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Effective Project Management Academy

Effective Project Management Academy is a leading training provider for Project Managers. Our Training solutions in Project Management are designed to help the industry. At EPMA, we extend full support for our students. We believe in hand holding and guiding each of our students so that they can be successful. All our trainers are passionate about training. After earning 30+ years of experience, each of them is working with EPMA full time. Our trainers come from premium institutes and are simply passionate about the training.

Effective Project Management Academy. A few days back, I was travelling from Thane to Pune in a State Transport bus.

Effective Project Management Academy

I checked the timing of the bus as I started and reached the Bus stand 15 minutes before time. On reaching there, I asked a man in uniform about the platform number for Thane Pune buses. Effective Project Management Academy. Once you have decided to prepare for PMP® exam, the best way to prepare and pass it confidently is to decide a time frame. 6 to 8 weeks is a very good timeline.

Effective Project Management Academy

Decide the timeline, prepare your study plan and go for it! If keeping to your planned study schedule was so easy, then many people would have easily passed this examination. One major reason why people find it difficult to study is: you cannot stick to your study plans. It is after a long time you are taking up something that requires studying. You have left the habit of regular studies a long time ago!

Effective Project Management Academy. No project has ever been successful without the project team working together.

Effective Project Management Academy

The better the team knows how to collaborate, the better is the project result. We all know the story of Apollo 13. In fact, it is a movie every project manager should watch! Effective Project Management Academy. Once you have decided to prepare for PMP® exam, the best way to prepare and pass it confidently is to decide a time frame. 6 to 8 weeks is a very good timeline.

Effective Project Management Academy

Decide the timeline, prepare your study plan and go for it! If keeping to your planned study schedule was so easy, then many people would have easily passed this examination. Effective Project Management Academy. “Can we really pass the PMP® exam in the first attempt ?

Effective Project Management Academy

How much time do we need to spare daily?” Are the two questions that come to me from every student. Effective Project Management Academy. When I say that you can complete your preparation and take the PMP® Exam in 45 days or less, most of my students do not believe me.

Effective Project Management Academy

Each one of them would say something to the effect, “No, I cannot imagine being ready in 45 days even if I spend about 2 to 3 hours every day. Now, that surprises me. I decide to talk to some of them to find out what actually happens. Every one of the students I talk to, tell me that it is difficult as they need to read each PMBOK® Guide chapter and corresponding EPMA notes minimum 3 or 4 times to make some sense.

“And, that too, 3 to 4 times is sufficient as we have already completed training” they would elaborate! I decide to probe a little more. “ How exactly do you read or study? Relate Tasks to Knowledge Areas and APG. The PMP® exam is based on the Exam content outline defined by PMI®.

Relate Tasks to Knowledge Areas and APG

The ECO (PMP® Exam Content Outline – PMI®) defines tasks on which the PMP® Exam questions are based. The exam checks if the aspirant is proficient in the tasks defined by the ECO When a project manager is managing a project, he feels with People: All stakeholders he or the project team need to interact with. These interactions with stakeholders are important for the project. As a project manager, you are always performing these tasks and practically too, as you get proficient in those tasks and realize how to use the best practices for managing projects, your projects are managed more effectively. Let me share a tip here that will be useful to connect and know these tasks.

Integration ManagementScope ManagementSchedule ManagementCost ManagementResource Management, Communication Management Procurement Management Stakeholder Engagement This marking will help you understand those tasks and connect them to the topics. If You Fail to Plan, You are Planning to Fail. The quote “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” by Benjamin Franklin says it all!

If You Fail to Plan, You are Planning to Fail

Success is not accidental. 7 Common Mistakes Most PMP® Certification Aspirants Do. The PMP® certification has been one of the most coveted ones for a long time. A person who has passed the PMP® exam commands significant respect as a project manager in any industry and across the globe. Not many people pass the PMP®exam easily compared to the number of people that take the exam. Why does this happen? I have been training the PMP® certification aspirants for more than 12 years now and have guided several thousand people to pass this examination in their first attempt with full confidence. What I help them do is I help them avoid 11 common mistakes that most PMP® certification aspirants do. PMBOK® Guide 7 is out. How will the PMP® Exam Change? Effective Project Management Academy. I was one of those people who would laboriously make ambitious plans to complete a task.

Effective Project Management Academy

When I decided to pass my PMP® Examination, I wanted to finish the whole thing in 2 months. I was sure it was doable. I took out my calendar and marked about 40 consecutive days for preparation, planning to spare 2 hours every day. Then I would start taking the mock tests. Effective Project Management Academy. Paradox of Choice Have you ever been to a supermarket, where you were trying to buy toothpaste and about 15 different brands screamed for attention?

Effective Project Management Academy

May not be toothpaste, but surely something similar. That is a very common experience. Effective Project Management Academy. The Keyword here is UNDERSTAND. Reading and understanding is important for a project manager.The standard is compilation of experience and understanding of managing projects most effectively. Effective Project Management Academy. The PMPⓇ Examination is based on certain tasks. The questions in the examination test if you can perform certain tasks. What does that mean to you? Simply put, it means that the examination is not truly based on “remembering” any text from any book. Not even the PMBOK® Guide ! Effective Project Management Academy. As I always say, the PMP® Exam tests your understanding and experience in how to manage projects in the most effective way. You need to understand and incorporate best practices in project management so that you can manage them effectively in practice. I cannot stress importance of connecting to the PMBOK® Guide enough The exam is not different from practice.

But, I’m aware that most of you do not feel the same about the PMBOK® Guide. You usually feel that the PMBOK® Guide is a big heavy book that uses terse language and it is very difficult as well as tiring to read. How will you use this fact for exam prep? Effective Project Management Academy. Being committed is one way of ensuring that you are consistent. Plan your daily studies and track if you have studied as per your plan. Effective Project Management Academy. Effective Project Management Academy. Here are a few lessons learnt from our students.

These lessons will show you exactly what to do and precisely what to avoid to pass the so called difficult PMPⓇ Exam easily and with confidence. Harish Madhavan PMP® Says My experience is I followed and Read all the knowledge areas and tried to connect with the examples provided by Sir or Madam to remember it easily. Took the mock test and worked on analysis provided by Vaijayantee madam seriously. Solving the question bank thoroughly from EPMA Study Material helped as instructed by Sateesh sir. Guruprasad Deotale, PMP®, says: Take our Study Tips and Prep-Plan seriously. Take our Study Tips and Prep-Plan seriously Our study plan is developed from our experience of training more than 5000 students. Effective Project Management Academy. The Project Business Case - Effective Project Management Academy. Get ready to pass the PMPⓇ Exam in 1’st Attempt - Effective Project Management Academy. Should I Start Preparing for the PMPⓇ Exam Now? - Effective Project Management Academy.

Time is running! Start NOW! “Vaijayantee, I’m thinking that I’ll start preparation for the PMPⓇ Examination a little later,. Convert the Covid-19 threat into opportunity - Effective Project Management Academy. Entire world is caught up in unprecedented Covid-19 situations. These are testing times for all of us. Our lives, our lifestyles, our styles of work have changed drastically due to social distancing. This lock-down is going to have long-lasting effects on all of us. Can we use this time? PMP Examination Training - Effective Project Management Academy. With 30+ years of Project and Program Management, teaching, coaching and mentoring project managers, we know what a project manager has to learn to pass the PMP® certification Exam.