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LEGO WeDo and Scratch. "Motor" redirects here.

LEGO WeDo and Scratch

For the block category with that name, see Motor Blocks. A LEGO WeDo robot being used with Scratch. The LEGO® WeDo™ Construction Kit is a simple robotics tool designed for ages 7–11. It allows users to design their own interactive machines, and then program them using drag-and-drop software like Scratch. In Scratch 2.0, you can add a LEGO WeDo extension within the "More Blocks" category. Scratch-ing the LEGO WeDo. I have been Scratch-ing with LEGO WeDo kits, and my high school level students absolutely love it!

Scratch-ing the LEGO WeDo

The LEGO® Education WeDo™ robotics kit is normally ear-marked as an elementary school product, and Scratch was developed by MIT for young children to be able to program, but the combination of the two has tapped the interest of my elementary school daughter, my middle school son, and my Computer Science students at the high school level. Link: Scratch – old and new The LEGO WeDo construction kit runs about US $130.00, and Scratch Software from MIT is free (download Scratch 1.4). LEGO Software is available for younger students, but Scratch programming has inherent drag-and-drop blocks that resemble MIT App Inventor interfaces for Android Phones that my advanced students have been using.

Bringing bricks to life with LEGO WeDo and Scratch » Christian Heindel – IT Solutions & Consulting. Today, we added a new component to our experiments with 7+ LEGO Education WeDo (product website) 9580 LEGO® Education WeDo Construction Set 150+ elements including a motor, motion and tilt sensors, and the LEGO USB Hub9585 LEGO® Education WeDo Resource Set extra building blocks for more models like Ferris Wheel, Crane, Car or House, additional elements such as wheels, rotors and a door The distance sensor can sense objects within a range of about 20 cm in steps from 0-100.

Bringing bricks to life with LEGO WeDo and Scratch » Christian Heindel – IT Solutions & Consulting

The tilt sensor can have five different states and the motor can be turned on/off, run with different speeds from 0-100, change direction and be on for (x) seconds. This is what LEGO says are the key learning values: Designing and makingBrainstorm to find creative alternative solutionsLearn to communicate, share ideas and work together I can second that. From running Scratch on the computer, we already had a screen, speakers, mouse, keyboard and microphone.

Here are some of the models we’ve built today: Helicopter Kicker. WeDo Project Ideas. LEGO WeDo. Bringing bricks to life with LEGO WeDo and Scratch » Christian Heindel – IT Solutions & Consulting. WeDo. El kit WeDo The WeDo kit El set de construcción básico WeDo permite a los niños construir y programar modelos robóticos LEGO sencillos conectados a un equipo informático.


Este set contiene 158 piezas, incluyendo un motor, sensores de movimiento e inclinación y un Hub USB LEGO. The set of basic building WeDo enables children to build and program simple LEGO robot models connected to a computer. This set contains 158 pieces, including a motor, motion and tilt sensors and LEGO USB Hub. El kit viene con 12 construcciones: The kit comes with 12 constructions: - Pájaro volador - Flying Bird. We Do WeDo. Scratch version 1.4 has special programming blocks to interact with motors and sensors in LEGO WeDo robotic creations.

We Do WeDo

As a part of a course that Mitch Resnick is teaching this term at MIT Media Lab (and I'm TAing), we asked the participants to create a story that combines on-screen and off-screen, using LEGO WeDo and Scratch. To get them started, Mitch did a brief demo of the WeDo and Scratch, showing some of the key blocks and a sample project about a friendly (but misunderstood) alligator. We created a miniguide (which is available on ScratchEd ) and linked to a series of WeDo building instructions. The participants worked in teams of 2 or 3, and they ended up producing a wide variety of imaginative projects. Here are some photos and videos of the projects that the participants created: Submarine Rescue (Project attached) Balancing Robot (Project attached) King Duck vs. More documentation of the project is available here .

Caterpillar Love Story (Project Attached) Skiing Moose.