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Humidity Testing Performed at Lab in Different Way - Lab Product Info. Geotechnical Lab Testing To Check Suitability Of Soil For Construction Projects | Lab Product Information. Geotechnical lab testing includes number of steps to check soil properties and its suitability for construction projects. The tests are popular to check shear strength of soil under different drainage conditions and temperature.

For this purpose, special compression machine is used that can be operated at constant speed to check physical characteristics of soil. Next step is to check gravity of soil through PYCNOMETER METHOD for both fine grained and partial grained soil particles. There are just endless techniques to check gravity either through density method when compared to water. This test is generally conducted in laboratories under special temperature or pressure conditions.

Also, this is necessary to check moisture content inside soil to suit different construction projects. Experts generally use predefined mathematical formula for this purpose to get accurate idea on water or moisture content. Experts also check degree of compaction of soil by reducing air voids. Like this: Laboratory Testing Instruments For Crude Oil Quality Checking | Lab Product Information. Laboratories perform crude oil testing for checking critical physical and chemical properties. It is done with laboratory testing instruments with the help of experts. Detailed crude oil examine quality test data assists place a commercial value on feedstocks of crude oil while commercial transactions are running. The test data also helps determine optimal feedstock choices for refineries. How crude oil is tested? Crude oil testing is performed by experienced petroleum chemists who work with samples collected from petroleum cargo tankers, pipelines, reservoirs, storage tanks, refineries, and other sources.

Crude oil assayCrude oil and petroleum feedstocks testsPetrochemical testHydrocarbon characterization and analysisTrace analysis of hydrocarbon streams Crude inspection API gravity/ density : It is the single most used crude property measurement for making crude purchases. EIE is among pioneer suppliers of laboratory testing instruments. Read More Related This : Like this: Like Loading...

What Is The Contribution Of Geotechnical Lab Testing Practice? | Lab Product Information. There are several advantages that geotechnical lab testing offers. Experts can see the sample and the modes of failure that help them in understanding anomalies and explain variations in the test results. They can also perform index tests on that specific specimen. They can handle the stresses, control the drainage conditions, measure stress, pore pressure, and overcome most of the effects made by sample disturbance.

Let’s explain them in brief. Lab tests are used for characterizing site conditions- which help engineers in determining what to design and offer knowledge to contractors about bidding. For larger underground projects, reports of geotechnical baseline are vastly used to establish a reference to help resolve disagreements of future. This all is achieved with geotechnical lab testing process. Read More Related This : It’s Always Worth Maintaining Your Laboratory Testing Instruments Proper equipment handling and maintenance is the utmost thing to do.

Like this: Like Loading... Concept Used By Businesses For NDT & Non Destructive Testing. NDT or nondestructive testing is a way of testing without ruining the casting. This implies that the component or casting can be used and this testing method has put no damage or harm on it. Many non-destructive testing equipments are available today in the market that can be used by experts to perform NDT to ensure that materials can continue to operate to their maximum capacity with the assurance that they won’t fail within predetermined time lines. Experts perform non-destructive testing to ensure the quality of raw material to processing methods. Besides ensuring the quality, integrity and reliability of the plants and components, NDT methods find extensive applications for residual life assessment, condition monitoring, energy audit, etc. People can use several NDT techniques on following criteria- Defect typeMaterial typeDefect sizeDefect location What methods are used by experts for NDT?

There are certain types of NDT methods that experts perform- Ultrasonic testing –UT Alder Smith. Is It Necessary For Geotechnical Engineers To Use Testing Equipment During Evaluation? - Lab Product Info. The Need Of Cement Testing Equipment- Vibration Cement Plants - Lab Product Info. What Factors Influence Estimation Of Strength Of Cement When You Use Testing Instruments? PowerPoint presentation | free to download - id: 7d58e8-OGVlM.

What Factors Influence Estimation Of Strength Of Cement When You Use Testing Instruments? by EIE Instruments. Soil Testing Instruments Suppliers Explain Squeeze Easy Soil Test! | Lab Testing Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier. Today every person is getting mad over 'organic' world. Organic is completely natural. If you buy any organic vegetable, the label shows that it has grown under natural environment without any pesticide or harmful chemicals. Soil testing instruments suppliers are here to explain squeeze easy soil test that will help you in testing the soil of your organic garden at home. Will your garden soil able to grow more veggies and fruits for you?

Let's determine the quality of soil you are having at your home garden. Knowing better about your soil is bliss as you know how much it is rich in minerals. It will help you in deciding what things will make it fertile and ideal for growing other crops. The squeeze test The most basic characteristics of soil is the composition. To determine the , you can take a handful of moist soil from the garden. It will hold its shape. There are more professional ways to determine moisture, nutrients, and acidity of soil. How to test the fineness of cement using concrete testing equipments? | Lab Product Information.

Cement and concrete is the base of every architectural structure. To make the structure more robust and durable, engineers conduct tests of cement fineness using cement/concrete testing equipments to ensure its quality, strength, and compactness. In this experiment, you will get to know how to test the fineness of cement. The cement which is made by any industry needs to be checked for its goodness as it is the thing which will determine whether the cement is fit for construction or doesn’t possess much strength. Fineness of the cement determines its strength as it is responsible for the rate of hydration and thus, rate of gain of strength and evolution of heat. Fine cement has greater cohesiveness; however, its strength gets depreciated by 10% within a month of manufacturing.

Types of Sieves used for testing fineness- There are sorts of sieves, i.e. # 10, # 100, # 200, # 300, etc. . # 300 sieve for wet cement testing # 200 sieve for dry cement testing Other requirements How to do it- Home. Home. Manufacturers Making Asphalt Use Specific Testing Instruments To Ensure Quality. Asphalt is a thick black or brownish colored substance that is derived from crude oil. It contains minimum 80% carbon and thus, it has dark black color. Sulfur is also an ingredient found in asphalt. Industries use asphalt as a sealant for rooftops and a durable surface for airport runways, roads, parking lots, and playgrounds. But before using it for construction projects, they first test the material with asphalt testing instruments.

Asphalt is a mixture of aggregate (sand or gravel) and often used for constructing robust structures due to its extreme durability. It is a hydrocarbon mixture heated inside the chamber until it achieves the consistency of tar. The hydrocarbon material used to create asphalt is obtained from the waste material left over once the kerosene, gasoline, and other diesel fuels are achieved. Why there is a need to maintain asphalt?

Due to overtime oxidation, liquid asphalt breaks down and this further leads to shrinking cracks and raveling. Why Using Soil Testing Instruments Is Known As A Beneficial Act? Material Testing Instruments Are Fit For Future – Modernization Speaks | My Material Blog. Construction Company makes its capital investment in material testing equipments, especially where high load capacities are involved. But years after, these testing equipments begin to show their age. According to their functionality, components of materials testing machines age due to material fatigue or other environmental influences. Their technology gets old as it no longer shows the state of the art and recent requirements, can no longer be maintained or cannot be connected with newer components, due to unavailability of spares.

Mechanical parts like load frames slowly wear and can be used for several years. Modernization programme introduction is a boon to the companies using such instruments. Testing machine drive intended for testing instruments to promote higher performance. The industry uses several testing techniques that have clear defined standards. Some suppliers guarantee availability of the spare parts for entire system instead of few components.