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Liste de L(C)MS en opensource ou non. + authoring tools

29 Free eLearning Tools. The world is awash in “free” these days.

29 Free eLearning Tools

“Free” consultations, “free” samples, “free” eBooks; they’re everywhere. Some of them are genuinely free, but many are just “free” and you don’t realize until it’s too late that they’re “free with the purchase of…” or “free for two weeks if you input a credit card first.” The Best eLearning Authoring Tools of 2016. Training employees is easier than ever before.

The Best eLearning Authoring Tools of 2016

Whether you're employing third-party training content from websites as diverse as to LinkedIn or using a business training and learning platform of your own, it's easy to train employees in new job skills, employee policies, or even general interest topics for off-hour enjoyment. However, to deliver custom training content, you'll either need to hire an expert to create such courseware or do it yourself by using eLearning authoring tools specific to the task.

The Top 8 Open Source Learning Management Systems - eLearning Industry. ATutor LCMS : Home : Features List: The following is a relatively detailed list of the standard features in ATutor.

ATutor LCMS : Home : Features List:

Also see the Modules Section for additional features and third party add-on software. Learners Accessibility: ATutor was designed with accessibility as a priority. Create your own online course. Forma Learning Management System. ILIAS E-Learning. New Mailing Lists for Admins and DevelopersThe old mailing list has been substituted by two new mailing lists: is made for administrators of ILIAS installations while is reserved for information around ILIAS development. | more ILIAS BlogHave a look in our international ILIAS blog and read about new features and how to use them, user reports and other interesting stories around ILIAS | more Known Installations Are you already listed in our collection of known ILIAS installations worldwide?

ILIAS E-Learning

Learning Management done Right. DOKEOS - LMS & E-learning Suite for growing companies. Learning. E-Learning Software and Authoring Tools - Articulate. Adobe Captivate 9: Crea contenido de aprendizaje online (eLearning) para cualquier tipo de dispositivo. Moodle - Open-source learning platform. E-learning e-doceo. Homepage - Adapt Learning.