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Egghead is a complete device support platform where you can book service for your windows Laptops, iPad and mobiles, All in one Pc’s or Desktop Computers.

What Are Microfractures And How To Avoid Them? – Egg Head Fixers. Microfractures are hairline cracks on your phone screen.

What Are Microfractures And How To Avoid Them? – Egg Head Fixers

They often occur when your phone drops down accidentally. You might don’t see a large scratch or crack on the glass, but its durability has taken a hard hit. Now your phone will be far more subject to big cracks as the screen has weakened. Microfractures increase when too many have accumulated, even your phone falls on a swish carpet it may causes the entire screen to shatter. However, the gorilla glass that is used for phone screens is far stronger than the glass screens made of yore, they aren’t entirely waterproof.

How To Avoid Screen Microfractures The best way to avoid hairline cracks and microfractures is to secure your phone appropriately. When it comes to choosing the case, you are required to consider the material carefully. Another best way to protect your phone against microfractures is to apply the best-quality screen protector. Need Help? Like this: Like Loading... Egg Head: How To Clean And Customize Apple AirPods. Apple AirPods are in huge demand nowadays, but did you know you can customize them as per your needs?

Egg Head: How To Clean And Customize Apple AirPods

If no, read the article to get the essential information. There are few tweaks you can make to these AirPods settings to make your usage easier than before. Automatic Ear Detection Apple AirPods feature automatic ear detection, when you remove one or both earbuds from ears, the podcast or music you're listening will be stopped. And when you put them back, your podcast or music will start playing again. Siri And Double Tap Function. Egg Head Fixers — Tips To Make An iPad Battery Last Longer. MacBook Repair: What You Need To Know – Egg Head Fixers. Do you have a MacBook?

MacBook Repair: What You Need To Know – Egg Head Fixers

Have you ever faced a problem with your Mac and when you look around to see how much repair stores charge for MacBook repair, they offer you an astronomical quote? Maybe you have set-asides your Mac until you have enough money to repair it, or perhaps you may be in search of a reliable repair store with flexible rates. Well, we have good news for you! Egghead Fixers help you keep your devices running under an affordable budget. Half of the cases we see with Mac are software issues that can be resolved without burdening your pocket. Cracked screenHard drive issueNo powering onRunning slowNot booting upData recoveryKeyboard issues At Egghead Fixers, we can fix all the issues. Is MacBook not powering on? If your MacBook is not powering on, it may have an issue with the motherboard. MacBook running slow? Egg Head: Top 6 Mobile Phone Repair Kit That Every Professional Must Have.

Repairing any electronic device is not as easy as we think of, especially repairing Smartphones.

Egg Head: Top 6 Mobile Phone Repair Kit That Every Professional Must Have

When it comes to iPhone repair or Samsung mobile repair, you must have accurate tools in hand. Therefore, buy a repair kit that can meet the increasing demand of potential customers. Having the best phone repair kit is an edge for repair service providers. Let’s dive into some top-notch repair tool kits: iFixit Pro-Tech Toolkit If you’re looking for the epitome of the toolkit, then you should buy iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit. ESD TweezersSpudgersMetal Ruler 58 pcs of screwdriver kitNylon Bag Suction CupOpening Tools Triangle PlectrumUtility Knife XOOL 80 Pcs Repair Tool Kit This toolkit is one of the most affordable options that every professional must-have.

Pry Tools Suction CupNylon Bag 1/4th to 4mm driver adapterTriangle Paddle Shafts Driver Handle Spudgers Metal Ruler ESD TweezersUtility KnifeAnti-static Wrist Watch PagKis Screwdriver Toolkit 2 openers8 pcs of a double-ended screwdriver 1 tweezer. Helpful Tips And Tricks For Samsung Mobile Repair – Egg Head Fixers. Egghead Fixer will share some tips for Samsung mobile repair by indicating basic steps for Samsung S8 repair.

Helpful Tips And Tricks For Samsung Mobile Repair – Egg Head Fixers

When repairing Samsung series, we need to pay keen attention to similarities between different Samsung series and choose the right tools to mend repair efficiency. Keep in mind, these repair techniques can also be applied to complex repair needs, such as battery replacement, broken back cover refurbishing, screen replacement, etc… Functional Test Before repairing, we can test the Samsung mobiles with some secret codes.

This can assist us in finding the possible faults, whether it’s a software problem or hardware problem. Dial *#0283# for loopback testDial *#1234# to check the firmware version of the phone and softwareDial *#7353# to test light sensor, Bluetooth, and proximity sensorDial *#0*# to check mega cam, sensor, and touch Flashing The Stock Firmware of Samsung 8 Many software issues can be fixed by flashing the stock firmware. Turn off the phone. Samsung S8 Teardown. Egg Head: Egghead Fixers – A Reliable and Cost-Effective Repair Service at Your Doorstep. For many people, getting their electronic devices repaired or fixed is a budget-breaking move.

Egg Head: Egghead Fixers – A Reliable and Cost-Effective Repair Service at Your Doorstep

And whenever they find their devices not functioning properly, get a cracked screen, or the battery is no longer working, they usually opt to buy a new device. Having electronic devices repaired or fixed is not that much costly as we think it is. All you just need to find and choose a renowned repair center for your iPad, iMac, laptop, and iPhone repair. However, it is equally important to find a reliable repair center, who can fix the damages and make the device working as efficiently as new. There are plenty of repair service centers around you. Cost-effective Electronic devices are essential, not only for those who have a business, but even for those who are at home and college. Phones, laptops, and tablets are not simple gadgets, and repairing them is also not an easy task, especially when the extent of damage is too high. Expertise Parts and Warranty. Mobile Phone & Device Repairs.