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Hidden Door

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Gary Katz Online. Hidden Pivot Bookcase Installation Not every project I build comes out perfectly.

Gary Katz Online

As a matter of fact, I can’t recall too many that didn’t have at least some small minor mistake. Ives 7253-SET Center Hung Pivot Set. Center Hung Pivot Sets 500-lb - Center Hung Pivot Sets. Hidden Door. Gelotte Hommas Architecture Blog. Happy Friday everyone!

Gelotte Hommas Architecture Blog

Here in Seattle it has successfully rained and shined today with more of the same forecasted this weekend. Considering that Seattle weather is known for being a little less than fun (in general) I thought we could kick on a Friday Fun series. From now on, we will be posting something fun about architecture or design every Friday. Follow us and share some of your thoughts, inspirations or weather stories as we go!

Today on Friday fun we are going to talk about secret doors in architecture. ABH 0370 Center Hung Pivot Set - ABH 0370 Center Hung Pivot Set for interior or exterior doors up to 500 lbs. Brookline Stainless Steel Center Hung Pivot Set.