hiring policies and procedures etc. are some of the tasks that are exclusively handled by the HR department.

Literally speaking, although HR department is an important and unavoidable department in any company but at the same time it won’t be wrong to mention that it is not the core department in any organization. In simple terms, a HR department does support an organization however it does not earn for the organization. In our day to day practice, the tasks that are not the core tasks but are still important, we try and find out simple yet cost effective ways for executing it. For Smart Business Solutions Best Payroll Software can be of Immense Help – EiLiSYS. To cope up with the burden of administration of paying the employees, more and more companies are taking help of outsourcing payroll service. It is not just providing relief to them but is also turning out to be a smart business technique.

It saves money, especially for small businesses having less than twenty employees. It also increases the productivity of your business as the manpower saved can focus on higher issues.All the legal compliances, IRS rules and regulations are maintained and thus it gives your business more accountability, better, accurate and faster service. Way to Choose. Advantages of HCM Software. How to select the Best Payroll Software. If you are running an organization and your payroll department is still working manually by maintaining paper records for the processed salary and taxes, then maybe you need to bring in efficiency in the department by automating it with the help of a payroll software. A payroll software is an application that was made by understanding the various workflows involved in processing payrolls. All those workflows were analyzed and data sets were created to capture the data systematically in a database.

This database was then given a user-friendly layer in the form of a front end graphic user interface that could allow the accountants to use it easily. A good payroll processing software should have the following features:- Does Your Business Need a Payroll Software? Most businesses consider, handling the payroll sections manually as they assume that doing it the manual way is far more economical than getting a costly payroll software implemented at their center.

According to a research done, it was found that the organizations which actually used payroll software could crunch down on the number of accountants in their organization as well as were able to do the calculations much more accurately as compared to the manual way. There are a lot of smart payroll software like the HCM software (Human Capital Management) that not only solves the purpose of a payroll software but also helps in managing the employees as valuable assets of an organization. HCM software acts as an umbrella under which multiple modules like payroll management, human resource management and talent management comes. · Cut on Time · Ready to use Templates. ASCENT Expense. Automate Your Payroll Operations and Bring in Accuracy and Efficiency – EiLiSYS. Eilisys Races Ahead In the Market for Payroll Management Software. Benefits of online employee leave management software. Eilisys Offers Intuitive Payroll and Employee Time Tracking Software for Business Success.

Top 7 Benefits of Using Payroll Processing Software – EiLiSYS. Meeting Room Manager. How Attendance Management Software Can Resolve Your HR Issues. Eilisys Races Ahead In the Market for Payroll Management Software. ‘Ascent Visitor Manager’ is a qu… 5 Ways in which Poor Leave Management is Impacting your Business – EiLiSYS. Benefits of attendance & timetracking software. Ascent Payroll Software. Employee Attendance Software: Eilisys. Payroll management software. Ascent Payroll Software. Top 5 Benefits of Tracking Employee Time That Every Company Must Know – EiLiSYS. Far behind are the days of filling columns in register books. Today, market offers excellent workforce management software and employee time tracking software that help businesses stay organized without the hassles of micromanaging. Packed with advantages of high configurability and accuracy, these can easily take care of overtime costs and related compliance.

Companies can have clarity on how their staff spends time and whether they are being productive or not. This comes across as a great aide when planning time frames for various tasks or a project’s accomplishment as you have a clear indication on time utilized for successful completion of various activities. Here we go through the top 5 benefits of employee time tracking software that are perfect answer to the question of, “Why should I track my staff’s time?” Makes employees accountable for their performance Undoubtedly, people work better when they know that they are accountable for their work.

Leave Management Software. Human resource software. HCM Software which meets all requirements To grow and expand in a profitable manner, every business requires a good software system. Hence, the Human Resource Management System, which is also commonly known as HRMS, has become a basic necessity. Ascent Leave Management Software. Ascent Attendance Software. Best Hr Payroll Processing Software System. All tasks of human resource management from single window. Benefits of using HRM System. Features-of-hr-software. Ascent Payroll Overview. Human-resources-management-system-essential-for-organisation.

Advantages of payroll software. Easy, Fast, Simple Way of Human Resource Management System Activities… Ascent Human resource software by Eilisys. Advantages of Using HCM Software. Advantages of hcm software. Eilisys HCM Software. HRMS System. Easy, Fast, Simple Way of Human Resource Management System Activities Using Eilisys Software. Human Resource Management System. Easy, Fast, Simple Way of Human Resource Management System: Business Articles. Benifits of payroll software. Payroll management system. All Tasks Of Human Resource Management From Single Window. All Tasks Of Human Resource Management From Single Window - Articles Hub Site. Benefits of Leave & Attendance Software: Eilisys.

World Class Solutions For Human Resource Management Software. Benifits of payroll software.