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Wire Cutters. Coda. The Rise & Fall of Globosome by Sascha Geddert. The Rehabilitation of Sleep. PALM ROT. Marilyn Myller by @misterplease. Artists by nature are, generally, a self-reflexive, navel-gazing bunch.

Marilyn Myller by @misterplease

Probably it has to do with the amount of time they spend in their own heads, inventing new worlds drawn from their own thoughts and experience. If that is true of artists in general, in must go double for stop-motion animators, practitioners of a pain-staking and often lonely craft. Mikey Please, winner of the SotW Award for Best Film of 2013 with The Eagleman Stag, is quite an entertaining and personable fellow in real life, but in his followup to that magnificent work he plumbs the depth of his angst for amusing result in Marilyn Myller.

The film centers on myth, a world creating figure transforming existence on an awesome scale. Bye Bye Bunny. Moviebox. El Vendedor de Humo. The Olympians. FEAR OF FLYING. BAOBAB. Abuela Grillo. New York Biotopes. Paper Age. PIXELS by Patrick Jean. 'Voyager'_The Sounds of Earth. One / Free From Famine. ATHAN - THE CALL TO PRAYER. Deutsche Fernsehlotterie "Paper World" VOLKSWAGEN THINK BLUE (SEHSUCHT HD VERSION) Umbra (HD - 2010) Guilt.