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Eiffion ashdown

38 year old male and father to one curator at I started my collection around 8 years ago with the intention it pays for my daughters university fees. Since then I have way surpassed that goal and now own one of the largest most investable bulldog collections in the uk may the world. Bulldogs get some bad stigma and I wish to advocate the breed its history and hopefully my collection could be used one day to tell the story of the English bulldog

The origin of the humble clothes Iron. The iron let’s straighten things out I have been pondering for a few days what to write as a guest blog for Eiffion’s followers on

The origin of the humble clothes Iron

I have already written about collecting cat related items: can’t do that again. I thought about writing collecting dog ephemera but Eiffion has me beat on that one. Hence, I have decided to talk to you about something totally different, and that is the humble clothes iron! Don’t ask me why! Anyway, this blog isn’t about gender equality in ironing. The Humble Clothes Iron We have been trying to smooth creases out of our clothes, ‘ironing,’ for many centuries. It wasn’t until the middle ages that blacksmiths starting forging the flat iron, also known as sad (derived from the word ‘solid’) irons or smoothing irons. Traditional Flat or Sad Iron From a collector’s point of view, the flat irons were hand made and the designs differed from blacksmith to blacksmith; never mind country to country.

No steam, no flexes, no electricity…. New! The SWASH. News! Collectibulldogs general catch up. Collectibulldogs news in general News on wiggles.

News! Collectibulldogs general catch up

She’s doing great. Guest blog by author Susan day. What's life without dogs. Life with Out dogs?

Guest blog by author Susan day. What's life without dogs

I don’t think so! Dogs from a collector’s point of viewLife without dogs? I don’t think so! This is one of my favourite sayings. Dogs have been a huge part of my life since I got my first pup at four years old. There is something about dogs which reminds us of the important qualities we all have. Filling your home with puppy love One thing that always comes to mind when I see dog art or sculpture, or any kind of giftware with a dog on it, is how easy it is to buy for a dog person. I have paw prints on my doormats, coffee mugs with images of dogs, and even a pair of doggie bookends holding up the children’s books I wrote about, you guessed it, dogs!

Ornaments help us connect with our dogsWhether your dog is still with you or has gone ahead of you over the rainbow bridge, the ornaments and knickknacks in your home are a reminder of your beloved hound. Cleverly crafted dogs acting out what dogs do best remind us of the warmth and companionship our dogs provide to us. Bulldogs and the troubles promoting. Promoting bulldogs Good day readers it goes without saying that I wish all are all safe and well, and after a chat yesterday with a free lance journalist friend it came to our attention that promoting bulldogs is not and has not been easy.

bulldogs and the troubles promoting

Reading our guest blog on FROM THE DOGS PAW one of our highlights Listen mate she don’t sound right !!! This of course starts at home it’s ok when your walking your dog and some body shouts out ” your dog looks like my mother in law” (sorry to all mothers in law) but when you get people start criticising your choice of breed it gets personal. Collectibulldogs blog update. HI THIS IS MY STORY Hi there readers my name is Eiffion ashdown I'm a English gent or cockney geeza as some might put, either way I'm from England and I live in a city on the south coast with my wife and daughter, we share our home with our second rescued bulldog "scruffy Louise" and a little cat called Bonnie (the biggest of mischief makers) and Im here as I want to tell you my story.

Collectibulldogs blog update

Let's start a decade ago and move forward so, ok ten years back I was a plasterer I was 28 and care free with money coming in a lovely partner and a smart beautiful little girl life was good or even great for someone that age, this all changed after I contracted a heredity mental health disorder and I got even more ill as time went on. Having faith ebook download and help needed. Good day there to you all I hope your all safe and well where ever your musing my blog from, if you had suggested I write an ebook say a year ago I would of thought no way there’s no chance of that ever going to happen.

Having faith ebook download and help needed

Due to the immense self affirmation I felt after completing this ebook,I now wished I had written it before Christmas as the buzz may of effected my emotional thought process and I may not of lapsed to begin with. Feeling much better was part of the motivation behind getting one written I wanted to test myself, and to see if I could achieve what I once thought as impossible, the idea that collectors or prospective new hobby collectors needed to search through our blog archive for help led me to create an all in one guide instead. None of what I’ve added is from recent researching actually it was easy to write I’ve had so much experience with the title headers it was not hard instructing others about the good and bad. ​ Free Ebook. I made a #collection worth a lot of #money and steeped in #history and you can too #ebook #collecting #info #free. Eiffion Ashdown on Pocket. My little 3D printed puppy. Prayers answered our first English trophy piece.

Hi there to all of the Collectibulldogs readers I hope your all safe and sound wherever you may be.

Prayers answered our first English trophy piece

Like me most are waiting for slow January to end whilst I maxed out my limit by buying this our first English bulldog club trophy. Now I have said in previous blogs like This article on silver pieces that due to the unsentimental ways people see these objects now, most are now bought at low cost. NEW STYLE OF BLOG. Bulldog on top of box Hi folks I hope your all doing well and happy that slow January is nearly behind us,before I let you carry one with reading one fab blog by the Rowe family, I’d just like to say that my work is paying off there’s bulldogs all over the Internet and hopefully it’s started going viral which I think it has so for those that share my posts thank you very much.


Also I’m happy to say Collectibulldogs will be appearing in Febs BULLISH MAGAZINE I think it’s the first ever collection site like mine and I’m really grateful that they asked me to do an advert it’s an honour when asked. So this blog I send folks a list of questions that I think best serve a DIY blog about our field and subject and I’m happy to announce we have our first one here and it’s a corker.

Thank you very much to the Rowes for their contribution and the amazing pictures they have shared so with no further ado and questions are below: Bulldogs Rock! Congratulations to collectibulldogs 1st sept 2016. 1 year old!

Congratulations to collectibulldogs 1st sept 2016

Hi to all the collectibulldogs readers, I hope your all good and safe out there where ever you may be. It’s the gospel truth that the website has made its first year online and a cause for some celebration and affirmation. A Collectibulldogs update. Hi there to all you bulldog bonkers readers, I hope your all safe and well wherever you maybe around the world.

A Collectibulldogs update

That means all the new visitors that have popped up on my analytic report looking at my website from over 45 countries since it started. I’ve been a bit down lately the woes of being a parent are taking a toll on my resources and if I want to continue collecting whilst networking I may have to sell a piece or two but I see it as an investment if funds are then spent on investable pieces if not, I will just take a small break and step back from collecting to spend more time on the website and advertising for more visitors. My next goal is to find more formats for my blog to be seen the website is so niche I think with the right approach and advertising the collection and site could be a winner amongst sites. For the first time in my life I have a pipe dream for myself, it’s weird as I’ve never thought about the future that much before and defiantly not about the idea I have now.

About Me. Come find out how we started the bulldog that gave the me the inspiration and my tribute to a great dog. Please note. If you like my collection and would like to help it get seen by others please make use of the sharing icons and show your media friends we may be amateurish at the mo but we are here and growing in popularity. My collection has one sole purpose readers, and that’s to make it so my Antique bulldog collection is worthy of auction one day or in years to come, this is so that my daughter can go to university once leaving college and study to live whatever dreams she wants as her vocation in life. For the 21st century. Draft copy looking AMAZEBULLS MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!!! I think I may of caused myself an unwanted headache now for nearly a year as my friend and new webmaster Lee Hollman, husband to our life long friend Lisa, said he had offered me this wonderful treat before and I’m not sure why I did not say yes Lee.

Christmas Treats and compassion. Christmas treats collectibulldogs more than just objects Hi to all the collectibulldogs viewers I hope your all well and getting ready for the Festive period I know different faiths read this so I mean it to one and all, Christmas treats have gone out and this year we donated to two causes and a chance swap left a certain lady very content and another very happy in the gift she had sent. Misc Artwork Gallery. Bulldogs on display a museum taster. Bulldogs on display Now listed at Brighton museum we could display some designer pieces Hi there readers I hope you are all well, I have been invited to create a small bulldogs display next year an exhibition of my bulldogs just smaller than a pop up museum exhibition would be at Brighton museum, for now id just like to thank them in general as I’m not sure I’m allowed to disclose names.

BULLYS AND THE BEAST. Hi readers, over the past few days parcels have been arriving mostly pieces to go out to others but a few pieces that I have found for my private collection and here are a few so, I thought I would show a few of my piece. Also please note ALL FACEBOOK GROUP CREATORS most of you know me and the collections purpose but I have left your groups after I got a negative response from a punk or BEAST hence the title and I would like to use a stronger word but swearing is not going to achieve nothing.

I have started to worry that my site and blog are becoming boring I am not sure if it is because I do not get any mail regarding collecting or the collection as such and I also do not know if folks are reading any of my blogs, well I hope so anyway as its fun to do and I love talking bulldogs bulldogs bulldogs, and on the subject lol, I have just agreed to help one lady in the states sell on her pieces and another lady contacted me a few days ago asking if I was interested in her bulldogs. COLLECTING CLEANING N CONTACTS. PUSHING FOWARD. TOP DOG!!! Norman Davis. Wiggle! Time flies when you wiggle your thing. Portfoilio.

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