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Implementing Push Notifications for iOS with C# MonoTouch using the Cloud Urban Airship - Christian Weyer's Blog. A bit of mobile goodness today.

Implementing Push Notifications for iOS with C# MonoTouch using the Cloud Urban Airship - Christian Weyer's Blog

Communication-wise push notifications are one of my personal favorite features on any mobile device platform So, it seems natural to write a bit about it. This time we will see how to use a third-party (but still free) service in the cloud to handle the push notifications for us (independent of Apple, Google, Blackberry or Microsoft). The sample shown here in this blog entry is for iOS and is written and built in C# with MonoTouch. Although, the ideas of push notifications are similar between iOS; Windows Phone 7 and other device platforms, there are differences in implementation (and partly in architecture). Being able to easily scale out and handle potentially huge numbers of user/subscribers and push messages without having to write, host and maintain my own code and services and servers Not having to implement push notifications logic (like register, unregistering, receiving, error handling etc) for each and every platform over and over Rock da cloud.

MKStoreKit 4.0 – Supporting Auto Renewable Subscriptions. Redth/APNS-Sharp - GitHub. ClanceysLib/AppStore/InAppPurchaseManager.cs at master from Clancey/ClanceyLib - GitHub. PayPal.

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Flex 3 - Adobe Flex 3 Help. Assembla project workspaces to accelerate software teams, with issue tracking, GIT, SVN and collaboration. Embedding fonts with CSS for your next HTML5 application. Pro - Faq. iPhone GUI PSD 3.0. Along with Apple’s official release of the new iPhone 3.0 software came a number of new graphic GUI elements.

iPhone GUI PSD 3.0

We’ve been holding off updating the Photoshop file until we could properly implement the additions. We built it using vectors, so it’s all still fully editable. Apple’s SDK is amazing, but when we need to mock up something quickly for a pitch we turn to this. Some of the changes and additions in the 3.0 iPhone GUI PSD include: Map and map elements including curlCopy and paste elementsTimeline bar editorHorizontal iPhoneHorizontal Panels bars and keyboards If you like it or use it, help us out by retweeting it. 2 New Versions Available! Download V.4 PSD Download V.4 PSD (Retina) (Thanks to Finn O’Hara for the photo) InDesign CS5 & CS5.5 * Digital Publishing Suite overview.

Digital Publishing Suite overview The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is a set of tools and hosted services that lets publishers create and distribute publications on tablet devices such as the Apple iPad.

InDesign CS5 & CS5.5 * Digital Publishing Suite overview

These digital publications are called . With InDesign, you can create folios and preview them on a tablet device and on a desktop previewer. However, a subscription to the Digital Publishing Suite is necessary to build a custom viewer. Publishers can distribute their digital publications by submitting them to the Apple Store or to the Android Market. Adobe recommends by Colin Fleming The Folio Builder and Overlay Creator panels let you create digital publications for tablet devices.

To access the panels: Overlay Creator. gMap - Google Maps Plugin For jQuery. gMap for jQuery is no longer maintained The Google Maps JavaScript API Version 2 has been officially deprecated as of May 19, 2010.

gMap - Google Maps Plugin For jQuery

The V2 API will continue to work until May 19, 2013. We encourage you to migrate your code to version 3 of the Maps JavaScript API. Licensing gMap is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license. Choose version gMap is available in two versions: Compressed and uncompressed. gMap 1.1.0 (compressed, recommended) gMap 1.1.0 (uncompressed)