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Sign up. Just me: A picture a day. I am so sorry for the delay this week, it has been a rough one.

Just me: A picture a day.

So, here is how it went, more or less… Last Thursday night - got sucked into a good online conversation and stayed up till 4:00am Friday - Woke up at 7:00am, Got to work at 8:00am, Ran a performance rehearsal with elementary school children till 10:00am, Ran a performance till 11:00am, played outdoors with children, while wearing a skirt and strappy sandals till 12:00pm, Moved large furniture to another school till 2:00pm, danced my ASS off till 4:00pm, supervised a small group of exhausted children till 6:00pm, Came home, showered and changed, met my friend Sandie at 9:00pm, drove out to Pasco County in search of a dark patch of sky to watch the meteor shower till 2:00am, went to sleep at 3:00am.

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