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Kumihimo Patterns. 100 Amazing How-To Sites at Rated Colleges. Posted by Site Administrator in Online Learning May 7th, 2009 Learning new skills and expanding your knowledge doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are loads of free resources on the Web that can help you find instructional videos, tutorials and classes to learn a wide variety of skills from fixing basic car problems to speaking another language. With 100 sites to choose from, you’re bound to find something here that will help you learn just about anything you could want. General Tutorials These sites offer a wide range of tutorials and videos.

Around the House Want to know how to fix that broken cabinet or hang up some great wallpaper? Business and Management If you feel like you’re seriously lacking on business and management skills at work, no need to worry. KnowThis? Language and Writing Those who want to learn a new language, improve their writing skills or just learn more about literature will be well-served by these instructional sites. Technology Math S.O.S. Science Creativity. Du néon aux poignets, ou comment faire ses propres bracelets ? {DIY inside} - Mon quotidien Créatif.

Hello girls ! How are you today ? I hope fine ! So, today, a little Do It Yourself :) Bon, allez, j'arrête.. en fait, c'est que je sais pas dire plus en anglais ^^ Mais ça, il ne faut pas le dire :p Donc aujourd'hui, un tutoriel pour être à la pointe de la tendance cet été !! Trêve de bavardages.. Ne vous découragez pas devant les photos, c'est très facile, et c'est juste 3 à 4 étapes à répéter autant de fois que vous le désirez ! Promis, quand vous aurez le coup de main, ça ira vite, et vous ne serez pas déçues ! Il vous faut donc des scoubidous, du scotch, et une grosse perle (ou tout autre moyen de fermer un bracelet !) Tu vas avoir besoin de trois scoubidous : -Un qui sera la base, il ne se verra pas dans le bracelet (pour moi c'est le noir) -Deux autre, de la couleur de ton choix !

-> Tu plies en deux ton scoubidou de base (le noir), en laissant une petite boucle, comme sur la photo du haut. -> Tu accroches les deux autres scoubidous (sans les plier en deux !) -> . . - Tu sers bien.. ->.. Learn Beading · Princess Wire-wrapped Ring. This ring is just too pretty to be so fast and easy! It’s an irresistible project you’re sure to love. Let’s get started! You’ll only need a few tools, so don’t worry about lengthy cleanup with this one (a nice bonus!). Grab a crystal clear or colored Swarovski crystal, a ring mandrel, wire cutters and some 24 gauge wire. I chose a Swarovski crystal that was drilled at the top for added dimension and height. Cut a good length of wire (perhaps 12 to 20 inches, depending on how big your finger is; you can always snip the excess) and string your crystal. On the mandrel, center your bead. Pull the formed wire off the mandrel and bring one end of the wire around the base of the bead (to secure it), then bring that piece of wire back around until it’s pointing outward.

Repeat this process with the other end of the wire on the other side of the bead. Begin wrapping the tail of the wire snugly around the area outside the bead. Kumihimo 1. Tutorials > Shell and Kumihimo Necklace. Kumihimo Project Kits | What a Knit and Kumihimo too! Kumihimo Project Kits September 12, 2011 at 8:47 pm Karen’s Kumihimo Corkscrew Bracelet Springy, bouncy and lots of fun, Karen’s Kumihimo Corkscrew Bracelet is quick, fun and easy to make. The possibilities are endless. You will learn a quick tip for measuring circumference, how to start with an “interlaced” end and braid around a core.

This bracelet is approximately 4 “wraps” and comes in two sizes; smaller and bigger. The smaller size is about 7″ around and the bigger size is about 7 3/4″ inches around. This was one of our Kumihimo projects that we did in San Miguel de Allende and I thank my students for making me such great samples! You will Need: 6″ Kumihimo Disk (use a 6″ disk rather than a mini), 8 Bobbins, Measuring Tape, Needle & Heavy Duty Thread, Glue (I like WeldBond) and Scissors.You Should Know: Kumihimo Round Braid Kit includes: - 2 pkgs Satin Cord - 1 Corkscrew Wire with preformed tip & tail - Hammered Barrel Bead - Instructions with Photos “New! “Glazed Donuts “ Kit includes: Kumihimo 2. Kumihimo beading with braids, beaded kumihimo leaf necklace project.

Kumihimo designs- round and flat. Here a some ideas on how to use kumihimo: Pendant String for tying bags String for a bell Belt or sash Pillow embroidery Bookmark String for a camera, glasses, cell phone String for tying curtains Animal collar Present wrapping Earrings, brooches Photo frame decor Shoelaces Postcard decor. 8-Cord Kumihimo Spiral Bracelet Instructions. I love the simplicity of the design of my latest kumihimo braided bracelet using size 8 Japanese seed beads.

The spiral pattern is pleasing to the eye and the materials cost is low! To make the spiral pattern, choose two contrasting colors of size 8 seed beads. You can use either Japanese or Czech seed beads. My design utilizes matte black Miyuki (stock no. MI-8-401F) and lovely matte gold Toho's (stock no. Each strand of cord will be strung with 50 beads, four strands of black, and four strands of gold, so it will take 200 beads of each of the two colors to make a bracelet length.

You will need a Mini Kumihimo braiding disc, eight bobbins, and a button to make the closure. I start by cutting two 2-yard pieces of black S-Lon cord, and two 2-yard pieces of light khaki. Then I place the button top-side down into the center of my Mini Kumihimo disc. Once the cords are secured into the slots with my button face down in the center, I flip the disc over and begin stringing on beads.

Craft Warehouse Blog. Supplies 3-4 colors of 2MM satin cording 24ft total (4 strands 6ft long each) C-Lon cording Tex 210 size .5 MM in diameter (in coordinating color) 8 styles of top drilled Czech glass, and or top drilled seed beads in varying sizes and shapes, 32 of each color and style of bead, for a total of 256 beads. (model uses 3 colors of Long Magatama seed beads, 1 style of 8MM top drilled flat coin, 2 colors of 5x9MM tear drops, 1 color of 9x14MM tear drop, 1 style of top drilled leaf (leaf style bead was difficult, tear drops much easier). 1 Kumihimo Toggle clasp with cone ends 8MM wide in diameter 2 Large Cones 10MM or so in diameter 6 -8 inches of 22 wire gauge 3 jump rings (heavy duty 6MM) General Supplies: Scissors, Chain nose pliers, Round nose pliers, Side cutters, E6000, Bead fix Glue (used to turn end of C-Lon cording hard like a needle and to prevent fraying), and one rubber band. 8 Re-usable bobbins for cording, (*optional but highly recommended).

123BEAD - Beaded Jewelry Making Instructions, Tutorials, Projects & Kits. Craft Warehouse Blog. Thursday, August 23, 2012 Buddy's Dog Collar Supply List Para Cord -5 colors or a total of 40 feet (5 colors 8ft each) Recommend 5 different colors for pattern to show Reflective Para Cord Survival Dog Buckle w/ D-ring Kumihimo Flat Plate Scissors, pencil E6000, and or Needle and thread (for finishing) Lighter, fast drying glue (for melting/sealing the ends of the cord to prevent fraying) 1 German silver Dog Tag and 1 heavy duty jump ring Metal Complex Stamp Embossing Set Hammer, Chasing Hammer or Rubber Mallet Bench Block (nylon and steel recommended) Guilder Paste Black *Optional – Metal Embossing Templates and Big Kick Embossing Machine (for background design)Notes: This makes a large/ X Large sized dog collar 21” around, increase or decrease length of cording to fit your dogs’ neck Directions Cut 5 pieces of Para Cord 8ft long each.

Melt all ends of cord to prevent fraying. Dog Tag Directions Posted by Jennifer Evans at 12:00 PM Email ThisBlogThis! Labels: beading, gift, pets 2 comments: Lytha Studios KumiPlanner - Kumihimo Pattern Design Application. Kumihimo Bracelet Patterns. Friendship Bracelets. Bracelet Patterns. How to make bracelets. Save to: Comments: Kumihimo. Design your own kongoh gumi friendship bracelet. Send us your design with or without a photo of your finished braid. Link to your design - share your pattern with your friends Remember pattern (requires cookies) You should be seeing the kumihimo braid design tool here. If you are seeing this text after the page has finished loading, either javscript is disabled or your browser does not support some features required. Go to original (Java) version of Kongoh-gumi (Friendship Bracelets) DMC code: About the braid Kongoh gumi braids are probably the first kumihimo braid people come across.

This braid gives a rectangular area for design which repeats spiralling up the braid (the S-spiral goes round the opposite direction). On a kumihimo disk, the movement sequence is very simple (2 thread moves and a turn of the disk repeated) and the flexibility of the design makes it popular for friendship bracelets. We have more information about this braid on our Kongoh Gumi page. How to use the designer Use the colour picker to choose your thread colour.

Kumihimo tutorial: flat braid with hearts. I got the pattern for this braid from a friend of mine, who found it here: . It makes a flat braid, with a heart pattern running up the center. I am using 10/2 Uki red cotton weaving yarn for the background of this braid. The hearts are in an unlabeled cream colored cotton from my stash, that is about twice the thickness of the red. The finished width is about 1/8", which makes for a cute little delicate braid. I'm picturing using this as friendship bracelets, as necklace cording, as drawstrings, or as trim on a little bag. Here's the finished braid: And here's the process on my foam disk. Here's the starting position. We'll start with the threads at the top of the disk. Take the right hand, inner thread on the top. Take the left hand, inner thread in the top position. Take the two remaining threads in the 12:00 position, and move them closer together. That is the end of the first sequence.

That is the end of the second sequence. Flower Kumihimo Pattern. Friendship Bracelets. Bracelet Patterns. How to make bracelets. We will need: 16 strings (9 blue, 6 orange and one red) about 20 cm longer than your wrist circumference + some for tying the bracelet. How to make a kumihimo bracelet you can take a look here. 1. Start making your kumihimo according to this pattern: 2. This is what the bracelet looks like: Save to: Comments: Heart Kumihimo Pattern. Friendship Bracelets. Bracelet Patterns. How to make bracelets. We will need: 16 strings (13 black and 3 pink) about 20 cm longer than your wrist circumference + some for tying the bracelet. How to make a kumihimo bracelet you can take a look here. 1. Start making your kumihimo according to this pattern: 2. Save to: Comments: Kumihimo.