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A Tip-a-Day by and for Evaluators - AEA365. I’m Hsin-Ling (Sonya) Hung, Program Co-chair for the Needs Assessment (NA) TIG.

A Tip-a-Day by and for Evaluators - AEA365

Because of my involvement in the TIG, I have reviewed annual conference proposals since 2008. Over the years I found that some proposals only had a title associated with needs or needs assessment, but these are were not needs assessments. Since needs assessments are often misunderstood, here I share what I think are the key elements constituting a needs assessment. Using cooking as an metaphor, even a skilled chef would not be able to prepare a tasty dish without the necessary ingredients. Aea365 Content Curation. My name is Susan Kistler and I am the American Evaluation Association’s Executive Director.

aea365 Content Curation

This is the last in a short aea365 series on content curation. Thursday focused on how evaluators (researchers, professionals, students, others) can use content curation. Yesterday, I took a look at four content curation tools: BagTheWeb, Connotea, pearltrees, and Today, I’m hoping that others might be interested in expanding on this project. Hot Tip: Want to get involved? RescueTime Lite. Aea365 RescueTime. TimeCult. Inspiration Lab.