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Search for "memory box" - Final Fling. Do you have a Memory Box under the bed?

Search for "memory box" - Final Fling

Great. Lovely for keeping locks of hair and old birthday cards and love letters. There’s another way you might like to store digital treasures. Final Fling’s Memory Box. Last week I watched an incredibly uplifting, moving and inspiring documentary called Alive Inside about the miraculous power of music in accessing memory and reinvigorating people lost to dementia or Alzheimers.

We’ve been scouring the shelves to create a wee cornershop to save you time. I’m inviting Flingers to share one good reason that it’s Good to Be Alive this week. The Conversation Project is a US based project to encourage people to think ahead, talk and share thoughts and plans for end of life. Final Fling’s Life Planning Tools encourage you to live life to the full – with the end in mind.

Bryher Scudamore from blogs for us this weeks with a top tip on decluttering your life… don’t! We’ve been friends since school. Planning ahead gives you peace of mind. Supporting those with dementia: Reminiscence therapy and life story work IRISS Insights, no.4. This Insight looks at reminiscence therapy and life story work for those with dementia.

Supporting those with dementia: Reminiscence therapy and life story work IRISS Insights, no.4

Key points Reminiscence therapy and life story work are valuable psychotherapeutic approachesReminiscence therapy and life story work can improve the mood, cognitive ability and well-being of those with mild to moderate dementiaResearch suggests that the effects of biographical interventions are weaker for people with severe dementiaThere is evidence to support the view that life story work can improve the relationship, whether family or professional, between the person with dementia and their carer(s)Reminiscence therapy and in particular life story work provide a context for the provision of person-centred care, whether in the home, nursing home or hospital contextLife story work can be especially valuable when the person with dementia is transferred from a home to an institutional setting, or between institutions Current situation and policy context Research evidence. A charity registered in Scotland (SC042610) Welcome to Our Big Box. My House of Memories app, Liverpool museums. HOME - Lovejoy Centre. Re-Live: Memoria. Reminiscence - Older Adults - Adults - Winslow® - The best resources in one place® Bygone News. EdinPhoto Home Page - The History of Photography in Edinburgh by Peter Stubbs. This site records my research into the history of photography in Edinburgh since 1840; When I last counted, at January 2010, there were about 19,700 pages and about 17,200 pict. 1940s Patterns to Knit. The 1940s in Britain was a high point for hand knitting.

1940s Patterns to Knit

Stirling Smith Museum & Art Gallery - Home. Stirling photos, maps, books, memories. 40th Anniversary - The University of Stirling. When the University opened in 1967, there were 160 students.

40th Anniversary - The University of Stirling

In 2007, the University caters for 9,000 students, around a third of whom live on campus. Since 1967, we estimate that around 45,000 students have graduated from the University in a variety of disciplines and have gone on to varied careers in management, marketing and the sciences to name a few. Here some of them share their memories of living and studying at Stirling. If you have any memories you would like to share with us then please email us at David Lloyd recalls student campaigns and outrageous dance moves Peter Lloyd remembers the 1975/76 chess team and a surprising theft Kieron Maxwell sends in photos of friends, flatmates and football teams from 84/85 Dr Paul Piplani describes making ends meet and his love affair with the Scottish people Alastair Turnbull remembers Dumyat races and Rugby Club high jinks. Supporting those with dementia: Reminiscence therapy and life story work IRISS Insights, no.4. Reminiscence therapy for dementia - The Cochrane Library - Woods - Wiley Online Library.

UK National Commission for UNESCO. Back to topUK Register Inscriptions Nominations for the UK Memory of the World Register closed on Friday 17 January 2014.

UK National Commission for UNESCO

Are your collections something to shout about? Welcome to RemPods Helping people with Dementia. Switching On A Light. Retronaut - See the past like you wouldn't believe. Interior of the Public Library of Cincinnati. Unfortunately, these photos are all that survive of the splendour of Cincinnati’s “Old Main” public library.

Interior of the Public Library of Cincinnati

The wrought iron book alcoves, spiral staircases, level upon level of bookshelves and balconies belong to the public library that was completed in 1874 and subsequently torn down in 1955. This photo was taken from the top level at the back corner of the atrium, facing towards the front of the building. The architect of the “Old Main” was a local man named James W. McLaughlin, who would go on to design Cincinnati’s Art Museum. Although the Library was a wondrous feat at the time of its completion – not only was it visually impressive, it included central heating and an elevator – by the 1950s it had slumped into disrepair.

The new library located on 800 Vine St. opened its doors on Jan. 31st 1955 leaving the “Old Main” on 629 Vine St. to be mercilessly demolished just 5 months later. Explore further: Anywhen - Put the past in the picture. The Use of Music in Dementia Care. By Kim Warchol, OTR/L For years I have been using music to reach deep into the memories and individuality of my clients with dementia.

The Use of Music in Dementia Care

There are many benefits to using music as a therapeutic modality in OT/PT/ST interventions. Art Therapy in Dementia. From The New York Times:The Pablo Picasso Alzheimer's Therapy By RANDY KENNEDY The New York TimesPublished: October 30, 2005 SITTING the other day in front of Picasso's rapturous "Girl Before a Mirror" at the Museum of Modern Art, Rueben Rosen wore the dyspeptic look of a man with little love for modern art.

Art Therapy in Dementia

But the reason he gave for disliking the painting was not one you might expect to hear from an 88-year-old former real estate broker. Xanthe Alban-Davies discusses Picasso's "Girl Before a Mirror" with, from left, Rueben Rosen, Irene Brenton and Sheila Barnes at the Museum of Modern Art. "It's like he's trying to tell a story using words that don't exist," Mr. Brainbus. Hiyalife - your lifestory through memories. My Life Software. This is me - Downloads. Memorabilia Pack Company - Replica Nostalgia Packs from World Wars for education, 1950s and 1960s. Daily Sparkle. A Step by Step Guide - By Bernie Arigho This Training Manual is aimed primarily at care staff and activity organisers in care homes, although it will also be of interest to all health and social care workers, and all those wanting to learn more about reminiscence work.

Daily Sparkle

It presents a comprehensive framework and a step-by-step guide to the work, together with hundreds of practical ideas, enabling reminiscence activities to be provided in a safe and stimulating way. Reminiscence activities for older people - home. ROBERT OPIE COLLECTION - online shop. Past Times. LMA. Home - British Pathé. Picturestoshare. Reminiscence Network Northern Ireland: Home page. NI Archive - Belfast Maritime. We know that ships were being built in Belfast nearly 400 years ago, but it was a Scotsman, William Ritchie, who claimed credit for starting the industry in the 1790s on the County Antrim side of the Lough.

NI Archive - Belfast Maritime

The European Reminiscence Network. Sporting Memories Network. Life Story Network.