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The Graffiti Creator. 24.12 Mahtavaa Joulua! Normaali Koodikalenteri #HOC #HourOfCode. Padlet ideas reading. Näin suojaat yksityisyyttäsi netissä ilman erityistaitoja. 4 Ways Visual Literacy is Being Taught in Classrooms to Empower Learning. This is a guest post from Guy Kawasaki. Guy is the product evangelist for Canva, a service that I regularly use. How to Use Visual Content In Your Classroom Visual content is a powerful tool. As children, we learn to recognize visual cues before we learn to speak or write. We’re wired to rely on these cues to understand the world and to use visual content to communicate our thoughts and feelings.

Teachers can integrate graphic design into their classrooms to facilitate instruction and to prepare students for success. Here are four ways teachers are using visual content already. 1. You can empower your students to create their own positive affirmations by creating inspirational posters from templates in Canva. 2. Infographics is an example of a powerful modern way to enhance critical thinking and communication. 3. Start using visual content in your classroom right now Visual learning has fast become ingrained into school curricula all over the world.

Technology Integration for Teachers - Home. EdTech with Kelly: App-tastic Ideas for Building the Classroom Community. Oppimissivustoja suomeksi | read&lead. 10 Useful Educational Apps and Tools for 1:1 Classroom. July 10, 2015 If you happen to teach in a 1:1 classroom then you will definitely be concerned about the educational apps to use with your students. There are tons out there for sure, but many of them are not worthwhile.

To this end we curated this selection of some of the most popular apps and tools among 1:1 classroom teachers. Browse through the suggested titles and see what you want to adapt in your class. Enjoy 1- Socrative Socrative is a smart student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets. 2- TodaysMeet TodaysMeet is a great web tool for creating backchannels with your students. 3- Telegami Tellagami is a mobile app that lets you create and share a quick animated video called a Gami.A Gami can be an exciting tweet or status update. Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. TeacherKit is a personal organizer for the teacher.

Blogien mahdollisuudet | open verkkoresurssi. Bloggaaminen on nykypäivänä yksi yhteiskunnallisen osallisuuden ja vaikuttamisen alusta. Joitakin suosittuja blogeja luetaan jopa enemmän kuin Helsingin Sanomia. Blogi on kiistatta viestinnän laji, joka on tullut jäädäkseen ja joka ansaitsee tulla opetetuksi siinä missä essee tai virallinen puhekin. Mitä hyötyä blogeista on peruskoulussa? -Motivaatio! Mahdollisia oppilaiden blogeja kouluun: – kirjallisuus-, peli-, tai vaikka teatteriarvioita sisältävä blogi – blogi luontokuville ja -kuvauksille (biologia + maantiede) – oppimispäiväkirja!

Mitä muuta keksit? 10 Essential Chromebook Apps for Teachers. July 2, 2015 Over the last few years we have reviewed hundreds of educational Chrome apps some of which are also Chromebook compatible. We know from the emails we receive that several of you are using Chromebooks with their students in class. We are actually working on organizing all the Chromebook apps we have covered so far into different categories easily accessible from the menu bar. From tips on how to effectively use Chromebooks in your instruction to subject-specific apps to enhance your lesson planning and delivery, these collections will definitely have you covered.

However, as we were wading through our archive we pulled out some Chromebook apps which have really been popular among teachers. 1- Google Classroom ‘Classroom is a new tool in Google Apps for Education that helps teachers create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently, and easily communicate with their classes. Saocrative is one of my favourite tools for getting feedback from users. The Best 10 Android Apps for Project-based Learning. June 30, 2015 Project-based learning is one of the best teaching strategies that enhances students learning and increases their engagement with the learning tasks at hand. Technology and particularly mobile technology takes this concept a step further by empowering students with the tools they need to perform their tasks anytime and anywhere they are. After having published a comprehensive list of iPad apps teachers can use to incorporate the ethos of project based learning in their classroom teaching, we are sharing with you today another list but this time for Android users. 1-Book Creator “Book Creator is the simple way to make your own beautiful ebooks, right on your iPad.

With over 10 million ebooks created so far, Book Creator is ideal for making all kinds of books, including children's picture books, photo books, journals, textbooks and more.”2- Explain Everything “Tellagami is a mobile app that lets you create and share a quick animated Gami video. 10- Remind. Educators Guide to the use of Pinterest in Education. Some educational Pinners to follow This is the editor of the famous blog cool cat teacher. It has over 69 boards all with more than 600 pins. Some of her best boards include "Teaching Ideas and App", Collaborative Writing", and " Global Collaboration in Education ".

This guy is one of our favourite educational writers. Karen is a great educator with a huge presence online. This is an ICT specialist. Shannon has a great Pinterest page that includes some awesome boards on educational technology essentials. Shelly has one of the resourceful boards on Pinterest. Useful Pinterest Tutorials : 1- How to start using Pinterest 2- How to save Time Using Pinterest 3- How to Pin a Quote and Text to Pinterest 4- Everything you Need to Know about Pinterest. Book Creator is Now Available on Windows for Free. June, 2015 More than 15 million ebooks have been made with Book Creator for iPad and Android, and now the popular classroom app is receiving a Windows makeover and is available on desktop devices for the first time.

The app is now free on the Windows for a limited time. Book Creator for Windows takes a blank-canvas approach to creativity that makes publishing and sharing ebooks easier than ever. With a simple and intuitive design, people of all ages can create their own international standard ePub files, and with a couple of clicks can become published authors. With Book Creator for Windows you can: Create books on a Windows tablet, laptop or desktop with an easy-to-use interface.

35 Educators You Should Follow on Pinterest. Pedagoginen piristysruiske. Photos du journal - Educational Technology. Photos du journal - Educational Technology. Timeline Photos - Educational Technology. Luokanopettaja ja tietotekniikka - Sari Auramon blogi: Ohjeita Ohkolan koulun koulutulokkaille. Kolme vuotta sitten toin ITK-päiviltä tuliaisiksi idean tehdä opastusvideo uusille koulutulokkaille. Ryhdyimme Ohkolan koululla tuumasta toimeen. Ekaluokkalaiset miettivät, mitä ohjeita seuraavana syksynä koulunsa aloittaville uusille ykkösille olisi syytä antaa. Luokanopettaja keräsi ideat, minä käsikirjoitin jutun ja hoidin organisoinnin. Viidesluokkalaiset koulukummit kuvasivat vuorotellen yhdellä digivideokameralla. Minä editoin iltatöinä. Tässä tulokkaiden ohjevideo vuosimallia 2013: Silloin kaksi vuotta sitten olimme melkoisen tohkeissamme tästä videota ja se sai paljon positiivista palautetta. Seuraava lukuvuosi alkoi ja uusien ekaluokkalaisten kuultiin supisevan esimerkiksi näin: "Ei saa juosta käytävällä, se oli siinä videolla!

" No, lukuvuosi jatkui ja jossain vaiheessa ykkösen oppilaat tulivat kysymään, onko jo aika aloittaa uuden ohjevideon teko. Tässä ohjevideo vuodelta 2014: Loppumetreillä tuli kiire tutustumispäivän lähestyessä, mutta ihan hyvä tuostakin tuli. Four ways to tell if an educational app will actually help your child learn. Imagine someone telling you that a new technology would be available in five years that has the potential to revolutionise childhood and early education. But the downside is that you will have to choose from among 80,000 possible options. This is the problem currently facing many parents. Following the invention of the iPad in 2010, by January 2015 there were 80,000 apps marketed as “educational” in the Apple App Store alone.

We recently published a large-scale review of more than 200 articles on the question of how we can put the education back in educational apps. We used several well-worn principles that parents, educators and app developers can use to determine what is truly educational and what is simply masquerading as such. 1. Have you ever used a GPS to drive to a new location but realised you have no actual knowledge of where you are or how to get home even though you drove there?

2. Imagine you just opened the refrigerator door and your phone rings. 3. 4. What to know about the '5 moments of learning need' and blended learning. What to know about the ‘5 moments of learning need’ and blended learning Understanding HOW to learn is critical. But learning WHEN to learn is just as important. We talk a lot about the best ways to learn, the best tools for the job, and more.

But what about identifying the best times to learn? I’m talking about understanding a term that is slowly rising in popularity in the education and technology realm: the five moments of needs. Examining The Five Moments of Learning Need These different levels are from Bob Mosher & Conrad Gottfredson. Learning for the first time (New)Learning More (More)Applying what you’ve learned (Apply)When things go wrong (Problem Solving)When things change (Change) Why It’s Time For A Mind-set Shift In Learning It simply isn’t acceptable to throw learners over the classroom and/or eLearning wall into the workflow and then hope that what we did during the online or class event will magically transfer to successful job performance.

Photos du journal - Educational Technology. Älypuhelinten käyttö opetuksessa. Ohjepankki | Tvt-ops Sodankylä. Tänne voi lisätä vinkkejä ja linkkejä tvt-juttuihin liittyen. Google Drive kuva: Google Google Drive on ilmainen Googlen pilvipalvelu, josta löytyy monenlaisia työvälineitä myös koulukäyttöön. Asiakirjojen ja muiden tiedostojen luominen ja tallentaminen vaatii gmail-osoitteen. Samalla osoitteella käytössä on myös mm. sähköposti ja Youtube-tili. Voit kuitenkin jakaa tekemiäsi asiakirjoja luettavaksi, muokattavaksi ja kommentoitavaksi sellaisillekin käyttäjille, joilla ei gmail-tunnuksia ole (esim. pienet oppilaat) Asiakirjan tekeminen: Asiakirjan jakaminen: Asiakirjan kommentointi: Yhteiskirjoittaminen: Diaesityksen luominen Drivellä: Ohje lomakkeen luomiseen Google Drivellä: Kuvan tai muun tiedoston tallentaminen Driveen: Kuvan tai muun tiedoston lataaminen Drivestä tietokoneelle: Opettajan alkuvalmistelut ryhmätyölle, jota voi tehdä netin välityksellä: Tykkää tästä: Tykkää Lataa...

Multimedia Learning Resources - Educaplay. Learn. Tips & Hints Tips and hints that you might find useful as you explore ScratchJr. For answers to more general questions about ScratchJr, see the Frequently Asked Questions. Learn how to make a new project, rename an existing project, and delete a project. Watch video Make a simple script by connecting blocks together. Learn how to add characters to your project. Use trigger blocks to specify when a script should run. You can share projects by email. The Sample Projects library is a collection of eight pre-made projects that use a range of blocks and features to show you the variety of projects you can make with ScratchJr. Character List Scrolling If there's a scroll bar in the Character List on the left of the Stage it means you that you have more characters in your project than fit in the list on the screen.

Copying Characters To copy a character and its scripts, you can drag the character from the list of characters on the left over to the list of pages on the right. Moving Backwards. Teachers Using Trello: How To Foster Genius In The Classroom. D’aww… the feeling is mutual, guys. Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Surely not these Geniuses, because they’re using Trello to answer the tough questions. The concept of Genius Hour has become a popular mechanism for educators to encourage their students to explore their interests.

To avoid gaps in learning, much of the US curriculum is standardized. The Genius Hour movement, however, is a great way to inject open ended exploration into different aspects of our world. The basic concept is that for one hour twice a week, students explore a topic of their choosing. Paul Solarz is a 5th grade teacher who is passionate about adapting tech in the classroom, and is constantly innovating with his budding Geniuses. Asking PHAT Questions The first portion of Genius Hour consists of students deciding on a subject, and subsequently devising an open ended question that explores their topic. Roadmapping On Trello The list name is the Essential Question they seek to answer. K – What do I know? Mr. Näin otat kuvakaappauksen älypuhelimesi näytöstä.

Niko Haikala | Julkaistu 31.5.2015, klo 14:33 Ilmoitus Voita suuri 6 700 € Apple-paketti! Klikkaa tästä Ilmoitus Windows Phone 8.1 -laitteen näytöstä otettuja kuvakaappauksia Kuvakaappaus on kätevä tapa tallentaa mobiililaitteen näytön senhetkinen tilanne myöhemmin tarkasteltavaksi. Tästä voi olla apua esimerkiksi, jos haluaa jakaa hupaisan chat-keskustelun ystävänsä kanssa tai esitellä puhelimensa käyttöliittymän ominaisuuksia jollekulle – kuten toimituksemme näissä ohjeteksteissä tekee! Yleensä kuvakaappaus otetaan jonkinlaisella laitteen fyysisten painikkeiden yhdistelmällä. Menetelmä vaihtelee kuitenkin hieman eri käyttöjärjestelmien välillä.

iPhone ja muut iOS-laitteet iOS-laitteilla kuvakaappaus otetaan painamalla yhtäaikaisesti kotipainiketta ja virtapainiketta, joka löytyy joko laitteen päältä tai sivulta. Windows Phone Uusimmalla Windows Phone 8.1 -versiolla kuvakaappaus otetaan painamalla yhtä aikaa virtapainiketta ja äänenvoimakkuuden lisäyspainiketta. Android. An Interesting Collection of Visual Learning Tools for Students.

7 Characteristics Of Teachers Who Effectively Use Technology. 7 Characteristics Of Teachers Who Effectively Use Technology by TeachThought Staff Ed note: This post has been updated with an updated visual from Sylvia Duckworth, who took our graphic from (now getalma) post and created the above visual. It is also sporting a new title, as the “habits of” is a trademarked term.

As such, the new graphic and phrasing appears below. You can also see Sylvia’s tutorial on sketchnotes here. In most ways, teachers that use technology in the classroom aren’t much different than those that don’t. Any teacher worth their salt assesses, and then revises planned instruction based on data from those assessments. They manage their classroom in a way that works for them, create a positive learning environment, and (great teachers especially) collaborate with a variety of stakeholders to make sure every humanly possible attempt is made to meet all students need. 7 Characteristics Of Teachers Who Effectively Use Technology 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. The Best Tools and Apps for Flipped Learning Classroom. Coding for Kids: Free Websites That Teach Kids Programming.

Photos du journal - Educational Technology. Mustavalkoiset möykkykoodit katoavat paketeista - uusi QR uppoaa suoraan kuvaan. Valheenpaljastaja: Näin tunnistat kuvahuijauksen | Kuningaskuluttaja. How to Establish a BYOD Policy. Top 10 Tech Tips for Teachers #SketchNote - @sh... Microsoft: These are the Windows 10 editions co... Salosensalat - Ilmaisia kuvapankkeja. Ilmaisia kuvituskuvia: Ilmainen kuvapankki. Diigo - Better reading and research with annotation, highlighter, sticky notes, archiving, bookmarking & more. Open tablet -laitteen käyttöönoton ohjeet. Online whiteboard & online collaboration tool | RealtimeBoard. OneNote for Teachers - Interactive Guides.

Universal Design for Learning Visually Explained for Teachers. 40 Tools & Apps to Supercharge your Instagram Account - Hongkiat. Blended Learning 2015: What Does It Look Like? Infographic - e-Learning Infographics. Design.tutsplus. Design QR Code generator - Free. ClassDojo - Class Behavior Improvement Tool. Free Puzzlemaker.

Olennaiset Excel-taidot | Aki Taanilan Excel-oppimateriaalia. PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative. Gaming in Education: Gamification? Now You Can Use Haiku Deck Within SlideShare. Torkinmäen koulu ja OneNote. 33 Graphic Design Tools To Publish Visual Content.