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Ecrire plus gros rend les émotions plus intenses. Accueil Gizmodo Buzz Ecrire plus gros rend les émotions plus intenses Les scientifiques ont démontré que nous sommes sensibles à la taille des caractères d'imprimerie.

Ecrire plus gros rend les émotions plus intenses

Le corrélation est donc prouvée, une plus grande police suscite une réaction émotionnelle plus intense. Le cerveau transmet des informations en partie grâce à un phénomène de nature électrique qui se propage le long des neurones : l’influx nerveux. A la lecture de caractères plus grands, notre cerveau réagit physiquement et augmente l’afflux électrique. Quelques soit le sens des mots déchiffrés - positif, négatif ou neutre – les émotions ressenties sont plus intenses à mesure que la taille des caractères grandit.

Les chercheurs de l’Université de Tel Aviv, Israël, supposent qu’il s’agit d’une réflexe biologique provenant de nos ancêtres et d’une époque plus lointaine.


Tim Berners-Lee promeut le HTML5 et s'oppose à l'ACTA. Twitter Wanted to Buy Instagram, But Facebook Beat it to it. Facebook may have secured the $1 billion acquisition of Instagram last week but it appears it wasn’t the only social network that was interested in the service, with a recent New York Times report suggesting that Twitter was also in the running.

Twitter Wanted to Buy Instagram, But Facebook Beat it to it

According to sources that were familiar with the deal, Twitter co-founder and Instagram investor Jack Dorsey had attempted to secure the purchase of the photo-sharing service in the months before the Facebook deal, but ultimately failed. The NYT writes: Mr. Systrom may have lost one connection in the deal: Mr. Dorsey of Twitter. Dorsey was one of a number of angels that invested in Instagram in February 2011. Instagram's Buyout: No Bubble to See Here. Instagram’s billion-dollar sale to Facebook raised eyebrows Monday, renewing cries of a new tech bubble.

Instagram's Buyout: No Bubble to See Here

But relative to other major acquisitions, turns out it’s a pretty good deal and not the least bit inflationary. To put the acquisition in perspective I pulled together data from a selection of 30 notable internet acquisitions over the last 10 years, from to OMGPop to see if Facebook/Instagram for $1 billion was as crazy as everyone thinks. (I left out companies without public purchase prices or user stats.) The spreadsheet below captures the acquisition date, dollar amounts, and ballpark counts of the users and employees at the time of acquisition. Be warned: Any of these numbers are very rough, cobbled together from Internet Archive searches, old news articles, Quora answers, and tech blogs. Download the spreadsheet or view it on Google Docs.

A startup is acquired for any combination of the technology, talent, or the user base.


Google. Numérique - Note de lecture - Qu'est-ce que la culture fan ? 31% du trafic sur nos sites est bon à jeter à la poubelle. Cover Your Fridge with Instagram Pics. Create magnetic sheets of your Instagram photos.

Cover Your Fridge with Instagram Pics

Photo: Stickygram/Roberto Baldwin Now that Android has Instagram, the world will inevitably be overrun with filter-infused photos. Ready to partake? Now you can get the best of those yellow-tinted photos off of your smartphone, and onto your fridge to secure your finely crafted grocery list. Stickygram lets you save those photos on magnets, a medium that promises your photocraft will live in perpetuity.

Digital humanities

VLC saisit Hadopi pour obtenir le droit de lire les Blu-Ray sous DRM. Haro sur les DRM !

VLC saisit Hadopi pour obtenir le droit de lire les Blu-Ray sous DRM

Six ans après la création des disques Blu-Ray, l'éditeur du célèbre lecteur multimédia VLC, le français VideoLAN, passe à l'offensive. Profitant de certaines dispositions contenues dans la loi Hadopi, les responsables du projet ont demandé, selon une information du Point, l'autorisation d'intégrer légalement et sous licence libre les clés de protection des disques Blu-Ray dans le logiciel libre.

How Minimal Can a Minimalist App Get? Try Pop. Minimalist apps are all the rage right now. The idea of cutting out all but the simplest of interface elements and focusing on letting the user complete a single task really well has inspired the likes of iA Writer, Clear and Byword. While some of The Next Web team adore this approach, I’m sometimes left wondering whether these apps are really all they’re cracked up to be. This was particularly highlighted when I was recently pitched Pop, a notepad app for iOS that takes simplicity to its extreme by having no features at all.

You get a white screen (with a tiny page curl in the corner for effect) and you type away. That’s it. I’ll admit – while I appreciate the hidden controls and subtle use of sound of the likes of OmmWriter Dana, Pop seemed to be taking things a step too far – to the point where it was simply laughing at those who bought it – “Ha, you paid 99 cents for a blank screen.” TNW: So, minimalist apps are the Emperor’s New Clothes, right?


Et si on enseignait vraiment le numérique ? Le | | Par Olivier Ertzscheid, maître de conférences à l'université de Nantes.

Et si on enseignait vraiment le numérique ?

Ils sont nés en 1996. Ils ont aujourd'hui 16 ans.