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James Carner

James Carner, the CEO at eHygienics. James has done everything from sales, marketing, investigating, guest writing for publications and lots of internet services for major companies. eHygienics specializes in removing any threats (bounces, protesters, litigators) to small or large email databases.

Email List Hygiene Myths You should leave behind in 2016. Email list hygiene is definitely key to sender and deliverability scores.

Email List Hygiene Myths You should leave behind in 2016

It doesn’t matter if your list is optin or not. Everyone needs to keep their lists clean. Here are a few myths that I think you should avoid at all costs. Myth 1: My list is only 30 days old. No need to clean it. Wrong. Myth 2: I cleaned my list a month ago. Wrong. Email Scrubbing Tips: How Often Businesses Should Scrub Their Email List?

There are several types of email marketers: Black hat Grey hat White hat The easiest way to determine how to fit in this mold is to place yourself in one of these categories and make the appropriate decision on an email scrubbing service.

Email Scrubbing Tips: How Often Businesses Should Scrub Their Email List?

Black hat are emailers whom do not follow CANSPAM and/or international spam laws. Tips to Spring Clean Your Email List - eHygienics. Spring is here and summer is around the corner.

Tips to Spring Clean Your Email List - eHygienics

Important steps to preventing email deliverability issues. Since Google banned payday loan advertising, we have seen a rise in the size of databases we clean and have been approached by many payday loan companies for advice in email deliverability.

Important steps to preventing email deliverability issues

Many have been out of the email marketing game and have to re-learn everything they knew 5 years ago. This article may help. Follow best practices for acquisition Everyone is tight on money in America and are not willing to fill out your forms so easily as before. Payday loans leave a bad taste in their mouth because they know that they need the cash but are not happy about the terms.

Partner with an expert. Certified Email List Verification Company. Email Verification: Checklist to Choose an Email Verification Vendor. There are many reasons a company is looking for email verification services.

Email Verification: Checklist to Choose an Email Verification Vendor

Most of the time, it’s for form pages when a prospect fills out a questionnaire or information portal. Instead of just trusting that the consumer filled out the correct information or the person filling out the form is not competition or worse, a person planting a seed for spam fighting purposes, one must either choose several types of verification platforms or find one that can do all things. Everything You Need To Know About Bounces. A bounce address is a type of return path in which an email address message cannot be delivered to the recipient because the email does not exist, the recipient changed hosts, the recipient has blocked the message and/or the MTA sent it to the address given by the MAIL FROM command which has many variants of the name, none of them used universally, including return path, reverse path, envelope from, envelope sender, MAIL FROM, 5321-FROM, return address, From_, Errors-to, etc.

Everything You Need To Know About Bounces

Confused? Why & How To Verify Email Addresses (Cleaning Email Lists)! Email marketing is getting harder by the day.

Why & How To Verify Email Addresses (Cleaning Email Lists)!

Even if you’re a legit email marketer with a double optin list, your emails may not be delivered to the inbox. ….or even worse, autoresponder companies may ban you accounts for sending out emails. In the past 15-20 years the email game has evolved a lot and even though email still conquers the ROI equation; the headaches that come along with it are also getting worse. ESPs (email service providers) just assume you’re a spammer if some of the words you have in your email are in their spam filters with them.

According to Jupiter Research, almost 20% email addresses contain typos, syntax, domain or other errors. NOT YOUR FAULT but you may still get the boot from some of the top ESPs, especially Gmail, which is the big giant. 1. Why And Just How To Confirm Your Email Marketing Listings. InShare0 E-mail marketing is just a blood-sport.

Why And Just How To Confirm Your Email Marketing Listings

Within the last two decades, the one thing that’s transformed with e-mail is the fact that e-mail senders that are excellent proceed to obtain tried increasingly more by mail providers. They merely don’t although ISPs might completely organize when they desired to. The end result is the fact that there’s an adversarial relationship between your two. Websites Providers (ISPs) stop E-Mail Providers (ESPs)… after which ESPs are compelled to dam customers. It’s never as simple opt-in in the market. Is Buying An Email List A Good Idea? Finding an email list is so easy these days.

Is Buying An Email List A Good Idea?

There are hundreds of companies that offer categories and/or regions where they have targeted selected data for you at a handsome price. Small businesses with no marketing budget usually can take this road first in which they find out later is very risky and can cause serious harm. Here are some reasons why buying an email list may or may not be a good idea. If you must buy data and you feel that this is your only option, then there are several things you must watch out for. Many vendors say they have accurate information but how old is the list? Many companies are now selling optin information – data is so easy to come by and now you can append to the date/time stamp IP and source.

Best Practices for Mobile Email Marketing - Partner Community. A significant increase in the number of people accessing email from their smartphones and mobile devices, marketers must adapt their message to communicate effectively with recipients.

Best Practices for Mobile Email Marketing - Partner Community

A recent study by BlueHornet, found that 67% of users delete emails that are not properly tailored to their mobile devices. What's the best way to keep your messages out of the trash? Tops Ways to Verify Email Addresses and Keep Marketing Lists Clean. Has Email Marketing Died? As seen on PMI. Far from it people! In fact, it’s making a huge comeback and here’s why. Social media marketing kicked into high gear back in 2008 as marketers scrambled to invest and learn social media as a hopeful replacement to the ever so hard email-marketing field. As marketers focused their efforts on Facebook, the same company back in 2011 was insistent that they were going to replace email with their platform as reported to CNN. While {*style:<a href=' was trying to tackle their own spam{*style:</a>*} to achieve their new utopia, they schemed a new vision which they felt was going to replace the internet altogether.

In fact, Facebook felt that replacing all other Internet websites with their own interface in order to connect the whole world into their idea would win the hearts of the people. 7 Predictions for Email Marketing in 2016. The marketing year is rapidly drawing to a close. For some, it’s pretty much already done.

The Christmas promotions are all teed up. It’s just a matter of rolling them out and riding the wave from here ‘til January. But what about January? And the rest of the whole year? Email marketing is headed in several fairly predictable directions. This word cloud from an Econsultancy survey highlights many of the trends we’re seeing. Lots of stuff to talk about there. How do you control IP blacklisting for your email servers. There are several domain and IP services where you can check to see if you are listed on any blackhole servers (blacklists).

Spam fighters setup their servers to monitor incoming spam to use for filtering purposes and if your list has any email spam traps inside it, you will most definitely be listed. But how do you control IP blacklisting for your email servers? It all depends on these factors: Spam trap removal serviceEmail softwareDomainsIPs Spam Trap Removal Service Obviously, since I own a list hygiene company.

Verify Email Address – The Importance of Cleaning Your Email List. Finding an email list cleaning services is absolutely tough. The selection and prices are all over the place and depending on what you need, you may end up either overpaying or underpaying for a service that just doesn’t cut the mustard. 4 Email Marketing Trends We’ll See Emerge in 2016. Email marketing is a topic that is consistently changing.

Not only do email marketing tactics get more creative, but what consumers want from an email marketing campaign is very fluid. One day it’s images that get your emails opened, and the next it’s the subject line that has the biggest effect. Not only are the actual campaigns changing, but how you get email addresses changes as well. The moral of the story, however, is simple: The sooner you can anticipate what trends might be coming the easier it will be to keep up and stay ahead of your competition. The Best Email List Verification Method.

Get back into email marketing. Email List Management Software Features Explain by James carner. The Advantage of Instant and Accurate Email Verification and List Cleansing Services.