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Urban Planning

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Bio City - POLITICO Magazine. Does Boston Need More Supermarkets? - Real estate news. EVERYTHING -> {lastPubDate=20150331183441, author={picture=, twitter=, Staff, email=, name=By Julie Xie @julieyinxie}, bodyContent= “We went hard after Whole Foods,” said Ted Tye, a managing partner at National Development.

Does Boston Need More Supermarkets? - Real estate news

His Newton-based development company oversaw the six-acre Ink Block project in the South End, where a 50,000 square-foot Whole Foods opened in January. Tye and his team did talk to other grocery stores. Explicit cookie consent. BUY land, advised Mark Twain; they’re not making it any more.

Explicit cookie consent

Scientists Show How Too Many Cars Lead to Spontaneous Traffic Jams - News and reviews. You’ve all been there: Crawling through rush hour traffic, surrounded by cars on all sides, when – suddenly – you’re not!

Scientists Show How Too Many Cars Lead to Spontaneous Traffic Jams - News and reviews

You didn’t pass a roadside accident or navigate a congested merging lane, but for no reason at all you’re now clear to floor it. And you’re thinking, what was the deal with that traffic jam, anyway? Turns out it took a group of Japanese physicists to demonstrate the answer. This video from a 2008 study published in the New Journal of Physics shows how traffic jams can spontaneously appear and spread on roads near the limit of their carrying capacity. Researchers from a number of Japanese universities put 22 cars on a circular track and told the drivers to maintain a constant speed. Planetizen: The Urban Planning, Design, and Development Network. Berliner Kinder: Berlin and its playborhoods.

You’ve heard my fellow Placeshaker, Scott Doyon, say Smart Growth = Smart Parenting.

Berliner Kinder: Berlin and its playborhoods

More than once, actually. As well as how living in a walkable neighbourhood may shape our children. Meet the Next Waterfront Hot Spot: Seaport Square - Videos. In A Dutch Town, A Glowing Bike Path Inspired By Van Gogh. Artist Dan Roosegaarde pays tribute to Vincent Van Gogh's painting Starry Night by creating this bike path in Van Gogh's hometown of Eindhoven.

In A Dutch Town, A Glowing Bike Path Inspired By Van Gogh

(Courtesy of Studio Roosegaarde) In the Dutch town of Eindhoven, artist Daan Roosegaarde has paid homage to its most famous resident, Vincent Van Gogh, by creating a glowing bike path that relies on solar-powered LED lights and interprets his classic painting Starry Night. People-oriented Cities: Demystifying transit-oriented development. What's Up With That: Building Bigger Roads Actually Makes Traffic Worse. Stuart Dee/Getty I grew up in Los Angeles, the city by the freeway by the sea.

What's Up With That: Building Bigger Roads Actually Makes Traffic Worse

And if there’s one thing I’ve known ever since I could sit up in my car seat, it’s that you should expect to run into traffic at any point of the day. The Physics of Gridlock - The Atlantic. What causes traffic jams?

The Physics of Gridlock - The Atlantic

The depressing answer may be nothing at all. Mayor Walsh Report Calls For More Affordable Housing - Real estate news. Missing: Developers who want to build middle-class housing in Boston.

Mayor Walsh Report Calls For More Affordable Housing - Real estate news

Last spotted speeding west on the Massachusetts Turnpike. Please contact Mayor Marty Walsh at 617-635-4500 with any information on whereabouts. The middle of the Hub’s housing market has gone missing. This_is_smart_growth. Toronto Urban Sprawl Compared to Other Cities. One of my favourite things to do when I'm on one of my urban research binges (as I imagine all of us on this site tend to be plagued with from time to time) is to look at cities on Google Earth to see what they look like from space, how the city developed, where new development seems to be taking place, etc.

Toronto Urban Sprawl Compared to Other Cities

I don't know why this fascinates me so much, but it does.It's interesting to look at cities from above, because only then can you truly understand how some cities can boast having 5000 people/km yet not have many highrises, while other cities have world famous skylines, but have an urban density of less than 1000 people/km.

What I haven't done before though is compare cities head-to-head before by taking screen captures at the same scale and viewing them next to each other. From these pictures it becomes much more apparent how each city values urban density. Smart Growth Principles. "Smart growth" is a collection of land use and development principles that aim to enhance our quality of life, preserve the natural environment, and save money over time.

Smart Growth Principles

Smart growth principles ensure that growth is fiscally, environmentally and socially responsible and recognizes the connections between development and quality of life. Smart growth enhances and completes communities by placing priority on infill, redevelopment, and densification strategies. The smart growth principles are: Mix land uses. Utile, Inc. Architecture + Planning. Visualizing MBTA Data.

American cities are haunted by too many parking spaces. A black box in your car? Some see a source of tax revenue. Project to build apartment complex at One Canal St. moves forward - Business news. Boston-based real estate developer Trinity Financial Inc. and Apartment Investment and Management Co., or AIMCO, said that they have entered into an agreement with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to build a $190 Million, 12-story building at One Canal St. in the historic Bulfinch Triangle neighborhood of downtown Boston. Located near TD Garden, one block from North Station and near the North End, the project, known as One Canal, will include 310 units of housing, 147 parking spaces, and ground-floor retail that is designed to accommodate a supermarket, the developers said in a press release.

The project will be built on Department of Transportation parcels under a 99-year ground lease. Aimco, a large owner and operator of apartment communities, will own and operate One Canal after its completion. The project involves construction spanning the MBTA Orange and Green Lines and the Central Artery. What Causes Sprawl? Urban sprawl is generally defined as low-density residential and commercial development on previously undeveloped land. Those who oppose sprawl seek to preserve open space by concentrating future construction in already developed areas. At least 19 states have established either state growth-management laws or task forces to protect farmland and open space. Dozens of cities and counties have adopted urban growth boundaries to contain development in existing areas and prevent the spread of urbanization to outlying and rural areas. Despite the apparent popularity of antisprawl initiatives, the United States is in no danger of running out of open space.

Only 5 percent of all land in the United States is developed, according to the U.S. Furthermore, antisprawl policies seldom take into account the extent to which government policies have exacerbated the problems created by development and the failure of previous attempts to limit growth. Meet the Mayoral Candidates: How would you curb congestion? - Boston.comment. Mayor Thomas Menino pushes plan to boost Boston housing production - Real estate news. This is a summary. To read the whole story subscribe to Mayor Thomas M. Menino is proposing to reach his ambitious goal of building 30,000 homes in Boston by allowing taller building with smaller units, selling public land to developers at a discount, and using subsidies to spur development of more affordable housing, according to a blueprint to be released Monday. The plan begins with quick steps that could significantly alter the landscape before Menino’s term ends.

Those steps include selling large chunks of city property, and increasing fees on developers to help fund affordable housing. Although 25,000 of the new units would be priced at market rates, Menino is proposing to increase subsidies and other assistance to make homes more affordable to middle-income households. State to begin innovative rail service between Seaport District and Back Bay - Business news. Study: America will soon see Labor Day-like traffic, all year long. (Photo: Traffic projections, U.S. Travel Association) UN-HABITAT .:. Improving Cities.

Greenbelt Ontario - Urban Sprawl. Urban Sprawl Urban sprawl is gobbling up green space in southern Ontario at an unprecedented rate. At the current rate, an additional 260,000 acres (1,070 km2) of rural land will be urbanized by 2021, almost double the size of the City of Toronto. Whoa! 1.7 billion cars on the road by 2035. Two projects to revitalize Roxbury boulevardDevelopment planned along Melnea Cass.